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ENGL015 Rhetoric and Composition   Solved

Referencing Styles : IEEE | Pages : 12
  • Course Code: ENGL 015
  • Course Title: Rhetoric and Composition
  • University: Penn State University
  • Country: US

Commonwealth System employees Essay Outline: Working Thesis: Solar Panels could be very beneficial at a college campus by saving money, having renewable energy, and making campuses safer. Support for Point: Saving money on electricity usage that can be put towards other things. Having renewable energy for the campus that the solar panel is being used on. Solar Panels being installed would increase safety in and around the campus S...

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CS 520 Computer Architecture and Organisation  

Referencing Styles : Not Selected | Pages : 24
  • Course Code: CS 520
  • Course Title: Computer Architecture and Organisation
  • University: Binghamton University
  • Country: US

Part A: This project requires you to implement a cycle-by-cycle simulator for an in-order APEX pipeline with 5 pipeline stages, as shown below: The EX stage is NOT pipelined and has a latency of 1 cycle and implements all operations that involve integer arithmetic (ADD, SUB, ADDC, address computation of LOADs and STOREs etc.), excepting for the MUL (for multiply) instruction. MUL, which is a register-to-register instruction like the ADD, uses t...

Read More arrow United States 20 Computer Architecture and Organisation Binghamton University 

1507NSC Aviation Science  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 9
  • Course Code: 1507NSC
  • Course Title: Aviation Science
  • University: Griffith University
  • Country: AU

Task: The total weighted mark for the assessment item, for each working day that the item is late. Assessment items submitted more than five working days after the due date will be awarded zero marks. Task: Write an article on the effects of lightning strikes on aircraft: 1. Write a short introduction with the history of lightning strikes on aircraft. 2. Discuss lightning using the knowledge from the lectures, i.e. explain how they occur usin...

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ENGT5114: Sustainable Energy Range of Sources   Solved

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 9
  • Course Code: ENGT5114
  • Course Title: sustainable energy
  • University: De Montfort University
  • Country: GB

Question The significant use by a student of other people's work and the submission of it as though it were his or her own is regarded as plagiarism.Work which is not undertaken in an examination room under the supervision of an invigilator… but which is nevertheless required work forming part of the degree, diploma or certificate assessment, must be the candidate's own and must not contain any plagiarised material.The University takes a ...

Read More arrow United Kingdom Leicester 20 Sustainable energy Other 

SER301 Electromechanical Systems Design  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 14
  • Course Code: SER301
  • Course Title: Electromechanical Systems Design
  • University: Deakin University
  • Country: AU

For our project, we will be expanding on the first suggested project, “a tennis ball tracking system”. We will be creating a system that will be able to dynamically project a laser onto a randomly bouncing ping-pong ball. Based on the guidance of our lecturer we will be breaking up our initial goal into three major milestones to ensure that we are able to successfully complete it, Stage 1 – A system to project a laser onto a b...

Read More arrow Australia Melbourne 20 Electromechanical Systems Design Other 

UFMFMA-15-2 Signal Processing and Circuits  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 10
  • Course Code: UFMFMA-15-2
  • Course Title: Signal Processing and Circuits
  • University: University of the West of England
  • Country: SG

Task: Laboratory Procedure Part A. 1.Draw a simple circuit configuration that will enable you to determine the value of IB+ and IB- for the given Op Amp.  2.Draw the circuit in your lab book and state any assumptions regarding measuring instruments.  3.Record your results in tabular form for all four Op Amps within the package and calculate the I Bias for each.  4.Compare these results with the data given in the specification...

Read More arrow Singapore 20 Signal Processing & Circuits 

ENGR7762 Renewable Energy Systems  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 127
  • Course Code: ENGR7762
  • Course Title: Renewable Energy Systems
  • University: Flinders University
  • Country: AU

Aim: The aim of this practical is to evaluate the performance of battery energy storage with renewable energies in a standalone residential electrical system using standard MATLAB/Simulink blocks given in SimPowerSystems. Objectives: Familiarize with battery energy storage in MATLAB Simulink.Evaluate the effect of renewable energies on battery performance. Background: Battery energy storage is able to save the extra power of renewable energies ...

Read More arrow Australia 20 Renewable Energy Systems Flinders University 

ENEE20002 Advanced Electrical  

Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 7
  • Course Code: ENEE20002
  • Course Title: Advanced Electrical
  • University: CQ University
  • Country: AU

Question: 1 4 A 100-MVA 33-kV 3-phase generator has a sub-transient reactance of 15%. The generator is connected to the motors through a transmission line and transformers. The motors have rated inputs of 30 MVA, 20 MVA, and 50 MVA at 30 kV with 20% sub-transient reactance. The transformers are rated at 110 MVA, 32/110 kV with leakage reactance of 8%. The line has reactance of 50 ohm. Selecting the generator rating as base quantities in the circ...

Read More arrow Australia 20 Advanced Electrical Machines and Drives CQ University 

ELEC376 Electronic Devices and Systems  

Referencing Styles : IEEE | Pages : 153
  • Course Code: ELEC376
  • Course Title: Electronic Devices and Systems
  • University: Macquarie University
  • Country: AU

List the advantages and disadvantages of an unbalanced, single balanced and a double balanced mixer.What kind of balanced circuit is the mixer in figure-2?Simple mixer implementation (40 marks)(a2) Implement the circuit shown in Figure-2 on a breadboard using BJT transistors.(b2) Connect the LO and RF signals using a frequency generator and verify the outputs using an oscilloscope and a frequency analyser.(c2) Comment on the leakage of signals.(d...

Read More arrow Australia Electrical Engg. Electronics engineering Macquarie University 


Referencing Styles : Harvard | Pages : 2
  • Course Code: ENEE20002
  • University: Central Queensland University
  • Country: AU

Question 1 6 Marks A four pole, 20 hp, 440 V motor is supplying its rated power to a centrifugal load at 60  Hz frequency. Its rated speed is 1706 rpm. Calculate its speed, slip frequency, slip  when it is supplied by a 230 V, 50 Hz source. Question 2 8 Marks In the DC servo motor, a PI regulator is used in the speed loop to a transfer of the  following form

Read More arrow Australia Kew Electrical Engg. Advanced drives and machines Central Queensland University ENEE20002 

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