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  • Course Code: SWS221
  • Course Title: internet programming
  • Referencing Styles : Footnotes

TaskThe purpose of this coursework is to help you learn about using Javascript, the DOM and jQuery to process JSON data. The coursework will be assessed and counts 10% of the final mark for this module. The JSON data you will be working with represents results of tennis matches played at Wimbledon some years ago. Specifically, you will use results for the men's and women's tournaments, which are stored in wimbledon-men.json and wimbledon-wo...

  • Course Code: COM710
  • Course Title: web technologies
  • Referencing Styles : Open

ScenarioAssessment Title: Website and Documentation Scenario In this assessment you will be developing a website that provides information on the “Solent Technology Conference” which is a fictitious research conference that invites speakers to present their latest research. This website will have both a public facing element that provides information to the public and an API that allows the website to receive information from o...

  • Course Code: SOFT40081
  • Course Title: internet programming
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Assessment RequirementsThis assessment requires that you design, implement, test and demonstrate an ecommerce website with at least five pages for a business which intends to promote and sell products or services. The website should be produced using ASP.NET Core in C#, and other associated technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). 1. Home (index.html) consisting of section/article elements describing some applications or benefit of the product t...

  • Course Code: ISYS40061
  • Course Title: service-oriented cloud technologies
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Assessment RequirementsI. Assessment RequirementsThe practical element sections A & B of the coursework will be viva examined. Please have a top-level schematic diagram ready for the viva.You should submit a coursework report documenting your solution and answers to the research elements (sections C & D). The structure of the report should contain:   1. Self-evaluation of the achieved implementation (please be brief and p...

  • Course Code: SWE6202
  • Course Title: agile programming
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Learning Outcomes:LO2: Formulate and justify appropriate agile project and risk management strategies for a given project LO3: Formulate and justify appropriate testing strategies based on agile approaches for a given project LO4: Engineer a software artefact for a given project using agile approaches with appropriate documentary evidence A reputed client has been providing conference facilities to the educational market in Glasgo...

  • Course Code: EE4213
  • Course Title: human computer interaction
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Learning OutcomesA. Deploy theory, design principles, tools and methodologies to implement and evaluate human computer interactions; B. Carry out design research to inform development of systems and applications;C. Construct and create prototypes of human-computer interactions; D. Demonstrate the origins of ideas by correctly citing and referencing sources used in the work; Plagiarism is presenting somebody else's work a...

  • Course Code: 6G5Z2107
  • Course Title: web design and development
  • Referencing Styles : Oxford

TaskThis assessment is coursework based, and has a single main component, worth 100% of the overall unit mark. The tasks you are required to complete for this assessment are detailed in this coursework specification. The assessment requires you to develop a website that makes use of a variety scripting and data-driven techniques to produce a functional system in response to a brief. AimThis unit encourages you to gain practical experience o...

  • Course Code: ISYS4006
  • Course Title: service oriented cloud technologies
  • Referencing Styles : Vancouver

Assessment RequirementsI. Assessment RequirementsThe practical element (sections A & B) of the coursework will be viva examined. Please have a top-level schematic diagram ready for the viva.You should submit a coursework report documenting your solution and answers to the research elements (sections C & D). The structure of the report should contain:   1. Self-evaluation of the achieved implementation (please be brief and...

  • Course Code: TM255
  • Course Title: communication and information technologies
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Establishing Ground Rules and Group DesignThis question carries 10% of the assignment marks. At the start of the group project, you should have established a set of ground rules and ways of working for your group to cover the following points: Expected levels of communication including: how often and when people log in to the discussion forum an agreed time frame for responding to contributions. Managing the group work including...

  • Course Code: CP5HA05E
  • Course Title: group research project
  • Referencing Styles : Vancouver

For the Group Research Project module, you are required to work in groups for Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 Both assessments are based on the following case study: Your group has been approached by a hypothetical retail company, who would like you to design and implement an e-Commerce website for their store to sell their products to online customers. Decide what products your online store will sell. The choice is entirely yours –...

  • Course Code: MHI125244
  • Course Title: web application security
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Part APart A is the design and development of a database driven website for a company  ( 2000 - 2500 words). DEAD LINES - 31 March 2022 Specific requirements for the assignment: Adobe brackets or Sublime text-2 and HTML, CSS, JavaScript on the client-side and PHP, MySQL, Mutillidae. Alternatively, you can use a complete server-side technology (e.g –Xampp/Lampp) which includes Apache web server, PHP and MySQL. ...

  • Course Code: SET11112
  • Course Title: web design and development
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Part-1: TasksThis part accounts for 40% of the total module marks. This involves a written report and a simple prototype web site. This part consists of the following tasks. 1. Write a clear summary of your initial research. Say what you liked and disliked about the sites you visited. Include the URLs of the sites from which you have learned. 2. Write, in 25-50 words, a mission statement for your own web site. A mission statement will he...

