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12 Useful Tips for College Transfer Students

UserMark time31 December,2015

Hundreds of students transfer between colleges every year. Transferring is always good if you are confident that your new institution is better equipped to meet your academic and social expectations. But starting over in a new college can sometimes become very difficult. From making new friends to getting acquainted with the new academic routine, it is never an easy task.

Tips for College Transfer Students

It always takes time to get into the rhythm of the new college. All transfer students face different obstacles in the new institution where they get enrolled. Here we present some suggestions that would help these transfer students in the new college. If you are a transfer student, read on to know how you can ensure yourself a smooth transition.

1. Attend the transfer student orientation program

Almost all the colleges organize a special orientation program for all the new incoming students. This orientation program is helpful to know and understand ‘how this college works!’ Though organized for the freshmen students in the beginning of the session, there is a separate orientation program for the transfer students. These transfer orientations are generally smaller and more personal as there is significantly lesser number of students than the freshmen orientation. During this orientation, you will get to know about the different locations within the campus like library, laboratories, book store and can also get all your queries clarified. If you attend this orientation, you will also get to know the current students and faculty members with whom you are going to spend the next few years of life.

This orientation gives the students a chance to learn about the various facilities provided by the current college like career counseling, mentoring, placement and many more. You can easily identify how this college is different from your previous institution.

2. Live in a dormitory

Most of the times, the transferred students feel ‘out of the loop’ as they don’t know anyone in this new college. It is important to live closer with the same college students to build a good rapport in short time. Living in the college dormitory at least for the first few months will give you the opportunity to know the college and make some good friends. Sometimes you will also find that transfer students from other colleges who enrolled with you are also staying in the same dormitory. These students will be of your age with similar experiences. You will mutually help each other to get acquainted with the new academic routine quickly. The dormitory is always located near the college. You can definitely find some time to contact your college advisor. They are the ideal source to provide you information and other necessary details. Ask them which classes you need to emphasize on to pursue your graduation according to the plan.

Another advantage of staying in the dormitory is it costs less as compared to the other accommodations. So, you expenses will get reduced significantly.

3. Befriend students in the same major course

The transfer students reach the new college in the middle of the session or in the new academic year. Most of the students have better knowledge and understanding of the course. Try to know and befriend the students who are pursuing the same major along with you. Good friends in the same major can help all the transfer students whenever there is a big assignment, project or a test. These native pupils have better understanding of the expectations of the professor and knowledge about the curriculum. They can provide you necessary suggestions on how you should build your project.

The digital platform and the social networking websites give you further opportunity to connect with these friends. Join the special college groups in the websites as it will help you to reach not only the students but also the subject professors. Many a times the professors share important information or study material in these groups. It will assist you to get acquainted with the system quickly.

4. Get involved

When you change your college, every day you will be meeting new people. Though you may feel a ‘fish out of the water’, but soon you will be delighted when your new friends invite you to dinner or the occasional student get-togethers. In the first few weeks, it is quite difficult but gradually you will start loving your new friends, new ambience and new college. Another way to get involved in the new college is to join different clubs in the college. If you are interested in mathematics, then you can join math club of your college; if sports interest you then go ahead to get a sporting membership. It is a wonderful way to meet new people and make companions with whom you share the same interest. Not only it helps you to build a rapport but also you can explore your own fields of interest and passion.

If you don’t find any such organization that is right for you; you can create one with proper authorization from the college authorities. Definitely, many other students will get themselves associated with your endeavor.

5. Learn discipline and organization

As a transfer student, you are required to follow all the rules and regulations of your present college. Although all the students of the institution are accountable to these directives, but the transfer students have greater liability to maintain discipline in the college. Therefore, along with the disciplinary issues you must organize all your time wisely. You can get a planner for yourself in which you can write your academic time table and the important dates and deadlines of the session. Don’t forget to provide maximum importance to the due dates of your class assignments and projects.

Following a disciplined life will help you avoid all the temptations which can restrict your academic success. It will also help to create a good impression in front of the professors who will definitely help you when you show equal eagerness from your side.

6. Know your professors

Almost all the transfer students start a little late than their peers in the same college. They require additional assistance from the professors to overcome their weaknesses and understand the chapters that are already taught in the college. Do not hesitate to ask the professors for their discerning advice on how to succeed in your studies. Always remember that you changed college for a definite cause. Do not stray from your objective. The professors are the ideal people who can help you to reach your goal. Try to engage yourself in the classes, visit them in the staff room when they are free and join various college associations where your subject professor serves as an advisor. These are few ways which would help you to understand their academic priorities.

