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  • Course Code: PUBH6000
  • Course Title: Social, Behavioural and Cultural Factors in Public Health
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Learning OutcomesLearning OutcomesThis assessment addresses the following learning outcomes:1. Analyse the impact of social, environmental and behavioural factors on the health of different populations2. Analyse population health outcomes and the major social, economic, political and cultural forces that contribute to health inequalities3. Apply theoretical frameworks to develop effective health promotion interventions.Task description: Backgrou...

  • Course Code: PUBH6002
  • Course Title: Global and Environmental Health Issues
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Steps to Conducting a Work Health Safety Risk AssessmentEach state in Australia has legislative requirements that govern work health safety. Australian workplaces are obligated to conduct work health safety assessments and provide methods by which safety incidents can be reported. Work health safety has significant implications for public health, but all workplaces are required to put work health safety policies and procedures in place to prom...

  • Course Code: PUB0086
  • Course Title: Public Health Protection
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Understanding the Role of Public Health Protection1. Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding: • A critical understanding of the role of public health protection in protecting populations from infectious diseases and environmental hazards. 2.  Demonstrate the following skills and abilities: • Critically evaluate health protection strategies used to manage issues which impact on public health and, based on your find...

  • Course Code: AHS205
  • Course Title: the australian healthcare system within a global context
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Topics: Communicable (Infectious) and Non-Communicable Diseases, Resource/Management IssuesContext Healthcare has major resource implications in terms of human, time and financial resources, and is increasingly influenced by environmental and overall sustainability concerns. Healthcare systems, priorities and politics vary globally, impacting on the management of preventative and interventional healthcare. In this essay, you will examine local a...

  • Course Code: HUCL1101
  • Course Title: role concepts in health care
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Carla's Background and GoalsCarla is a new graduate from Bow Valley College. She chose not to enrol for work experience because she felt nervous about being ‘placed’ in a health care facility and felt happier being able to choose where she worked. Carla was a quiet student and had always felt like the ‘odd one out’ in class. Her classmates were friendly enough but she did not spend time with any of them outside of the ...

  • Course Code: NURS438
  • Course Title: Trends and Issues in Nursing and Health Systems
  • Referencing Styles : APA

What is a Website Critique?What is a Website Critique? A critique is a formalized, critical appraisal of a website. It is also a personal response to that site, but it is more than just saying you liked the site or you thought a site was great. Your goal in writing a critique is to turn your critical reading into a systematic evaluation in order to deepen your reader's (and your own) insight of that website. When writing a critique of a webs...

  • Course Code: POLI 2250
  • Course Title: Comparative Politics: Western Liberal Democracies
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Learning OutcomesCourse Description, Prerequisites, and Corequisites: This course offers an introduction to the comparative analysis of government and politics and an overview of several case studies of selected advanced industrialized countries. In the first section of this course students will gain an understanding of the main concepts used to compare the government and politics of states. A discussion of concepts such as power, ideology, de...

  • Course Code: HLBN612
  • Course Title: Clinical Practicum
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Learning OutcomesEssay to be completed while in Mental Health placement Learning outcomes: 1.Practice management of nursing care in collaboration with clients, their families and  other health professionals. 2.Apply knowledge of learning and teaching to identify appropriate strategies with clients that will facilitate learning and change in health behaviour to achieve health potential. 3.Apply the principles of cultural safety to nurs...

  • Course Code: FHS115
  • Course Title: Foundation in Health and Social Care
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Understanding of Organisational Theories and Ethical Codes of ConductThe purpose of the placement is to help the student improving their own learning and performance whilst relating subject specific knowledge within the ‘work environment’. Specifically, the learning outcomes for the module are as follows: K1. Understanding of organisational theories K2. Ethical codes of conduct relevant to health and social care practice Skill...

  • Course Code: MGT101
  • Course Title: Financial Accounting
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Areas of HR impacted by the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015Discuss the impact of key legislation on HRM practice in New Zealand Analyse employment obligations and responsibilities within a particular context. Assess staff development needs and policies. Apply human resource management options to a specific situation HR Manager (you) Responsible for assessing the impact of any new legislation on the business and for developing appropria...

  • Course Code: NS522
  • Course Title: broadening perspectives on practice
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Assessment Criteria: It will be marked according to the Level 5 University marking grid. A copy of the marking grid can be found in the Assignment Folder in NS522 Blackboard shell. This assignment has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your achievement of the following module learning outcomes: LO1  Demonstrate a contextual understanding of the knowledge and skills required to provide general care for people...

  • Course Code: PC40019W
  • Course Title: Using Evidence in Health Promotion and Public Health
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Introduction, aims, and summary of contentOn behalf of the team, welcome to the Educating for Health module. The purpose of this module study guide is to provide you with details of the module and information concerning the assessment. The aim of this module is to develop you as a graduate to have the language, knowledge, understanding, skills and experience to successfully use educational and communication skills in a variety of settings. Dur...