  • Course Code: S53
  • Referencing Styles : Chicago

DescriptionThe main goal of this task is to get a picture of your proficiency in programming and the ability to deal with new assignments.Be assured that we _don't_ expect you to complete all the requirements - focus on the ones that suit you best. For example if you know a lot about backends, focus on the services and use a REST client to test them; if you know a lot about UI frameworks, show us what you can do there and e.g. mock calls and b...

  • Course Code: CSE446
  • Course Title: software integration and engineering
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

ComponentsAssignment Questions (Submission Required, 50 points)In this assignment, you will create a Web application platform that allows user to perform automated parallel computing that mimics the Hadoop process. A sample user interface is given in Figure 1 The Web application consists of the following components. GUI component and the connection to the other components. [10 points] NameNode: It splits the uploaded Data File into N s...

  • Course Code: BIT608
  • Referencing Styles : Open

Your project will be marked in class in the last week of the term. As Dale is away Elise will be taking all the classes except the Wednesday 3-5 class, this is staffed by a senior student but he cannot mark your work. Please install all files on kate (make sure your database tables are populated with the required data). Also you must be backing up every session in your gitlab repository Read the presentation Project.pptx this will be continu...

  • Course Code: IT3212
  • Course Title: introduction to web development
  • Referencing Styles : APA

DirectionsExternally Linked CSS and Site Navigation Overview Imagine that you have to change the font size for a headline in your Web site. No problem, right? Just go in and change the font size property on that page. But, what if you had a site with a hundred such titles that you had to change one by one? It would be both time consuming and inefficient. That is where CSS come in. They allow developers and designers to make wholesale changes...

  • Course Code: uuis8100
  • Course Title: digital enterprise and e-commerce
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

Report Structure and PresentationAssignment 2 requires you to present a report to discuss implementation issues in managing the e-commerce of your assigned specific New Zealand business category. It includes further extending your prototype website from Assignment 1 to facilitate e-commerce transactions, based on the same online business category as in Assignment 1. You will be required to extend the development of your prototype website us...

  • Course Code: COMP2000
  • Course Title: Data Structures
  • Referencing Styles : APA

For all classesFor all classes•    Make your instance variables private•    Include constructors to initialize your instance variables.•    Derived class constructors should leave initialization of super class instance variables to the super classes’ constructors: o    Remember the call to the super classes constructor is: •    Include Accessor and Mutator methods fo...

  • Course Code: ECM2429
  • Course Title: systems development 2
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

BackgroundA website is required for a community recycling service. The website will allow listing of items offered and items wanted. There is no charge for the service and items may only be given away free.   Items listed are likely to be such things as second-hand furniture or surplus items related to hobbies, crafts and DIY, such as yarn and paint. Listing for items wanted should give a short description of what is wanted, an e...

  • Course Code: comp2406
  • Course Title: fundamentals of web applications
  • Referencing Styles : APA

Questions:Assignment BackgroundIn this assignment, you will develop a web page that allows a user to browse menus for several restaurants, add items from a restaurant to an order, and simulate placing an order. Everything you implement for this assignment will involve client-side programming within the browser. You must implement everything using plain Javascript and cannot use external libraries/tools such as jQuery and Bootstrap. Before s...

  • Course Code: ICS325
  • Course Title: internet application development
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Requirements for the Website:For this portion of the assignment, you are welcomed to use any tool to edit html, css and javascript files. I recommend that you use Netbeans to familiarize yourself with the IDE. Your website will have the following requirements: • A header and footer that is consistent with every page. • A main page and five sub pages in their own folders. • A css style sheet specification in the css subfolde...

  • Course Code: COMP1649
  • Course Title: human computer interaction and design
  • Referencing Styles : Harvard

1 Deploy theory, design principles, tools and methodologies to implement and evaluate human- computer interactions;2 Carry out design research to inform development of systems and applications;3 Construct and create prototypes of human-computer interactions;4 Demonstrate the origins of ideas by correctly citing and referencing sources used in the work. You have been commissioned to create a concept and a prototype that shows the interaction...

  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Question: Digital Producer Tech and UX Test Task 1:You received the below scope from a Customer: Website sections,homepage,about us - content page,courses - content page,MOOCs/SPOCs/webinars landing page,MOOCs/SPOCs/webinars description page,MOOCs/SPOCs/webinars course page (from where you watch the actual videos),innovation tools - content page,innovation frameworks - content page with some downloads,experiential learning - content page,sem...

  • Referencing Styles : MLA

About Redwings Horse SanctuaryRedwings Horse Sanctuary rescues and looks after horses which have been mistreated by owners or abandoned. It is based in Aldergrove, BC and rescues horses from all over BC. �It raises funds to help with its ongoing costs through a range of methods, such as; donations, sponsorship of horses, membership fees and sales through its gift shop of horse themed merchandise. I...

  • Course Code: CSIS410
  • Course Title: web enterprise technologies
  • Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Introduction to Web Development with PHPThis assignment should be started the first day of class. The first step requires a registration process that can take up to 72 hours. This is necessary for subsequent steps that are due the first week of class. Purchase a domain name and web hosting plan that will expire no earlier than 2 weeks after the final course deadline. The selected domain name should be professional and parallel the Liberty Co...

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