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Unleash Success with Accounting Assignments that Inspire Accounting
Course Code   :  COM203
Course Title   :  Consulting and Freelancing
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

Key Elements of a Pitch ProposalPitch for a new client Due: As per schedule Value: 30% of overall mark Word limit: 1500 words (plus appendices and reference list).  For this assignment, your task is to plan and present a pitch for a real life client in the form of a written proposal. A detailed client brief and information on how to present your proposal will be supplied during the trimester.  Your pitch to the client must include ...

Course Code   :  ACCT401
Course Title   :  Strategic Management Accounting
Ref style  :  Harvard

Task 1. (a) Critically evaluate the proposition that “Balanced Score Card helps multinational service sector business organisations that are in distress due to pandemic to return to profit ”.   (b) Critically evaluate the proposition that “When used as performance measurement tools, both (ROI) Return on Investment and (RI) Residual Income promote goal congruence between division and head office and also provide a mutua...

Course Code   :  U22999
Course Title   :  International Accounting
Ref style  :  Harvard

Objectives and Requirements of Segmental InformationTitle:  Segment disclosures are widely regarded as some of the most useful disclosures in financial reports because of the extent to which they disaggregate financial information into meaningful and often revealing groups. Discuss The project report (maximum 2,000 words, excluding the one to two-page summary requested) should address the following: 1.Discuss the objectives of segment...

Course Code   :  FMGT1100
Course Title   :  accounting
Ref style  :  APA

True or False Questions1. Credit– is a transaction that adds value to an account; it results in the increase of an asset or a decrease in a liability or owners equity True or False (circle) 2. Debit –  is a transaction that removes value from an account; it results in a decrease to an asset or expense account, or increases capital, liability, or revenue account True or False (circle) 3. Debits always appear on the left  A...

Course Code   :  ACCT105
Course Title   :  Financial Accounting
Ref style  :  APA

AbstractCurrency exposures are big risks for companies that engage in international trades across their borders. A company is exposed to currency risk when revenue earned abroad is converted into the money of the domestic country, and when payables are converted from the domestic currency to the foreign currency. Hedging enables international traders or businesses to manage their exposure to currency risk. When a firm hedges its currency risk ...

Course Code   :  MMPA502
Course Title   :  management accounting
Ref style  :  Open

Unique Design with Spikes and CleatsWilmington Beach Jandals has designed and patented a luxury golf sandal for both men and women. The unique handmade designs include spikes and cleats to prevent the golfer from slipping during the swing. The sandal is made from sheepskin creating comfortable and distinctive footwear sold directly to wholesalers who then sell them to exclusive golf shops for retail prices starting at $400. The sandals are man...

Course Code   :  MGMT 8500
Course Title   :  case one let me roll it
Ref style  :  APA

GradingIn this assignment, you are provided with a case which includes data relating to static budget, flexible budget, and variance analysis. You will transcribe the data from the case and create: • Static budget• Actual budget• Flexible budget• Static budget variance• Flexible budget variance• Variance analysis This is an individual assignment worth 20% of your final grade. Sparkling Clean Services ...

Course Code   :  ACCT422
Course Title   :  auditing theory and practice system
Ref style  :  MLA

Overview of Galena IncIt was a long virtual web meeting and worse, it was inconclusive. Grace Jackson, Director -procurement in the Canadian division of Galena Inc, was quite irate in the manner US sub-division’s manager, Kyle Sanchez, was unilaterally trying to push the Sale of Caltona, a patented drug of choice for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, to a new customer in US. Kyle S, President of US operations was arguing that thi...

Course Code   :  NABU-470
Course Title   :  North American Business Policy and Strategy
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

Case Briefing Paper DELIVERABLE: A written case briefing analyzing the assigned case. Carefully study the assigned case and after following the case method as discussed in classwritea casebriefingpaperthat includes the sections found below. The report itself should be no longer than 1500 words excluding title page, appendices and references.  You are not limited to the number of original work appendices you many include. Be sure to show...

Course Code   :  ACG3024
Course Title   :  accounting for managers
Ref style  :  APA

Developing a Business ProposalThe student will develop, create and present a business proposal during the capstone course.Students may use a current business; a business the student wants to create or a fictitious business organization. The important key is for the student to critically think and research the business which will be used to develop a business plan in its entirety. The student will need to think about all the facets of a busines...

Course Code   :  MGMT8500
Course Title   :  accounting and financial management
Ref style  :  Not Selected

CaseThe capstone case is testing your understanding of the entire course material in a scenario which resembles a real-life organization. You are provided with a case, where business owners are trying to decide on a new strategic direction. They have engaged your group as Consultants (Conestoga Consultants). They have provided you with their vision and your group in turn has developed scenarios relating to implementation of these scenarios. ...

Ref style  :  Not Selected

 CMI learning Outcomes Mapped with ILO’S A1,B1,B2,C1 1.      Understand the different types of costs 2.      Different costs for different purposes 3.      How to use cost information in decision making 1.      Whippany manufacturing wants to estimate costs ...

Course Code   :  MGT510
Course Title   :  strategic management
Ref style  :  APA

Instructions for submitting the assignment1. This assignment is to be submitted individually.  2. Submit your assignment on time.  3. You may submit your assignment in English or Myanmar language.  4. File Format: MS Word (or) PDF file format 5. Font: Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial, font size 12, and 1.5 line spacing  6. Your assignment should have a cover slide that includes the assignment title, lecturer...

Course Code   :  ACCT2130
Course Title   :  intermediate accounting i
Ref style  :  MLA

Preparing a Report for the Founder and COOCase Study Requirements – Meltdown Incorporated As stated in the case study, you are required to prepare a report to the founder and 100% shareholder Sam Abdesselam.  Assume your report will also be used by the COO, Fred Finklestein, who has limited knowledge of accounting. Explain all calculations and theory so that even Fred will understand. The expectation...

Course Code   :  ACCT2017
Course Title   :  management accounting
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

Problem Set 1 - Decision MakingCariTech (CT) Company produces and sells 7,000 Special purpose chairs per year at a selling price of $850 each. Its current production equipment, purchased for $1,850,000 and with a five-year useful life, is only two years old. It has a terminal disposal value of $0 and is depreciated on a straight-line basis. The equipment has a current disposal price of $500,000. However, the emergence of a new technology has l...

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