  • Course Code: NUTR642
  • Course Title: Clinical Nutrition
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Areas to Cover in the Research PaperStudents will work individually to compose an 8- to-10 page, science-driven paper on a topic relating a macronutrient of your choice to a health outcome.Students are asked to address four major areas in the individual research paper:1.Clearly define your macronutrient-related question and the reason for your question (i.e., background information).  a.Example:  “Is consumption of corn syrup r...

  • Course Code: NS622
  • Course Title: leadership and collaborative inter professional practice
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Identifying Relevant Leadership and Management Theories and ModelsThe assignment requires you to: To give your assignment a title and to weave elements of the case study into the essay (Please remember that it’s not a reflective essay). You are expected to provide general information about leadership and management to include nursing, in addition identify relevant leadership and management theories and/or models. But, most importantly di...

  • Course Code: MOD004054
  • Course Title: healthcare environment
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Researching Inner London Boroughs for PEST AnalysisAssignment Question As an external consultant you have been asked to perform a PEST analysis to help make a decision about funding. Should your borough invest a substantial amount of it’s funding to improve the integration of health and social care services? Instructions: It’s your role to research one inner London borough, choose one from Southwark, Lambeth, Tower Hamlets or Isli...

  • Course Code: HUCL1101
  • Course Title: role concepts in health care
  • Referencing Styles : APA

InstructionsOnce you have completed the modules 1-4 prepare a word document that addresses the three Scenario Questions regards to the Assignment Scenario. Procedure: 1. Completed the modules 1-4.2. Read the Scenario Questions.3. Read the Assignment Scenario.4. Use the information provided in HUCL1101: Role Concepts and any other academically reliable resources.5. Once you have read the Assignment Scenario, prepare a paper that answers the Sc...

  • Course Code: ASS007-2
  • Course Title: global public health
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Task 1: Overview of Main Health Issues/Challenges in the Chosen CountryThere are 3 tasks required  in this case study assignment Task 1: You must choose a country and provide an overview of the main health issues/challenges in the country. You can choose to 2-3 diseases that are contemporary health issues in the chosen country. You are NOT required to describe the diseases themselves (i.e. what they are) but you need to describe the scale ...

Sharing and Collecting Information from Alison for a Collaborative Recovery PlanSubject - Mental Health Cert IV - CHCMHS002, CHCMHS003, CHCMHS004 Alison is a single mother who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She also has a drug addiction (marijuana) and is morbidly obese. She has a promiscuous history and currently lives with a man and they have a destructive, verbally abusive relationship. He tells her that she looks ab...

Methods of Communicating WHS Information to WorkersPractice Task 1 1.  Briefly explain why it is important for workers to understand the legislative requirement of their job role.This is important for an effective health and safety management and to provide a safe working environment for everyone in the workplace. 2.  How is WHS information communicated to workers at your service?It is set out in written or verbal in a meeting where we...

Case study 1You have seated the patient and provided them with the lead apron and thyroid collar . You ask the patient to stay still when you leave the room so that there will be no movement of the film packet during exposure.  The patient wants to know why you and the operator leave the room during the exposing of the radiograph and why she needs to have this heavy apron on her.  How do you respond to her without making her fearful of ...

Choose one of the following two quotes: 1. “The evidence is unequivocal – children who have difficulty regulating their emotions, paying attention, initiating peer interactions and sustaining engagement in learning tasks are at risk for school difficulties.” (Bulotsky- Shearer, Dominguez & Bell, 2012, p. 421) 2. “Children’s experience within school is crucial in determining their likelihood of experiencing MHD...

How can adherence to the listed health and safety procedures be monitored. Fire evacuation procedure. Incident of accident reporting. HSR consultation with employees. Hazard identification and risk assessment. Security—documents, equipment, cash, people and key controls.

Part A: Toolbox TalkYou must select, research, and conduct a toolbox talk on a type of workplace hazard that you have identified through consultation with a workgroup. Toolbox talks are regularly delivered to small groups in the workplace and highlight workplace health and safety issues. Once you have delivered your talk, you will then need to source a standard operating procedure and train a member of your (real or simulated) workgroup in that ...

1. Review the simulated workplace information for Pitstop Pty Ltd provided in Appendix 1. Review the WHSMS design and WHS policy you proposed in Assessment Task 1. Prepare to plan and implement elements of the WHSMS in consultation with relevant individuals and parties. 2. Arrange with your assessor to meet with the board of directors and senior management (in a role-play) to discuss the requirements of the WHS plan: identification and control ...

1. To identify one of Lauren’s problematic behaviours (e.g. irritability due to low mood). Please explain how this behaviour is problematic and may be influenced by her alcohol consumption. (You will need to support this problematic behaviour and adherence issues with peer reviewed evidence). 2. (a) To assess Rob’s helpful actions and comments that could assist Lauren to modify her behaviours and. (You will need to provide exampl...

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