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Software Requirements Specification and Application Design with focus on Healthcare Industry

Part 1: Software Requirements Specification

Part 1: Software Requirements Specification

One of the first tasks in the development of a software application is to gather and document the requirements. The requirements will be used in all other phases of the project so they are vitally important. For this assignment, you will be creating the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for your Software Development Plan you started in Module 1 (you will create the SRS as a separate document for this assignment).

Part 2: Prepare a design for the application

Once the requirements have been completed for your Software Development Plan, the next step is to prepare a design for the application. The design process will vary based on the project you have selected, but there will be some common steps. You should always select a proper architecture, and you will usually have a user interface of some kind that will require design. There is often some type of business logic involved, and you may also have a database.


Ultimately, you need a good set of design artifacts for your application that will allow the software engineers to do their job of implementation. For this assignment, you will be adding design documents to your Software Development Plan that you have been working on in the first two modules of the course.


SLP Assignment Expectations

The following topics should be covered:


Requirements Elicitation


Summarization of the process used to gather requirements for your software project.


Software Architecture


Select an appropriate architecture for your application.


Describe the architecture and justify your selection based on the strengths of the architecture and suitability to the type of application you are developing.


Software Design

Identify the major functional areas of your application (i.e., user interface, business logic, database, etc.). Note that your functional areas should address the functional  requirements in this module For each functional area, prepare appropriate software design documentation sufficient to allow software engineers to implement the  required code. Design documentation should include descriptions and appropriate diagrams to support the design definition (i.e., UML diagrams such as class  diagrams, sequence diagrams, etc.).

Requirements Specification


Translate the informal requirements identified in the previous section to appropriate formal requirements.


Include appropriate UML diagrams such as use case diagrams to depict the requirements.


Thorough, well-organized topic coverage


Written at a college level


6-8 pages(not including title page or bibliography), double-spaced Microsoft Word document


TOPIC: Research on how AI and deep learning are changing the healthcare industry

The topic that has been selected to be worked upon is Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in the healthcare industry. The main aim of the research will be to find out what AI and Deep Learning have to offer to the healthcare sector in the near future. For this, the present contributions of these modern technologies will be investigated upon and based on these, anticipation will be done as to what are the future prospects of these in the healthcare sector.

Healthcare sector has become one of the pressurized sectors of the times because of the crisis (referring to COVID) (Panesar, 2019). The day-to-day operations of this sector give rise to volumes of data which again need to be handled and managed in a proper way. This is the reason why modern technologies such as AI and Deep Learning are being gradually incorporated into the sector. AI and associated technologies are becoming popular and thus it is high time to judge their significance in the near future.

It has been observed that when implementing these modern technologies, much reluctance is faced from the side of the workforce and thus the research is necessary (Pawar et al., 2020). It will help realize the importance of these technologies and the healthcare institutions will be the ones to be benefitted to the greatest extent  (Adadi & Berrada, 2020). The findings of the research will help them with their decision whether AI and Deep learning should be implemented or these are unwanted.

Implementation of AI and Deep Learning is a challenging task and tough for the healthcare institutions more in the present situation of COVID-19. They are already burdened and implementing new technologies will add to the challenges. Thus, it is needed to be understood why these technologies are even needed.

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