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Real Estate Quiz Questions and Answers

Question 1

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Which of the following method(s) is NOT one of the general methods to define a user market in real estate?  

By analogs or choosing comparable settings

By choosing substitute properties 

By location of consumers 

By examining the bid-rent curve and price-distance relationship 

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A retail tenant pays percentage rent of 4% over a natural breakpoint based upon a rental rate of $20 per square foot. The tenant leases 4,000 square feet and is estimated to generate $2,500,000 in sales for 2017. How much will the tenant pay the landlord in percentage rent in addition to the base rent? 





A retail tenant occupies 5,500 square feet in a 100,000 square foot shopping center. The lease calls for the tenant to pay a pro-rata share of common area maintenance expenses. In addition, an administrative fee of 10% should be paid (i.e., based on the common area maintenance expenses that the tenant should pay). Common area maintenance costs are estimated at $400,000 annually. How much does the tenant pay in common area maintenance and administrative fee on an annual basis?  





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Suppose that the total vacant space in St. Louis  MSA office market was 200,000 square feet at the end of year 2018. On December 31, 2019, the vacancy space in the MSA market was 150,000 square feet.  Meanwhile, 100,000 square feet new office space was constructed during the year of 2019. What is the net absorption (in square feet) in St. Louis office market in 2019?   





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Which of the following statements about space market and asset market of real estate is NOT true? 

The kinked supply curve in the space market is one of the major factors that lead to real estate market cycles  

The asset market is more integrated 

The space market is more segmented  

The suppy curve in the space market is always upward sloping 

Which of the following is less likely to be a demand driver for industrial properties?  

Manufacturing employment 

Transportation employment   

Local housing affordability index  

Airfreight volume 

In the economic model discussed in our class that explains the price-distance relationship, what is more likely to happen to the slope of the bid-rent curve if the income level of the residents in the linear city increases significantly, assuming that the land supply is tight and other variables in the model are the same?  

It will become flatter 

It will become steeper 

The slope won't change, but the bid-rent curve moves upward  

None of the above

Suppose the change in basic employment in Miami-Fort Lauderdale MSA in 2018 will be 15,000 jobs. It is estimated the employment multiplier for the MSA is 2.1. Then, what will be roughly the total employment growth (in terms of number of jobs added) in the MSA in 2018?  





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Tom signed a triple net lease with the owner of a community center. The total leasable area of the center is 40,000 square feet. Tom's store occupies 4,000 square feet. The base rent he pays is $15 per square foot. The total amount of real estate tax, insurance and common area maintenance fee for the center is $500,000. If the expense recovery method is net pro rata share, what is the expense recovery per square foot Tom should pay?  





Market leasing assumptions in an ARGUS cash flow modeling are used estimate cash flows for a space in a property after the current lease is expired. Which of the following will NOT be affected by the market leasing assumptions?  


Tenant Improvement Costs  

Expense Reimbursement Terms  

Total leasable area 

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In the four quadrant model discussed in our class, if the market cap rates become lower, which of the following outcomes is more likely to occur in the long run equilibrium?  

Lower property price  

More construction activities  

Less stock of commercial space  

Faster depreciation rate of properties 

Incorrect Question 12

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A building's common area maintenance (CAM) is estimated to be $80,000 when it is fully occupied. Suppose that 60% of the CAM is fixed. If the actual occupancy of the building is 80%. What will be the actual CAM expense given the occupancy rate?  





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