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Please attempt all the problems in this assignment and submit a print copy (can be partly handwritten!) of your work on the due date and time indicated above.  You can work in pairs on this assignment, but you must write and submit your individual answers for credit.  If you work in pairs, please indicate the name of the student you worked with next to your name. You are not allowed to discuss or share your answers with any other student except your group-mate. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about the homework or anything else.

1. A sales manager believes that a firms’ sales representatives should spend about 25 percent of their working days traveling. If they are on the road for much less, new orders decline, and the service and the news-gathering functions of the representatives are not adequately met. If they travel for much more than 25 percent of the time, expense accounts eat up any incremental profit. A study involving the 49 sales representatives of the firm for the last five months shows a sample mean traveling time of 28 percent with  population standard deviation of 10 percent. After a quick preliminary analysis of the data, the sales manager concludes that the discrepancy of 3 percent between the sample mean of 28 percent and the desired mean of 25 percent is within the margin of error and, therefore, it is negligible.   At the 90% level of confidence do you agree with the manager’s conclusion? Would your conclusion change at the 99% level of confidence? Show the necessary steps and interpret your results for each confidence interval.

2. Giovanni Pizza Restaurant is facing a stiff competition from the new competing pizza restaurant guaranteeing pizza deliveries within 30 minutes or the pizza is given free. To answer this challenge, Giovanni wants to offer a 28-minute delivery guarantee. After a careful cost analysis, Giovanni has determined that such a guarantee would require an average delivery time of less than 25 minutes. She thought that this would limit the percentage of ‘free pizzas’ under the guarantee to less than 10% of all the deliveries, which she had figured to be the break-even point for such a promotion. To find out if the restaurant can meet these requirements, Giovanni collected data on the total delivery times and ‘free pizzas’ for a random sample of 64 orders within a month. The total delivery time includes the preparation-time, the wait-time, and the travel-time for the drivers. The sample data show an average total delivery time of 24.5 minutes with estimated population standard deviation of 1.5 minutes. The data also show that 3 out of the 64 orders resulted in ‘free pizza’ deliveries because they took longer than 28 minutes to deliver. Please answer the following questions using the information given in this problem.

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a. Please calculate and interpret the 90% confidence interval for the mean total delivery time of pizzas for the Giovanni Restaurant. Please show the necessary steps.

b. Please also calculate and interpret the 90% confidence interval for the proportion of ‘free pizzas’ expected under Giovanni’s proposed promotion scheme. Please show the necessary steps.

c.   Based on the results for the two confidence intervals you calculated above, do you

      think Giovanni’s proposed promotion scheme is viable? Please carefully justify your  


3. The human resources director for a large company is testing an incentive policy to try to reduce the number of personal leave days taken by employees. A sample of 50 employees (out of several hundred in the company) was offered bonuses if the average number of leave days taken could be reduced from the current level of 6.5 per employee per year. After a year, the number of leave days was computed for each employee. The data are stored in column 1 of the Excel data file named “Employee Leave”. Using the given data, please calculate the 95% confidence interval for the mean number of leave days. According to your results, do you think the incentive policy is working? Show the necessary steps and explain your conclusion. 

4. A package delivery service adopted a new dispatching system to try to reduce the total mileage required by its truck fleet to make deliveries. The new system would be worth the cost if it reduced the fleet mileage by more than 5% from its current level of 2350 miles per day. The miles required for each of the 54 days under a trial of the new system are recorded in column 1 of the Excel data file named “Package Delivery”. Using the given data, please calculate and interpret the 99% confidence interval for the mean fleet mileage. Based on your results, do you think the new dispatching system is worth its cost? Show the necessary steps and explain your conclusion. 

5. A supermarket chain is considering reformulating its store brand of diet cola. Marketing managers for the chain arranged for a random panel of 36 diet cola buyers to taste-test the new formulation. Each panelist was given three diet colas to taste. The first was identified as the current brand; this was the reference standard, assigned a rating of 50. The other two colas were the reformulation and a competitor brand. Each panelist was asked to assign a preference rating to the other two colas, on a 0-100 scale. Higher scores indicated greater preference. The following two tables present the panelists’ ratings of the reformulated brand and the competitor brand.

Ratings of the reformulated brand:






































Ratings of the competitor brand:


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