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15 Ways You Can Fight Senioritis

UserMark time26 February,2016

‘Senioritis’ – It is a state of vulnerability that students feel in their last semester. It is the time when they feel demotivated towards their studies and only think about getting out of school or college. Interestingly during this period, the students need to hunker down to prepare for final exams, produce a considerable number of essays and get immersed in college applications or job applications (if the student is in college). This can be pretty much a mess if not taken care of properly. You can face some vicious consequences like losing sight of your goal — for what you have worked till now. Fortunately, there are certain ways to keep yourself safe from catching ‘senioritis’.

15 Ways You Can Fight Senioritis

10 visible signs of Senioritis

Before you try out the following suggestions, you should assert whether you are afflicted with this horrible disease. You can do it easily if you identify with most of the symptoms mentioned below.

  • Do you feel it is impossible to get up in the morning and drag yourself to school/college?
  • Do you have an ‘I don’t care attitude’ when it comes to writing essays?
  • After initially saying a big ‘No’ to essay writing, do you experience an adrenaline rush when you have only few minutes of submission left and you come up with a shoddy piece?
  • Despite starting work with 100 percent dedication, you end up abandoning it after few minutes?
  • Have you noticed that your reaction about grades have altered from what it was in the first semester? (You have become ignorant with time)
  • Are you wasting your planner just to write down curse words about school/college? (For e.g. I hate school/college)
  • Do you think Sunday night is the worst thing that happens to you? (Tomorrow you have school/college)
  • Are you remorseful on the last day of the vacation?
  • Do you murmur words like this ‘I have made a huge mistake’ whenever you enter your class?
  • Do you question your existence when a teacher asks you a question?
  • Do you jump out of the class after the bell rings as if a dinosaur is chasing you?
  • You react like an alien when you get to know you have a test tomorrow?
  • Are you starting to question the entire education system?

These are the major symptoms…

If you classify yourself as a victim of senioritis, you must employ the following tips to enjoy or at least manage your last semester.

1. Break down your goals (Get a pen and paper)

Write down the goals that you see yourself achieving between now and graduation. These goals do not need to be major ones. It can be something like ‘maintaining at least a 3.8 GPA’. After writing them, you should break down the goals into smaller pieces that ease your way like ‘completing two more assignments directly contributing to your GPA’. It is a great way to stay motivated and remain on schedule.

2. Attend a class just for fun (Let’s go for an exploration)

You probably have finished your pre-requisites. Now you can turn to your major class. If you still have time left, you can take up a subject class that recently got you hooked, or you have a desire to learn like modernist poetry or marketing. Go to a class just because it is interesting, and not to add another burden to your already rigorous course load.

3. Remember only six months are left to complete the course (Don’t give up now)

You have already undergone a tedious process to achieve the school/college’s obligations in the past three years (or more) and so there is no question of giving up now? It is important that you touch the finishing line no matter how difficult it seems. You need to keep your eye on the reward that you will get after finishing it.

4. Show some gratitude towards your parents (Remember where the college funding came from)

Your parents might have risked their jobs or taken an extra job to sponsor your studies. So whenever you come across the thought of ‘giving up’, you should ‘STOP’ yourself right there. If you want to be a responsible child, help them minimize the cost by acquiring higher grades in your final exams that will open doors to financial security.

5. Establish a future plan (What’s next?)

As a high school or college student, you should get a head-start with your decision-making process by doing some primary research on the prospective colleges or jobs in order to get a better sense of where you are probably heading. College students must collect the names of the potential employers that could hire them or they want to get hired by them. Make a list and start knowing them individually. After three and half years, this is not the time to move at snail’s pace, you need to get moving. You have already come so far, but you are still not there yet.

6. Get involve with your friends in some activities (Let’s do something guys!)

When you see your friends de-motivated, distracted and lost, involve yourself as a catalyst. Just like in a chemical reaction where the catalyst helps the molecules to conduct chemical reaction with each other, when your friends find shopping more interesting than studying, you give them motivation. Create a study group too and assign some valuable tasks to your friends.

7. Study to achieve, not to exhaust (Reduce the number of study hours smartly)

Many seniors save tasks for the last semester. Without a doubt, it makes them more challenged to stay on top of the coursework. So create a study schedule before the week starts and when you hit the books, turn off all the distractions like social media, TV, phone and focus on work. Developing a good study schedule continues to bring you success whether it is an academic field or professional arena.

8. Think about the world outside the campus (Look beyond the campus walls)

You may realize that there is an entirely new world outside the walls of the campus. And you need to connect with them in order to find yourself in the big picture; it will give you a sense of identity. Giving back your community can really help you to get a life perspective. Help the homeless people, serve food to the hungry on Sundays or even look after a child. It rejuvenates you not only psychologically, but also physically.

9. Revise your goals daily or at least weekly (Yes, you can do it!)

Do not exclude this option by thinking it is a lame. It can keep you on the track. Every day take out five minutes of your time to write the goals for the day. You can also keep them in mind if you are good at remembering things. But having a list of things to do in front of you can really make you want those things. If doing it on daily basis is too much for you, you can try it weekly.

10. Look to shape yourself ‘better’ (Lets nurture your real talent)

This is the last chance you get to change yourself to something better and interesting, before you enter a college campus or join the professional world. Rather than spending your time on watching movies on Netflix or scrolling down your NewsFeed, you should join that painting class that you always wanted. If you are a foodie, start a food blog or share your political views with the world through blog posts and see how it comes up.

11. Find something ‘new’ in your life (What is the thing you have not done yet?)

You are already suffering from senioritis because you are following the same routine for more than three years. Fortunately, you are on campus where new things are happening all the time. So pick one for yourself. If there is any carnival or festival happening on your campus or near it, you should join it with your friends. You can also attend a movie screening on movie night with your mates. If you find something new every week, it will be a lot easier for you get past the antsy feeling that stays with you now.

12. Gift yourself a mini-vacation or trip (It is time to see the world)

If you are in college, you are an independent adult. You can rent a hotel and travel all by yourself, so pack your travel bags and gift yourself a lifetime experience. But if you are still in high school, you should not take a risk going to the unknown land. Do not get dishearten, you always explore around you. You can take a trip to place that you have explored yet. Do not forget to take your friends with you.

13. Be a guide to the freshmen (Experiment number–1)

You may have forgotten everything what it is like to be a freshmen. But you should consider how fortunate you have been to make it through till here. The percentage of student who make through to their senior years are still low. If you are in a high school or college that is promoting a freshmen mentorship program, you should consider joining it. You will gain a new perspective and achieve a sense of fulfillment by helping someone to move ahead.

14. Time to assess your options (Am I doing it right?)

Seniors normally come up with plenty of ideas, but they face dilemma when they are asked to zero down on one. Do not think the problem will get solved on its own; you need to address them for the sake of your future. Try to work it out until you get the right answers. The best way to do it is to pay a visit to the career center. It is good that you know exactly what you want to do, but are you prepared for the interview? You must perfect your interview skills now.

15. Don’t forget to sleep (Close your eyes, make a wish and say Good night!)

Do not pull your all-nighters unless it is an extreme requirement. Do your best to get 7-8 hours sleep in a day, or at least 6 hours a day. Falling asleep during the class can be a pretty embarrassing encounter. If you are not getting enough sleep, you should take a power nap whenever you get the chance (not during the class, of course).

You’ve got only few months left before this chapter of your life ends, so put your car on the accelerator and reach the finish line. Whenever you think of quitting, just remember how much effort you have put to reach till here and carry on.


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