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Group Leader Reflection Paper Prompts

Identifying Strength in Group Sessions

Use the group session you led as the basis of this paper

-Identify the greatest strength that you exhibited during the group sessions. Why do you think this skill was effective?

I did a wonderful job with facilitating, member to member communication I did manage the group session to ensure that my group Objective was met effectively, even though I had poor internet services that did not allowed me to perform well, that I felt little bad about during session but I tried my all best to make sure my group members fully engage in the conversation and kept the session going for some time with all the difficulties. I believe this skill was effective because it helps to bring the group together, integrating firmness and unity amongst us all. Moreover I do think this skill was more essential because it helps me maintain that respect for my colleagues and settle those boundaries as a leader and try to make sure there was cooperation, bringing out the best in my group members.

-Identify at least one area of counseling that needs improvement. How did this area interfere with the counseling process? How do you aim to work to improve this?

I did summarize at the end, talking about the feelings my group members shared, considering the current Covid Pandemic crisis, but  I need to improve on my summary of the session more  this interfere with counseling process in that  Summarizing in thereupon session help to draw connection, showing the client that you care  about the issues shared with you and you also concern for whatever they have share with you, I feel if you do not summary your session the client will be lost also, because at times client cannot remember all you as a therapist shared, doing a summarizing will help the client to recap what was discussed in the session and also make the client aware that both of you are on the same page in regarding to understanding the client story.

I seek to work on my summarizing skills by making sure the session ends well  by session well by reflecting on the session, giving feedback to my members  or client, asking how they are feeling, how the whole session went about and help with techniques or strategies to cope with whatever issues they are facing.

 Explain the group dynamics present in your group.  Define one of Yalom’s therapeutic factors, and share a moment in which this therapeutic force was present in your group. 

-Wherever we are currently there is more interaction amongst us, communicating and respecting one another's input during the session. We all are willing to share our issues we are faced with throughout the session.


feeling of togetherness and provided an experience by the group. During my session as a group leader, there was group cohesiveness, members interact throughout the session, for the fact I had issues, everyone was one way of the other cooperative and interactive with me throughout the session showing unity.

Group Counseling Skills

Discuss your skills in facilitating member-to-member communication and at least two of the other skills below. Cite relevant examples from your session, quote your response (either word per word as found on the class recording or from memory), and describe whether it was helpful or detrimental:

-Empathic Reflections 


-Scanning the Group (in this case, quote speaker and mention where you were looking, according to tape)

-Processing an Exercise

Demonstrated an active listening skills, where in I did made an effort to understanding member message behind an anxiety issues during Covid crisis but I had a few missed points with responding back because I really wasn’t getting group clearly from my poor connection that day, however active listening plays an essential role in a therapeutic session because you as a therapist can ask members questions based on what is needed most from the story shared with you. I also utilized member to member communication by asking members about their experiences with anxiety from the Covid pandemic. One example, I asked can you all share your fear that you encounter when you do experience anxiety.  I think by asking this question help members to expand more about their experiences when they do have fear.

Processing an exercise

Empathic Reflections  I did a little bit of demonstrating this skills, however I could go dig more in to how members was feeling, I could have reflect consistently on feelings my members is experiencing and dive deeper into the reason for that feelings to make members open up more to me regarding their fear when they do encounter an anxiety.

Theoretically guided counseling skills

Discuss at least one theoretically guided counseling skill and how you used (or could have used) it in session. Was it helpful or detrimental?

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