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Researching Consumer Buying Behavior: Consumer Behavior Report for Designer Market in North America,

Project Steps

Project 1 requires you to develop a consumer behavior report for the designer market in North America, Germany, and the UK along with a value proposition statement and a recommendation about whether to launch the product in any or all of the above markets.
The project has two steps which involve extensive reading about the topic and then conducting extensive research about the environment and market for the detergent product. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time early in the week to complete the reading. 
I will post a tutorial about using our UMGC Library resources this weekend for anyone who needs additional help finding outside research.
Milestone 1 is a consumer behavior analysis of the three markets with respect to shopping for and purchasing designer jeans in a six-page paper.
Milestone 2 is a formulation of a value proposition for the new designer jeans brand and a recommendation about whether or not to introduce the product in each of the three geographic markets. 
First, “attend” the ACME meeting in Step 2. This will provide you with the scenario for the rest of your work.

Next, you will be reading quite a bit of class material about marketing and consumer behavior under Step 3. Specifically, read the Learning Topics: Marketing (and the two additional resources readings listed at the end of this reading), Digital Marketing (and the two additional resources readings listed at the end of this reading), Consumer Buying Behavior (and the four additional resources readings listed at the end of this reading), Evaluating Business Attractiveness, Primary and Secondary Research (and the three additional resources readings listed at the end of this reading), Offerings, and Differences Between a Product and a Service. 

Now, research the consumer behavior for the designer jeans market in your three geographic areas of interest (North America, Germany, and the UK) using our UMGC Library resources. Specifically, look at the types of jeans and characteristics of jeans purchased, demographics of purchasers, frequency of purchase, places of purchase, benefits sought, etc. Focus on the questions asked in Step 4.

Include your results in a six-page paper. Be sure to provide ample research sources to support your points and use both our class readings and outside research. You might use our class readings as resources to “set up” or “define” a certain topic area and then use your outside research about the specific regions and the jeans market. Remember to cite all research using proper APA format. Overall, you need to have AT LEAST EIGHT non-scholarly and AT LEAST TWO scholarly research sources (beyond any class readings) to achieve an “MP” on the entire Project 1 Report (this consumer behavior research and your value proposition part from Week 2). You should have about two pages for each of the three markets.

ACME Meeting

Week 2 – Value Proposition (Milestone) and Final Consumer Buying Behavior Report

Now that your consumer behavior research is finished, go to Step 5 and complete the Learning Topic called Value Proposition and the two resources readings titled Value Proposition and Strategic Planning listed at the end of this reading.

Based on these readings and your consumer behavior research, write up a value proposition for the three different markets detailing the benefits (“promise”) the new jeans brand would provide consumers. Also include a recommendation about the decision to launch (or not to launch) in the three markets. Be sure to support your ideas with outside research. (You should be able to draw on the research you included in the consumer behavior portion and you may need some additional research). As always, be sure to cite all research using proper APA format. 

Project 1: Researching Consumer Buying Behavior
Step 2: Attend Meeting with ACME
Monday morning, you meet with Jillian in her office. "We are so glad that you have come back to help us grow at Maryland Creative Solutions," Jillian says. "As you know, with shifting markets, I have decided to reposition the company to focus more on clients with branding and digital strategy consulting needs. I feel that your long-term knowledge of our company and global mindset are perfect for leading the way on some of our new projects.
"To get you started, we have just signed on with ACME. I would like you to meet with their leadership: Tarek Fahmy, the company's head of new-product innovation, and ACME's CEO, Erik Knops, to finalize the details of their request. Again, it is a pleasure to be working with you. I am really looking forward to seeing your creative approaches in our partnerships."

"Thank you for meeting with us today," Tarek says. "Market intelligence has shown that our major competitors Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Nauticaare all developing new designer jeans. These new designer jeans have attractive designs and elastic fabric, and withstand wear and tear. These jeans are priced well above commonly known brands such as Levi’s and Wrangler, but also well below top designer jeans such as Hugo Boss."
Tarek looks to you: "As ACME is debating whether to enter this market, we need you to participate in a new cross-functional product development team that will research the customer jeans buying habits in our three main markets: North America, Germany, and the UK. We also need to know if there's an unmet demand for such jeans in those markets," he says. Erik Knops, ACME’s CEO, nods his head in agreement.
Tarek continues, "We need to take into consideration the different needs and preferences of jeans buyers in those markets; as well as the demographics of those jeans buyers, such as age and gender. The customer requirements for each of those markets are quite different."
Finally, Tarek remarks, "In addition, we need to know how these customers wash their jeans and whether they dry clean them in order to decide on the type of fabric to use."
Erik nods his head again, smiles, and adds, "Tarek and I want you to research the jeans buyers’ needs and preferences for those three markets and provide us with a customer buying behavior report in two weeks. Remember, the report should focus in the customers, and not the companies!"
You know that to give Erik and Tarek the most in-depth report, you will need to conduct an analysis of the jeans buyers in those markets. Each market has to be discussed and analyzed separately under its own headings and subheadings (three different discussions and analyses). In addition, you have to create a value proposition for ACME’s proposed product. The value proposition should be specific to ACME’s proposed new product. What value do customers see in the proposed product and what would compel them to buy it?

Project 1: Researching Consumer Buying Behavior
Step 3: Review Marketing Information on Consumer Buying Behavior
As you read through the following materials, begin to think about how this information will apply to the report you will prepare for Erik and Tarek. To successfully complete the report, you'll need an understanding of marketing. You’ll also benefit from a keen understanding of digital marketing, consumer buying behavior, and evaluating business attractiveness.
As you conduct your analysis of ACME's consumer environment, remember that there are two types of market research: primary and secondary research. Both types of research are required in real-life, and each of them has its pros and cons. However, for this Project, only secondary research is required.
Finally, to fully understand ACME's position, read about offerings what a company provides its customers, be it a product, a service, or a mix of both. Also consider the differences between a product and a service. You know that a product can be more than just a physical good, it can be a service attached to a physical product, a "pure" service, an idea, a place, an organization, or even a person.

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