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Constructing Effective Informatics Nurse Specialist Interview Questions


You have applied for a newly-created informatics nurse specialist position at your facility. What questions would you ask related to the functional areas of practice, placement of the position within the organization, interdisciplinary collaboration, and expected competency levels for a new hire. Also, what if any other questions might you have?

Threaded Discussion:

Assignment Guidelines with Scoring Rubric:


The purpose of required threaded discussions is an interactive dialogue among instructors and students to assist the student in organizing, integrating, applying and critically appraising one’s knowledge regarding the nursing profession and selected area of practice.  Scholarly information obtained from current sources as well as professional communication is required.  Application of information to professional experiences promotes the analysis and use of principles, knowledge and information learned and related to real-life professional situations.  Interactive dialogue among instructors and peers foster the development of a learning community as ideas, perspectives and knowledge is shared.  

Program Outcomes:  

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

Construct processes for leading and promoting quality improvement and safety in advanced nursing practice and healthcare delivery. (PO # 2)  

Use contemporary communication modalities effectively in advanced nursing roles. (PO #3)

Develop a plan for lifelong personal and professional growth that integrates professional values regarding scholarship, service and global engagement. (PO #5)

Apply principles of informatics to manage data and information in order to support effective decision making. (PO #11)

Due Date: First initial posting to the required threaded discussion topic is due by Wednesday, 11:59 pm MT. Peer and instructor responses are due by Sunday 11:59 pm MT. All posts for week 8 are due by the close of class on Wednesday 11:59 pm MT.  Please note that the late assignment policy does not apply to the threaded discussions.

Total Points Possible: Varies with course, please see specific course syllabus.  These guidelines are for a required threaded discussion worth 50 points. Please note that week 8 will be worth only 25 points.

Description of the Assignment

Initial posting:  This is defined to be the initial post in which the student responds to the required threaded discussion topic.  The first posting by a student within the required discussion area is considered to be the initial posting and will be evaluated using the rubric criteria.  Scholarship in communication is expected.  Required scholarly sources provide specific information that thoroughly address the required topic.  For the initial posting, in order to reach an acceptable level of performance, twoscholarly sources must be presented.  The scholarly sources must be outside sources. The student may use the required course textbook (s), assigned readings, and lesson information in the initial post; however, these are not considered outside scholarly sources. The initial posting must occur before Wednesday, 11:59 pm MT.  Initial postings must be at a minimum of 300 words.  References do not apply toward the word count.

Threaded Discussion

Peer responses:  As part of the threaded discussion requirements, the student must provide a substantive response to a peer. Substantive responses pose new ideas, ask questions, and/or generally add to the discussion topic in a meaningful and constructive way. The peer response must occur on a separate day from the initial posting and instructor response (see below). This peer response must occur before Sunday, 11:59 pm MT.  This response does not require a scholarly reference unless information is paraphrased and/or direct quotes are used; then, APA guidelines apply.  Peer responses must be a minimum of 150 words. References do not apply toward word count.

Instructor response:  The student must respond to one post from the instructor. If the instructor poses a question directly to the student, that question must be addressed.  A student may respond to an instructor’s question posed to another student or to any other post by the instructor. The response to the instructor must be comprehensive and scholarly in nature.  The response to the instructor responses must be a minimum of 150 words.  References do not apply toward word count. The response to the instructor must occur on a day different from the initial post and on a day different from the student’s response to a peer.  Responses to the instructor must occur before Sunday, 11:59 pm MT.  

Posting Requirements:

  • The initial posting must be provided before Wednesday, 11:59 pm MT.
  • Required course textbooks, assigned readings, and lesson information are notconsidered to be outside scholarly sources.
  • Initial posting must be a minimum of 300 words; peer responses and instructor responses must be a minimum 150 words.
  • The peer responses and instructor responses must be provided before Sunday, 11:59 pm MT.
  • All postings are substantive and relate to the graded threaded discussion topic.
  • Only one small quote (15 words or less) within the entire initial posting is accepted.  
  • Required interactive postings must occur on 3 separate days.

Criteria for Content

  • Scholarliness:  In this category, the student will conduct a search of the current bibliographic databases and locate valid, relevant, and reliable information for the required topic.  Each reference must be scholarly.
  • Application of Course Knowledge:  In this category, the student demonstrates the ability to analyze and apply principles, knowledge, and information learned in the course lesson and outside readings. This information is applied to a real-life professional situation as an example.
  • Participation Requirement:  One initial posting, one peer response, and one instructor response (for a total of 3 posts for the week) are required on 3 separate days.  
  • Participation Deadline: The student must provide a substantive response to the graded discussion topic.  This must be posted by Wednesday, 11:59 pm MT of each week. Peer and instructor responses must be posted by Sunday, 11:59 pm MT.

Criteria for Format and Special Instructions

Instructor reserves the right to submit any threaded discussion posting to Turnitin in order to verify the originality.

When a journal are used as the outside scholarly source of information, the journal should be peer reviewed. The Chamberlain online librarian is very helpful in assisting students to find articles. If a student has questions concerning scholarly sources, please refer to the handout entitled “What is a scholarly source” located in the “Course Resources” module.

Web sites vary in quality and scholarship. We discourage the use of web sites.  It is the responsibility of the student to determine the scholarly nature of the web site.  If the instructor determines that the site failed to demonstrate scholarship, points maybe deducted.  Students are cautioned to use care regarding .com sites.  Some .com sites are excellent, such as American Heart Association, but others are built by individuals and scholarliness is lacking.  It is recommended that you check with your instructor before using a .com website as a reference.

Only one small direct quote (15 words or less) within the entire initial posting is acceptable.  It is expected that the student will paraphrase the information when presenting information from a scholarly source.  The scholarly source(s) for the paraphrased information must be cited using APA format. Do not include a number of small quotes even if they are just a few words, as your instructor considers a quote to be a quote, no matter its limited size.

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