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Relationship between Growth/Height of Plants and Average Temperature


In a paragraph or two: describe the variables, they are important and/or interesting. Remember, you are collecting TWO continuous variables. You must have TWO columns of data (perhaps with row names). This section must be written BEFORE you collect the data.

Our variables are the growth/height of various plants and the average temperature they grow in. The plants are from various genus’ and species as well grow in different areas of the world. 

In a paragraph or two: How will you obtain data about your variables? This section must be written BEFORE you collect the data.

Since the dataset utilized is looking at the relationship between tree height and temperature, it was predicted that the relationship will show a positive linear regression. This is predicted because trees in areas where climate is warmer tend to have much bigger plants due to constant access to heat and sun. Because of this trend, we believe that we will observe a positive correlation between the two variables. However, there are still trees that can grow to be very large here in the midwest where temperature can get fairly low. Therefore, though we believe there is a positive relationship, we do not think the relationship will be very drastic. 

One point prediction, for example, would be (30,30). This specific point would suggest that if a tree were 30 ft. tall, the environmental temperature would likely be around 30 degrees celsius. We would expect that as the tree gets taller, the temperature is also likely to go up. As stated prior, we do not believe this to be the trend followed in every instance but we believe it to be the general trend. 

In a paragraph or two: provide numeric description of the data (don’t include more decimal places than are warranted). Your results paragraph must include the regression equation (again, not too many decimal places), and the hypothesis test results (test statistic, degrees of freedom, and exact p-value). This section must still be in paragraph form, do not copy/paste tables from Prism. You must include at least one graph. Do not include the default graph from Prism without first fixing labels, axis ranges, etc.

In a paragraph or two: discuss the result of your hypothesis test. Are the data decisive for/against your TWO predictions? How would you update your belief about the variable after observing the data? In a separate paragraph, discuss issues/modifications that arose during data collection that were not foreseen when you wrote the Measurement section. Would you use your equation in the real world? Why or why not?

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