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Frequently Asked Questions

Purpose of the Unit

Q. What is the purpose of this unit?
A. This unit identifies the importance of capturing robust qualitative and quantitative evidence to inform meaningful insight to influence critical thinking.
Q. How do I prepare for the tasks?
A. Refer to the content in the unit guide and support your evidence. Ensure that the evidence generated for this assessment remains your own work. Pay attention to how your evidence is presented, remembering you are in the People Practice Team.
Q. How can I find out more about the assessment tasks?
A. We hold an Assessment Q&A session which can be found in inside your unit in My Learning in the Plan and Prepare section. We suggest you attend this as it will run through the assessment brief in more depth.
Q. Do I need to be a CIPD Member before I submit this assessment?
A. Yes. If you are not a CIPD member, we won’t be able to send your work off for moderation and the CIPD won’t be able to confirm your grade.
Q. I am being asked for a “wet signature” on my front cover sheet. What is this?
A. The CIPD have asked for your actual signature to be included on the front cover sheet as proof of identity. You need to take a photo of your signature and add this to the front cover sheet in the relevant location. The CIPD will not accept typed signatures.
Q. What do I do for Task One?
A. For task 1, you must write a briefing paper. You must answer points 1.1 to 3.1. The word count is 2,900 words.
Q. What do I do for Task Two?
A. For task two, you must provide a data analysis and review documents. You must answer points 2.1 to 3.4. The word count is 1,000 words.
Q. Do I submit both tasks in one document?
A. Yes. You need to submit the assessment as one document.
Q. For AC 1.4, how many ethical theories should I include?
A. We recommend that you include at least two different ethical theories that inform and influence effective decision making.
Q. For task 1, do I have to include academic concepts and professional practice?
A. It is essential that you refer to academic concepts and professional practice for the tasks to ensure your work is supported by analysis.
Q. For AC 1.3, I don’t work in HR how can I complete this?
A. You don’t need to work in HR to be able to complete this. You don’t have to provide a work example. This could be a school, social or volunteer example.
Q. For AC 1.2, do I need to complete the future issues, challenges and opportunities?
A. No, this is just an example of how you could apply it, not actually applying it.
Q. Where could I find information on evidence-based practice?
A. The CIPD Professional Map links in the evidence-based practice model. You could also find more information at:
Q. What mark do I need to pass this unit assessment?
A. To pass this unit assessment you must achieve a low pass or above for each of the assessment criteria.
Q. How can I complete this if I don't work in people practice at the moment?
A. You don’t need to work in people practice to complete this assessment, you can draw on experience from other work, education or even personal experiences.
Q. For AC 1.3, do I provide real life examples?
A. Yes, you need to provide at least one example for you and one example for others.
Q. Do I need to use references and a bibliography?
A. Yes, you must include sources in your assessment, a reference list and cite your references within the text. You must also include a bibliography.

Q. How do I approach AC 1.1?
A. First part, we recommend focusing on the resources then the second part, you would need to access, then third part you could look at the range of people practice and organisational issues. You need to include at least two people practices and organisational issues (two for each).
Q. I have information in tables, does it count towards the word count?
A. Any data and information that you include in tables does count towards the word count if it contributes towards your answer to the task or question.
Q. What does good practice mean?
A. Good practice is adhering to the standards set by the CIPD.
Q. How do I structure the assessment?
A. Use the Assessment Criteria as headings. The Assessment Criteria number must be used, and abbreviated wording of the criteria is acceptable.
Q. Do I have to include my CIPD membership number on the coversheet of assessments?
A. You must include your CIPD membership number on the cover sheet for assessment submissions. If you do not include this, your associate tutor will be unable to mark your assessment.
Q. Can I sign the cover sheet by typing my name?
A. No, you must include a wet signature on the cover sheet of your assessment, or your assessment will be returned to you.

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