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Practice Task 1 1.  Briefly explain why it is important for workers to understand the legislative requirement of their job role.This is important for an effective health and safety management and to provide a safe working environment for everyone in the workplace. 2.  How is WHS information communicated to workers at your service?It is set out in written or verbal in a meeting where we are explained about this. If ever there were any staff absent for the meeting then it is the responsi ...

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To complete this assessment activity, you need:

·       Access to a children's services environment

·       To answer the questions and submit response as directed by you trainer



Two task that educators often carry out when working with infants and toddlers are

·       Lifting and carrying an infant or toddler on your hip

·       changing nappies

1.     For each of these tasks, identify the existing and potential hazards and record them.


Existing hazard

Potential hazard

Lifting and carrying an infant or toddler on your hip


Risk of fall of the child

Injury due to fall

Changing nappies


Toppling of the child

Skin rash and infections due to insufficient maintenance of hygiene


2.     For each of these hazards, identify the inherent risk, the control risk and the  residual risk.


Inherent risk

Control risk

Residual risk

Lifting and carrying an infant or toddler on your hip


Improper posture while handling might result in injury

 Act being carried under the supervision of another trained personnel

Child might trip over

Changing nappies


Skin infection and rashes due to susceptibility of the child to acquire such infection because of delicate skin

Frequently changing the nappies to avoid the contact with skin for longer hours

Skin sensitivity of the child towards the material of nappy

3.     What are your rights and responsibilities in relation to these hazards?

As a child educator, there are certain rights and responsibilities in relation to these hazards that need to be performed. As per the guidelines laid out by the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority, a guide to National Quality Standard has been presented. According to the standards, standard 2 stand for the health and safety of the children  is maintained. Precisely, standard 2.3 represents for protecting each child that should be maintained in two of the tasks. Children must be supervised adequately at all times. Reasonable precaution must be put in force to safeguard the children from any harm or hazard that might lead to injury. Section 165, 167 of the National Laws must be enforced properly to safeguard the children from potential hazards or injuries. Regulation 77 and 84 must also be followed in the given scenarios.


4.     For each hazard, apply the hierarchy of control and record your strategies to eliminate the hazard and manage the risk.




Research and prepare a report that shows how you would complete a risk assessment when planning an excursion with children.

Write a brief summary describing the excursion: for example, the venue or destination, transport, excursion activities and the age and number of children involved.  Develop your risk assessment based on this information.

Use your services policies and procedure documents and blank copies of service documents to record as much information as possible.

Sample Excursion Risk Management Plan

Name of school: Goodstart Early Learning Tiwi, Darwin

 Name of Director: Kimberley Tupetagi

Description and location of excursion: Guided bushwalk from the service centre in Tiwi Gardens to a spot located 1 km away.

Date(s) of excursion: ____________

Group/class: ______                          Number in group/class: ___ students

Name of excursion coordinator: ____________ mobile phone ____________

Accompanying staff, parents, caregivers, volunteers: 3 Caregivers (1:6 ratio), one staff and a volunteer

Excursion details

Guided bushwalk for 1 km

Adequate hand-washing and toilet facilities available

Time taken to help the children in the excursion was 40 minutes

Contact information for each child and their parents

Children informed about the different trees and birds that they encounter

Medical history for each child

Accessibility of mobile phones and first aid kits

Good food provided on reaching the spot

Contact information for each staff member



Hazard Identification

Risk Assessment

Elimination or Control Measures


By Whom


Crossing roads

Struck by motor vehicle


Students should cross in smaller groups under adult supervision. They should be made to use controlled crossings where available.

All adult supervision

Throughout the excursion

Eating lunch and walking

Dehydration or sunburn

Not serious

Sunblock should be supplied to all students. Parents should ensure that children are provided with hats.

Teachers should carry extra water and monitor their lunch.

All caregivers

Throughout the excursion


Falling into water or creeks

Moderately serious


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