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Persuasive Speech Outline Example for Wholistic ReLeaf CBD Oil and ADHD

Monroe's Motivated Sequence for Persuasive Speech

I have to write a persuasive speech. In order to write the speech, I need an outline written that follows the teachers requirements. See an example attached and the outline form to follow. The women's shelter outline is the example she shared with us. I want to do this persuasive speech on Wholistic ReLeaf and to persuade others to make a donation to this because of how CBD oil helps with ADHD. (see persuasive speech topic declaration form attached).

Persuasive speech outline

Everyone will be using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence because it is considered to be the best organizational format if you are trying to convince your audience to take a course of “action.”

Organizational format: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence is weaved in from the Introduction all the way down to the Conclusion.
There are five parts to this pattern: (attention, need, satisfaction, visualization, action) main points:

Need (Discussing the problems in depth) For example, how the homeless suffer in our community.
Satisfaction (Explaining how the non-profit organization helps to solve the problems)
Visualization (Painting the picture with or without support from the organization on how much better or worse the problems will be. Abbreviated format of
persuasive speech outline (So you can see how the pattern is weaved in from the beginning to the end).


Attention (All attention getting material--using specific techniques--written completely out.)

(All orienting material: credibility: speaker’s link to the topic, audience link through class survey, any necessary background information, and central idea – written completely out.)

1. Body

(Transition: _______________)

2. Satisfaction

(Transition: )

3. Visualization


1.(Summary statement: rewording central idea--written completely out.)


This outline activity is designed to help you create a well-planned, organized outline. The final persuasive preparation outline should be typed when turned in to your instructor. Do not turn in this fill-in-the- blank form. ______________ (title of speech)

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Central Idea:__________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________


1. (attention: Write out your entire attention getting information. Utilize one or more of the following techniques: hypothetical example, rhetorical question, arousing curiosity, personal narrative, startling information, visual or demonstration). _______ _____________________________________________________________________ 

II. (Write out all of your orienting material. This includes your link/expertise on topic,  audience link/common ground, any necessary background information, central  idea/preview of main points of speech---the exact CENTRAL IDEA that was approved for you in your Persuasive Speech Declaration). ______________________  _____________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________  

 I. (NEED –Start with the following statement): “Our community/world is faced with  extensive problems associated with (put in issue or problem organization addresses). 

Persuasive Speech Outline for Wholistic ReLeaf and CBD Oil for ADHD Patients

1.(Support the existence of the problem/issue with illustrations, statistics, specific examples and testimony------the more specific you are----the more persuasive
 you will be).________________________________________________________  ___________________________________________________________________  

2. ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

 B. Another problem/issue that _________________are faced with is_____________

1. _________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

C. Lastly ____________________________ also have to deal with problems/issues associated with _______________________________________________________

1. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Transition: Now that you know how big the problem is, let’s move on to see how ____________ ________________________________ (fill in “your” organization”) is addressing this need.”

II.(satisfaction - Start with): “The problem/s of is being addressed by (fill in the name of the organization).”

(Make sure “A” matches up with the problem/issue addressed in “I A”—what Organization is doing to address the first problem/issue in Body I)

1. (Support the existence of the problem/issue with illustrations, statistics, specific  examples and testimony------the more specific you are----the more persuasive you will be)._______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

2.__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

(Make sure “B” matches up with the problem/issue addressed in “I B”—what Organization is doing to address the second problem/issue in Body I).

1.________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________

2.________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

1.(This is where you want to address a couple of the reasons that audience members may be hesitant to contribute to this organization---then follow with your rebuttal of those arguments). Some of you may be thinking _____________  _________________________________________________________________

 2.________________________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________________ 

Transition : Now let’s examine how our community/world will be impacted if this organization has the opportunity to continue its mission.”

III. (visualization - Start with): “Picture our community/world if ___________________________________ ( fill in the organization) continues  to receive the necessary support and what it will be like if they fail to receive the  monetary help it needs.”

A. Let’s imagine that ______________________________ (organization) continues to receive the necessary support it needs to meet their goals. (This is where you paint a positive picture of the benefits of the organization and their actions on the community/world--using descriptions, illustrations,  specific examples).

1._________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

B. Now visualize what our community/world will be like if, it doesn’t receive  the monetary support necessary to continue their mission.
 (Clarify with support material, what negative effects/specifics will occur if the  organization is not financially supported.)

1. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________. 


I. (Summary Statement – basically a rewording of your central idea). Tell your audience what you told them. Remind your listeners of the connections and relationships you have established throughout your speech. _________________ __________________________________________________________________.

II. (action: Can start with something like: You have it in your power to put these solutions into action by committing to give monetary support to cause or organization). Your last statement should be a strong appeal to action specifying what you want your audience to do. Give your audience clear, easy-to-follow steps to achieve your goal. Give them a clear message making sure the audience is motivated to donate money to go to your organization. Make sure that your audience sees that the action you asked for will help satisfy or minimize the need and enable them to live in a community/world that is a lot better than it would be otherwise).

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