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Project Management Report: Eagle Eye Headquarters Relocation

Performance, Time, Cost and Scope Requirements

NOTE: - This assignment is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of Theory and practice in Project Management. There are two tasks given below, and each task relates to an aspect of Project Management. Task 1 is a written report and Task 2 is a presentation. You will be required to attempt all tasks. It is expected that a participant writes a minimum of 5500 words for Task 1 report. However, some questions might require more detailed answers. You must support your answers with evidence from acknowledged academic sources. Personal experiences can also be used to illustrate the application of a topic/theory, but the participants must still provide evidence from acknowledged sources to support their answers. The sessions and activities conducted during classes are not the only sources of information. You are encouraged to draw on as many appropriate sources as you can. The more you engage with the literature of the topic, the better the likelihood of achieving a higher grade/ award. Assignment Task 1: Report (80 marks) Scenario (hypothetical): - ‘Eagle Eye needs your help!’ Eagle Eye is a US based firm which is a global leader in the provision of threat detection and screening technologies for military, transportation, Security and resilience applications. You are a freelance Project management consultant with years of experience and you were hired by Eagle Eye on July 1st, 2019 to provide project management consulting to help them relocate their current headquarters based at New York, US to Vancouver, Canada. Eagle eye had recently acquired a large client base in Canada and the stakeholders at Eagle Eye have jointly agreed that this relocation is the best plan of action to help them perform their business operations much more effectively and hence the relocation. However, this is a grand transition which would require a high level of planning. The relocation project is scheduled to be completed by 31st December, 2019 so that the new headquarters is up and running on January 1st, 2020. The total budget approved for this relocation project is 10 million USD. The Eagle eye board has also agreed that you that you will be getting a handsome incentive if the relocation project is completed a month before schedule and 3 million USD under budget. The entire relocation project includes but is not limited to:- • closure of the headquarters in New York • Relocation of numerous operations including customer service, accounting and finance, R and D etc. • Staff retentions • Rehiring of some personnel in Vancouver A few additional Risks already identified include but not limited to:- • Lack of downtime permitted as all the operations still need to continue without much delays • Relocation and removal of Hazardous Materials • A major SAP change was required to accommodate changes in accounting and operations • HQ is moving to one facility, while many other services might have to be moved to other facilities in Canada As a PM expert, you have to work with the client, key personnel, and various stakeholders and establish a collaborative team to rapidly assess the issues, challenges, and legal requirements to expedite execution. The entire PM plan needs to be submitted in the form of a report by answering the following questions: - a. Provide a brief introduction on the role of a project manager during planning of a project. In the context of Eagle eye relocation project, how will you respond in this situation, and why? (6 marks) b. Evaluate how ‘Performance, Time, Cost and Scope’ requirements can help or adversely affect any project. Develop a scope statement for the Eagle eye relocation project and provide your best guess estimate of the dates for milestones to be completed. (12 marks) c. Evaluate how planning and scheduling of a project work will help in its successful implementation. What would the priorities likely be for the eagle eye relocation project? (10 marks) d. Draw the WBS for the Eagle eye relocation project and prepare a brief WBS dictionary. Identify the deliverables and organizational units (people) responsible. Illustrate with examples how would you code your system? Provide at least two examples of the work packages in one of your cost accounts. (12 marks) e. Identify risk assessment and Evaluate control of risks for the Eagle eye relocation Project. How would you recommend that they respond (i.e., avoid, accept…..) to these risks and why?(10 marks) f. In the context of the eagle eye relocation project, describe the role of ‘Process improvement’ in being a strategic tool that helps organizations meet its long-term goals and objectives. (8 marks) g. With the help of existing research, articles, books etc., evaluate how various project management practices can help improve the efficiency of process improvement life cycles. You may cite examples from the eagle eye relocation project. (8 marks) h. Conclusion and Recommendations based on your project plan for the Eagle eye relocation project. (7 marks) i. Harvard referencing and Citations (5 marks)

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