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Course Code   :  4CS016
Course Title   :  embedded systems programming
Ref style  :  Open

Portfolio Introduction Workshop Activities 50% Weighting Mini Project 50% Weighting This completed portfolio will need submitting to Canvas by the due date. Questions please email Dr Sarah Slater [email protected] Student Name Student Number Portfolio Contents Workbook 1 ................................ ................................ ................................ ................

Course Code   :  COU292
Course Title   :  research methods in counselling
Ref style  :  Open

COU292 e RESEARCH METHODS IN COUNSELLING T utor -Marked A ssignment JULY 2021 Presentation COU292e Tutor -Marked Assignment SINGAPORE UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (SUSS) Page 2 of 3 TUTOR -MARKED ASSIGNMENT (TMA) This assignment is worth 40% of the final mark for COU292 e Research Methods in Counselling. The word limit of this assignment is strictly 2500 words. Please use Times New Roman , ...

Course Code   :  CS5160
Course Title   :  Computer Science Fundamentals
Ref style  :  Not Selected
4/5 star rating

PrefaceBefore you start this project, please be sure that you have completed all of the following activities.Read the project all the way through before starting. For example, there are some suggestions in the last section.Complete all reading and watch all videos for Modules 1, 2, and 3. Ensure that you understand number systems, codes, Boolean logic, and combinational logic circuits and that you are familiar with Logisim.Note the grading pol...

Course Code   :  Data Driven Decision Making
Ref style  :  Open

Summary of the Real-World Business SituationThe emergence of numerous cryptocurrencies has attracted individual and company investors. Bitcoin is one of the most famous and valuable Cryptocurrency. Investors and business analysist are trying to determine the best investment decisions that can result into high returns. Determining the expected price change (rise or fall) is a major factor in Cryptocurrency investment (Borgonovo, et al., 20...

Course Code   :  BME312
Course Title   :  biomedical instrumentation and systems
Ref style  :  Harvard

Assignment Part B(Instrumentations) Submission date (part B): Wed 13 February 2019 This is an individual course work, any sign of plagiarism will be dealt with severe penalty! Intended Learning Outcomes:  - analyse and calculate a force measurement using strain gauge analyse and calculate a temperature measurement with platinum resistance sensor analyse and calculate temperature measurement with 2 RTDs analyse pr...

Course Code   :  CS547
Course Title   :  wireless networking
Ref style  :  IEEE

Task 1) (5 pts) Simplify the following expression: 2) (10 pts) Calculate the period of the following: a) The function f (t) = (10 cos t)2 b) The frequency of a telephone line which is 3kHz 3) (10 pts) A communication channel is designed to have a capacity of 300 Mbps with a bandwidth of 3 MHz. Calculate the Signal-to-Noise ratio that is required to achieve this data rate. 4) (25 pts) Given the following parameters for a switching networ...

Course Code   :  CSE142
Course Title   :  computer programming
Ref style  :  Not Selected

DescriptionObjective: Design and test a simple 8-bit Microprocessor (SMP8). Given: Instruction set : description of instructions, formats, opcodes, type of on-chip memories, type and number of registers. Design hints. Also refer to a single-cycle MIPS design.  I. Description  The SMP8 is an 8-bit processor (instructions and data are 8-bit length). SMP8 has one 8-bit general purpose register, R, and an 8-bit Accumulator Regis...

Course Code   :  H6099
Course Title   :  electronic devices and circuit prototyping
Ref style  :  Harvard
4/5 star rating

The CircuitThis exercise assignment requires you to analyse the design of a type of voltage regulator, simulate its performance in Multisim, calculate some component values and answer a number of questions. The use of Multisim was covered in the module’s practical sessions (weeks 3-5) and all information about how to use the software is still available on the Canvas site. You should submit your answers type-written on paper, along with...

Course Code   :  BEE1213
Course Title   :  digital electronics
Ref style  :  APA

Question 1 (70 marks)In Week 5, you learned about adders and the Manchester carry chain (MC2), which is used to speed up the propagation of the carry signal in the carry-bypass and carry-select adders. For this question, you will analyze the design of an adder/subtractor that takes as inputs two 128-bit signed integers (A and B) and generates an output that is 129-bit wide (128 sum bits plus the final carry-out). For this question, assume that...

Course Code   :  CSC3313
Course Title   :  signals and systems
Ref style  :  Not Selected
4/5 star rating

Task 1. Consider the discrete-time system represented by the linear constant-coefficient difference equation below:    a. Draw a block-diagram representation of the system in terms of adders, delays, and coefficient multiplication branches.b. Draw a linear signal-flow graph representation of the systemc. Apply the transposition theorem to (b) and show the resulting signal flow graph 2. Consider the discrete-time linear causal syste...

Course Code   :  EG7022
Course Title   :  Digital Communications
Ref style  :  Not Selected
4/5 star rating

Task1: Creating a bit-error rate curve for a [127,120] Hamming codeThese are ways of adding redundant information to a signal so that errors caused by a noisy channel may be identified and even corrected by the receiver. This is a method of assigning bits to symbols which ensures that, for reasonably high SNR, each symbol error only results in one bit-error. This is a spreading out of the signal on the frequency axis, caused by many differ...

Course Code   :  MHW226260
Course Title   :  applied intrumentation system
Ref style  :  Harvard

Instructions to Candidates: This assignment constitutes 50% of the grade for this module. 11:59 pm, 25th July 2021 The assignment should be your own work and written in your own words (1500 words + relevant material in Appendices). It will be checked for plagiarism using Turnitin. Any plagiarism or copying from others will be dealt with through the university’s plagiarism...

Course Code   :  ELEC6203
Course Title   :  Microsensor Technologies
Ref style  :  Not Selected

Section AA1 (a) Define the term ‘microsensor’. [2 marks](b) The terms ‘accuracy’ and ‘resolution’ are often used to describe the performance of a microsensor. Clearlydistinguish the meaning of these two terms. [3 marks] (c) All sensing materials are imperfect and exhibit nonideal behaviour as a result of inherent defects. Describe the FIVE main categories of defect that exist and give some specific examp...

Course Code   :  ENGR 430
Course Title   :  soil mechanics
Ref style  :  Open
4/5 star rating

ObjectiveObjective: Through a cruise control problem, study the principle of P and PI controllers; how to use them in practical problems; and how to design a control system to meet certain criteria. 1. Physical setup and math model � Figure 1 is a simplified cruise control system. If the inertia of the wheels is neglected, and it is assumed that friction (which is proportional to the car's spee...

Course Code   :  ELEC6203
Course Title   :  microsensors technologies
Ref style  :  IEEE

Advantages and Disadvantages of 3028 AccelerometerYou are designing an engine control system. One of the control inputs for this system is the vibration level of the engine. You have selected a Measurement Specialties 3028 accelerometer (±10g version). Its datasheet is available on the ELEC6208 course website. You need to design a circuit to interface with it, amplify the signal, filter out unwanted vibration frequencies, and in...

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