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Analysis of Company Sustainability and Systems Theory


Select from one of the company websites (see below) to view, analyze and summarize. Your paper will highlight how the chosen organization relates to the concepts and theories associated with systems theory and sustainability.

The Bradley Corporation, The Apple Corporation, McDonald's Corporation At the heart of the project will be the organization's understanding of, and journey toward, sustainability.

Economic (profit) Environment (planet) Social (people)

In order to be sustainable, one may argue, the organization's leaders and employees must view their environment as a system comprised of many subsystems.

Through your analysis of the organization you will want to better understand the organization's position on sustainability, how they approach the tenets of the triple bottom line and any evidence that the organization views itself as a system.

Recall that system theory requires organizational leaders to view their environment from a broader perspective that includes structures, models, patterns and events, rather than just isolated events within isolated departments.

Throughout your review of the organization, you will want to make note of any activities, actions, discussions or events that would lead you to believe the organization is viewed as a system and that organizational leaders and members are concerned with sustainability in both their planning and operations.

Also, recall the laws of the Fifth Discipline and how organizations sometimes follow or break these laws. During your viewing and analysis of the organization, make note of situations that may involve some of these laws.

Highlight these events within your presentation.

So, to begin, determine which of the three organizations you wish to analyze (link is provided above).

Next, explore the website paying particular attention to foundational elements such as the vision, mission and core values of the organization.

Explore pages that describe the leadership team and other key personnel. Look for pages devoted to systems, learning, people, planet and profit (often the "about" pages or "media relations" pages will provide good background information.) Feel free to explore other industry web pages or Youtube videos for additional information.

The organization, its industry, competition (if any), and any other notable characteristics to help the class better understand the organization and its environment.

The organization's CEO and any other key employees that may play a role in better understanding the organization.

Your analysis relative to the organization viewing itself as a system. Provide examples of why you think the organization understands the systemic nature of their organization or why they don't (often times leaders and employees appear to ignore or are ignorant to the systemic nature).

In other words, what events, activities, discussions, etc. led you to your conclusions? Based on what you've read and learned concerning learning organizations, what evidence can you find that would suggest that the organization, as Peter Senge suggests, is the type where: "...people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning to see the whole together."

Does this definition of the learning organization fit the organization or might it fall short?

Consider the laws of the Fifth Discipline and discuss/highlight any events, activities or discussions that relate to one or more of these laws.

Based on what you have read and learned about sustainability and Triple Bottom Line organizations, discuss the organization's position on sustainability, how they approach the tenets of the triple bottom line, what is missing in their approach relative to any or all of the tenets, and any other evidence that may suggest the organization is sensitive to (or not) the ideas and purpose of sustainability.

Discuss your conclusions relative to the organization. Do you see this organization as a viable, long-term company? In other words, discuss your conclusions on how systems thinking, the Triple Bottom Line, the laws of the Fifth Discipline, the concept of a learning organization etc. are incorporated (or not) in this organization.

In general, your paper should help the reader gain a better understanding about the organization and how it views systems thinking and sustainability. As a guideline, your paper should be no more than four double-spaced pages. You will use Microsoft Word to compose your paper.

Your thoughtful input should reflect application of concepts you have studied in this course, and should reflect proper use of English grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage, sentence structure, and paragraph structure.

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