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Technological Advancements in Science - Report and Presentation

Choose one of the following areas of science and write a report or presentation (with minimum 2-minute audio or video note) that discuss technological advancements that have occurred in the area. Include commentary on chosen engineers’ discipline, roles, function, social and environmental impact and problems factors that may have arisen because of

  1. Mars Mission.
  2. Weather monitoring mission.
  3. Satellite phones.
  4. Robotics.
  5. COVID – 19 vaccines.
  6. Nuclear power plants.
  7. Electronic cars.
  8. Cloud seeding drones.

Sources of information

  • Class handouts and materials
  • Moodle Engineering Book
Internet website and relevant references                                                           







 Section 1: Quality of the document

1. 1. Quality of analysis 

Analysis is very poor and lacks fundamental skills. Work mostly descriptive.

Brief and basic analysis is conducted. Analysis lacks depth and breadth.

The quality of analysis is acceptable but needs improvement

Good level of analysis. Student able to deconstruct concepts, link elements of analysis and explore the topic.

Excellent analysis. Student uses various perspectives and critical thinking to question theories and concepts. 

1. 2. Accuracy of concepts/theories used 

Misuses concepts and theories. Lacks basic notion of concepts and theories. Unable to contextualize concepts and theories.

Student is able to contextualize theories and concepts without providing enough clarification

Some concepts are used accurately while others not. Theories are used, but not with enough depth.

Concepts are defined and used accurately. Theories are mobilized to explain.

Concepts are used and exposed critically. Concepts are compared, analyzed and theories are used to build a coherent framework for discussion.

1. 3. General organization of the work

Very Poor organization of the project. No clear outline.

Poor organization of the project. No clear outline.

Average organization of the project. Some passages of the document are difficult to localize

Good organization of the project. Good outline, which is followed.

Outstanding and innovative to organize the project. Outline clear and readable. All sections and their interrelations are clear.

1. 4. Variety of references 

No references are used to support the analysis.

References used to support the analysis are totally inappropriate

Some references used are inappropriate

The necessary references are used in a proper way.

Necessary and additional references are used to support analysis.

1. 5. Spelling and grammar  

Very inaccurate spelling and grammar.

Inaccurate spelling and grammar

Acceptable spelling and grammar

Accurate spelling and grammar

Excellent use of spelling and grammar rules.

Section 2: Project presentation

2.1 Accuracy of the presentation

Presentation’s structure inaccurate. Critical points/ideas/results are not exposed.

Presentation needs improvements. Critical points/ideas/results are there, but need to be restructured

The accuracy of presentation is acceptable

Good presentation. Results/analysis are clearly exposed.

Excellent presentation, using new technologies. Creative presentation. Message clearly transmitted.

2.2 Presentation skills

Student lacks basic presentation skills, self-confidence and interest.

Students speaks with low confidence, avoids eye contact, etc.

Student has acceptable level of presentation skills

Good and energetic presentation. Good oral communication.

Highly dynamic, interactive and energetic presentation. Student captures the audience’s attention easily. 

2.3 Quality of discussion

Student unable/unwilling to engage in discussion. Poor answers. Lack of interest.

Student willing to discuss his/her work, but shows knowledge/communication deficiencies

Student has an acceptable level to defend the topic

Student discusses confidently his/results.

Student involving audience in discussion, leading it and interacting with audience.

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