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Case Study Nursing: Communication Strategies for Patients with Disabilities, Email Etiquette, and Pr

Making Patients with Disabilities Feel Comfortable

Case Study 1
Mrs Edith Jackson is an 82-year-old lady who was recently admitted to The Golden Days Nursing Home where you work. Edith has Parkinson’s disease and early stage Parkinson’s dementia. She also has low vision and is hard of hearing and wears glasses and hearing aids in both ears. Michael is Edith’s son and her sole support person.

a)    How would you make Mrs Jackson feel comfortable, using appropriate non-verbal communication (discuss at least three (3) points)?
b)    How would you make Mrs Jackson feel comfortable, using appropriate verbal communication (discuss at least three (3) points)?
Referring to the Core standards for nurses who provide support to people with disability, outline three (3) strategies that you could use to aid communication with Mrs Jackson giving consideration to her vision and hearing impairments
You are walking past Mrs Jackson’s room and discover that she has fallen out of the bed onto the floor where is crying quietly and trying to get up. You assist Mrs Jackson onto a chair as she keeps saying over and over, “I’m alright”. After following facility procedure for this incident, you are then to discuss this with the patient and the son.

c)    Provide a definition of ‘open disclosure’ and discuss the principles of open disclosure referring to the Australian Open Disclosure Framework (2013) (min 100 words).
d)    Provide an example conversation of what you would say when communicating the incident to the patient and son (min 100 words).
e)    Identify the key/relevant health professionals/ facility teams you are required to contact in this situation and provide a rationale.. (min 50 words)
f)    Using SBAR provide an example of what you would document in the patient chart ensuring that you use appropriate terminology. (min 50 words)
g)    Michael, Edith’s son will be traveling overseas for the next few weeks and will not have telephone access. He has asked if you could email him to provide him with a progress report on his mother. Identify at least five (5) factors relating to email etiquette you will need to adhere to when emailing Michael. (min 100 words)
Case Study 2
You are working as an Enrolled Nurse in a rehabilitation unit and while on your break you check your social media account and notice that one of your colleagues, who is a friend of yours, has posted some information relating to one of the patients on the unit.

a)    What ethical principles and regulatory responsibilities do you need to consider in this situation? (min 100 words)
b)    Provide a definition for the term ‘advocacy’ and describe how you would advocate for the patient in this situation? (min 100 words)
You are asked by your supervisor to provide feedback to the colleague who has posted this information on social media. Describe at least four strategies you could use to deliver a constructive outcome when providing this feedback
c)    Provide an example of the feedback you could provide to your colleague, using appropriate language and a respectful manner. (min 75 words)
Case Study 3
David is a 58-year-old cardiac patient who had been verbally aggressive over the last two days since he has been admitted to the ward. You have been asked by the manager to have a chat with David to see how he is feeling.

a)    What are closed ended questions and in what situations would you use closed questions with David? (provide at least two (2) examples of a closed question)
b)    What are open questions and in what situations would you use open questions with David? (provide at least two (2) examples of an open question)
c)    Discuss the term ‘Active Listening’ and provide at least one (1) example of how this could be used in this situation. (min 100 words)
d)    Identify what constitutes effective communication in nursing? (List at least six (6) points and provide an example of each).

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