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Virtual Sheep Heart Dissection and Blood Flow

Part I: Virtual Sheep Heart Dissection

Virtual Sheep Heart Dissection and Blood Flow

Part I: Virtual Sheep Heart Dissection

Directions: Use the following images and identify structures 1-20 from the list of heart anatomy vocabulary below. Enter the name of the structure and the correct number into the “text-box entry” below (or upload a file with just your answers) along with PART II answers below.  Utilize the Chapter 18 material on CANVAS and your textbook to assist you with this task.

Vocabulary to identify:

Right Ventricle
Left Ventricle
Auricle of left atrium
Auricle of right atrium
Chordae tendineae
Aortic Semilunar valve
Right Atrium
Left Atrium
Pulmonary trunk
Superior Vena Cava
Tricuspid valve
Bicuspid Valve
Papillary muscle
Trabeculae Carnae
Interventricular septum
Anterior Interventricular Artery

Images of Sheep Heart:

                                                                                                Virtual Sheep Heart Dissection and Blood Flow

                                                                                               Virtual Sheep Heart Dissection and Blood Flow2

                                                                                                               Virtual Sheep Heart Dissection and Blood Flow 3

                                                                                              Virtual Sheep Heart Dissection and Blood Flow 4

                                                                                                        Virtual Sheep Heart Dissection and Blood Flow 5

Part II: Tracing the Path of Blood Flow Through The Cardiovascular System

Please watch this video from our esteemed SSC A&P instructor Dr. Vega explaining the structures of the heart and the blood vessels that a red blood cell would pass through on its journey from one side of the heart to the other:

Now you are going to "trace" the path of a red blood cell similar to how Dr. Vega does in the video above from one blood vessel to another knowing what you now know about the cardiovascular system. Also the Tables of all the blood vessels at the end of Chapter 19 in your book will help immensely for this assignment. For each of the two assignments below please pick one pathway and make "driving directions" for a red blood cell from one vessel to the other, remembering that blood flows one way through the cardiovascular system and in between arteries and vein you will find capillaries.

Tracing Assignment One:

Pick one of the three traces to complete by typing in list format all the blood vessels you would need to pass through from the starting blood vessel to the finishing blood vessel. 

If you get stuck refer to the tracing example in the video above.

1. Right Popliteal Artery to Left Axillary Artery
2. Right Brachial Artery to Left Femoral Artery
3. Left Axillary Artery to Left Renal Artery

Tracing assignment Two:

Traces to Pick From:

1. Digital Artery of Right Hand to Left Subclavian Artery

2. Splenic Vein to Superior Mesenteric Artery

3. Great Saphenous Vein to Left Renal Artery

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