Though knowing the professors is essential but don’t bother them too much. They also have their own personal space and work. Do not disturb them when they seem to be busy. It is always better to take an appointment if you wish to meet them personally.

7. Have realistic goals

Every student has some goals in their life. The preparation starts from college life only. The transfer students seem to be more serious with their studies as they have taken such an important decision in their life to change college. But as a student you should set realistic goals in front of you. Divide the whole plan into short-term and long-term goals. Try to analyze your resources and accordingly plan your goal. Be specific in your objective as it increases the chance of success. Scoring the highest grades in the class is obviously a bit over-ambitious goal for the new transfer students. But it is definitely possible after few semesters.

It is important to schedule all the objectives in order of preference and significance. Take one goal at a time and try to accomplish it within a deadline. Setting goals help improve academic performance and self-confidence of the student.

8. Try to get an on-campus job

Many students start their professional life while they are in college. Engagement in part-time jobs is common and popular among the college students. As a transfer student, you may also feel like starting work in a part-time job that would help you to gain some pocket money and experience. But all the transfer students should try to get on-campus jobs as it can help them get more involved with the campus and institution. An off-campus job always develops a sense of detachment from the college which can be harmful to the students, especially those who have been transferred recently. Some of the most popular on-campus jobs are office assistant, placement cell member, tour guide for freshmen or tutor. You can also work as an assistant in the local book store, canteen or a stationery store located within the campus.

Working within the campus is advantageous in numerous ways. Though the scope of earning is limited, the students get the chance to sharpen their knowledge and expertise. Assisting the professor or the college employees also helps you to earn a good name in the college!

9. Have your own study space

The most important aspect of college life is obviously the academics. Sometimes it becomes difficult to study in the new ambience. Choose a silent and calm environment which is always regarded as the most preferable ambience to study and learn. Attend the classes regularly and complete all the tasks on time. It is also very important to provide equal emphasis on fieldwork, assignments, projects and monthly evaluations. They play a significant role in the annual performance. So, it is important to decide, follow and maintain a steady study routine from the beginning. It will help you to avoid the last minute rush which always deteriorates the quality of work.

If you don’t find your own room comfortable to study then you can go to the library for the preparations. Here you will also get necessary resources and references that would augment your preparations.

10. Know your finances

The transfer students after changing their institution experience a sudden rise in monthly expenses. The fee structure, accommodation fee is separate in every college. So, your monthly cost may be more (sometimes even less) than what you expect. Other than the essentialities, all the students also have personal expenses that include transport, food, buying books, laundry, payment of phone bills etc. For the first month after changing college you can afford to go beyond the budget but from the next month you need to plan all your finances. Make proper allocations to all the branches (even to the occasional parties at the hostel) and proceed accordingly.

Most of the colleges have special grants and scholarships for the transfer students. Do not forget to ask about these helpful facilities in the orientation program and complete the relevant procedure (if available) as quickly as you can. You can also apply for professional internships in different companies through your college. Other than experience certificates, these internships also provide healthy remuneration.

11. Meet family and friends

Getting transferred in a new institution is a crucial phase of your life. In this stage, you not only need to prove yourself through excellent academic results but your character, attitude and your spirit are also tested. Therefore, support from family and friends will be essential for you. Stay connected with your family and dear ones for their emotional support. Talking to them will boost your morale and self-confidence. If your new college is situated quite near to your home, then try to visit them in the alternate weekends, if it is not possible every week. Spending time with family and your close friends helps a person to release the usual stress and anxieties.

Most of the times, the students cannot visit their homes personally. Though a visit to the own home cannot be substituted, the technological advancement has helped people to get connected. You can regularly interact with your family and friends through the Skype, Facebook and Whatsapp other than the usual phone calls.

12. Relax and have fun

Transferring college is just not associated with academics and maintaining discipline. It is also about new experiences and fun. When you take a transfer to a new institution, do not take too much pressure on yourself. The college life is not all about studies and maintaining high grades, it is also a special phase of life when you make new friends and engage yourself in fun, frolic and excitement. From a cool hang out with friends to exploring your own talent in drama, sports or singing, it is always eventful. A college provides endless possibilities apart from the regular education and academics.

So, do not compel yourself into a monotonous life of studies rather engage yourself in different activities to make your life in the college livelier. In return, you can study with more enthusiasm and fetch the highest grades of your dreams.

Every student aspires to study in the best institution which provides ideal opportunities and facilities to help the students bloom. If the present college does not satisfy your expectations, then you should take a transfer to a better college rather than spending four years in this misery. When you are changing your college, then these 12 effective tips will help you to adjust in the new institution.

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