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Course Code   :  HIST206
Course Title   :  us history since 1865
Ref style  :  Not Selected
4/5 star rating

Thesis StatementThe Constitution of the united states of America was a landmark move during that time (Wilson). The source of the Constitution was from the religious belief and European thought process. The paper aims to examine the Constitution of the United States and its overall impact on society. The following section of the paper will first address the events that lead to the formation of the US Constitution and will present the primary...

Course Code   :  AMI190
Course Title   :  special topics in film studies
Ref style  :  Not Selected
4/5 star rating

Summary of the main argument(s) from the readingSummary of the main argument(s) from the reading. The summary should address the full arguments of the chapter, the instructor will be looking for a complete summary. The three most important/compelling aspects of the reading to you and a brief description as to why. While the class is designed to encourage critical thinking, and I will hope that some of the insights push you to think about ...

Course Code   :  MUS 2213
Course Title   :  music theory
Ref style  :  Open
4/5 star rating

Question 1: Leitmotif - March of the Merry Men (43:17)Music Cue Analysis - Cue 20, "Lady Marian," approximate timing, 43:17-48:29. Although this is in the format of an essay test, this is actually an assignment that you can save and continue up until the due date. Be sure to listen to the mp3s to familiarize yourself with the leitmotifs (or musical themes). Be aware that the way a leitmotif is scored may change in the context of the scene.Anal...

Course Code   :  CHS310
Course Title   :  regional music of mexico
Ref style  :  APA
4/5 star rating

Introduction to Quebradita dance and its evolution into mass cultureRead: Sydney Hutchinson “Breaking Borders/Quebrando fronteras: Dancing in the Borderscape” In Transnational Encounters: Music and Performance at the U.S.-Mexico Border. View: Quebradita Mexican Dancers in Winnipeg 2017 (Links to an external site.)Vocabulary: kinetopia, Proposition 187, Quebradita/Break Dancing, borderscape, Pasito DÃ...

Course Code   :  MHF4U0
Course Title   :  advanced functions
Ref style  :  APA

Task Curriculum expectation: Solve exponential and simple logarithmic equations in one variable algebraically, including those in problems arising from real-world applications a) Choose One of the following logarithmic/exponential scales. Research and fill out the chart below.b) Then, create a product to showcase the information you have collected (video or audio clip, poster, mind map, worksheet or handout, slides presentation, etc.). Here i...

Course Code   :  MUSI1114
Course Title   :  Introduction to World Music
Ref style  :  APA

TaskThis assignment encourages you develop critical listening skills, reflect on and respond to some of the musical examples associated with the Bakan text, and consider perspectives and concepts from chapters 1-3. After completing the course’s initial assignments that focussed on your own understanding of music and experience listening to it, this assignment develops skills in objective analysis, critical thinking, and expression t...

Course Code   :  Mus110
Course Title   :  music
Ref style  :  MLA

Step Three: Final Report TWENTY POINTSALL DOCUMENTS must follow standard MLA formatting guidelines, including (but not limited to): Proper and complete header Proper indentation and spacing Proper use of in-text citations Proper formatting of all bibliographic material For a general overview ofMLA guidelines, go to: Step Three: Final...

Course Code   :  MUS 111
Course Title   :  music
Ref style  :  Chicago

FormattingFormatting: Your blog posts should be approximately 1500-1800 words. We are not expecting essay format, but please break your argument up into topical paragraphs. We are not fussy about font, font size, or spacing, unless things are difficult to read - err on the side of clean and clear. Steer clear of coloured font and lots of font size and colour changes. Focus on simplicity and a format that is easy to read. It must include embedded...

Course Code   :  ECE 310
Course Title   :  early childhood education
Ref style  :  Open

Observe the child in the video you have selected and write an observation summary that includes: What was the child doing? What musical interactions took place? (other people. instruments, space, materials, music) What are children’s musical interests? What might the child be thinking? What do you think, feel and wonder about this musical video clip? What music and movement development can be observed in this video? How do you k...

Course Code   :  AE1600
Course Title   :  art education
Ref style  :  APA

Select one song you like and that in your opinion has an important message about life today something that matters in 2021. Write at least four double-spaced pages (not including title information) about it. The song you select must have been composed anytime from 1945 up until now, have lyrics, and be accessible now to the public in an online performance. Properly cite a reference for the lyrics and for the specific online performance you w...

Course Code   :  ECE310
Ref style  :  APA

Infant Case StudiesInfant Case Studies: Select One of the videos for this age group 6-Month-Old Explores a Drum   OR 12-Month-Old Plays Guitar  1. Observe the child in the video you have selected and write an observation summary that includes: What was the child doing? What musical interactions took place? (other people. instruments, space, materials, mu...

Course Code   :  AMUS266
Course Title   :  hip hop music and culture
Ref style  :  MLA

In Elisa Davis’ article about “hip-hop theatre”, she touches upon the many critics who have claimed what she does can’t possible be hip-hop if it doesn’t specific reference “the streets”, deal with “black” issues, or incorporate the four core elements (emceeing, DJing, B-boying, & graffiti). In retort, she writes, “I like the name ‘hip-hop theatre’ because when it’s...

Ref style  :  Harvard

Elements of a Media PortfolioFor this assignment task you will need to create a portfolio within which you must include the following elements:   Design and make a media ‘product’ which could be presented on a specified online media platform. Your media product should be one of the following:   A podcast   A Vlogcast   A blog   Your media product must communicate about one of the following topics t...

Course Code   :  ELCC 2201
Course Title   :  Creative Expressions
Ref style  :  APA

1. Reflect on the activities and readings from the first 4 classes. 2. Choose a space, or part of a space, that interests you. It can be indoors or outdoors, anywhere you enjoy. 3. Spend time in this space and observe. 4. Explore this space through the point of view of an: • Artist • Writer • Musician • Scientist • Historian, and • Mathematician   1.&...

Course Code   :  HUMA1950
Course Title   :  gender and sexuality studies
Ref style  :  MLA

Expectations for Formal Research Papers Number pages on the top right corner. Do not put an extra space between paragraphs. Instead delineate a new paragraph by indenting five spaces. MLA formatting. Please refer to OWL Purdue for any questions regarding formatting, citations or works cited. Really. So helpful. It’s good on any other style as well. Protocols: This is a formal research paper. This means there are basic expectations tha...

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