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6 Ways to Manage Assignments in your MBA First Semester

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MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a post-graduation degree course undertaken by graduate students in order to expertise in the field of business management. MBA program encompasses various aspects of business by exploring the topics throughout the course. The MBA course module includes accounting, finance, operations management, marketing, human resources, quality management, strategic management, analytical studies etc.

Purpose of the course

 The main purpose of the MBA course is summarized below:

  • Help the students to gain insight knowledge on the management functions
  • Familiarize them with the management practices
  • Develop an overall understanding of the behavioral processes of organizations
  • Research the  individual behavior of hierarchical managers in workplace
  • Cultivate insight acquaintances about the practices of human resources management and customer relationship management
  • Instill entrepreneurial development among the management learners.

Subjects included in first semester of MBA

Students pursuing the course of MBA have to go through the several subjects in their first semester. Here, we present the subjects along with their academic codes.

  • Principles and practices of management- Code 111
  • Organizational behavior- Code 112
  • Management accounting- Code 113
  • Managerial economics- Code 114
  • Quantitative methods in management- Code 115
  • Computer application in management- Code 116

The above mentioned subjects have substantial impact on the academic report of two years’ full-time MBA course. The accredited universities assign numerous assignments at an intra-college competitive level. Assignments are an inevitable task for students pursuing MBA that has significant reflects on the academics. However, the first semester considers basic subjects that were a part of BBA learning module. With the advancement in standard, the course module becomes narrower with focus on the specialized subjects of MBA.

Each of the business schools incorporates different kind of assessment structure. The primary assessment structure in the first semester of MBA includes the following:

How to manage your assignments in first semester of MBA?

As a beginner in the MBA program, you would find yourself landed on the alien’s ground with no similarity to your bachelor’s degree program. The first semester may seem unmanageable for most of the students. However, you will get familiarize with the situation with the upcoming semesters. Here we list some effective ways to relieve you from the stress of first semester assignments.

1. Start with subject of interest

The best way to combat your stress of assignments is to begin with the subjects of interest. For instance, if you find interest in analyzing the International finance market or look forward to flourish yourself as an accounts manager, wait for none, start framing your assignments on the topics described above.

Likewise, set the sequence of your first semester assignments to match your interest. This will help you to finish off the assignments quick and early; as a result you will find yourself left with huge time to complete the rest of the MBA tasks in line.

2. Schedule your time for study

‘Time and tide waits for none’ is a globally accepted quote that reminds us the worth of each second that we waste doing nothing. An MBA pursuer can accomplish the course with flying colors only with genuine efforts. Make sure to allot enough time for self-study besides attending lengthy classroom lectures. Parties, events, social activities and functions are important, but not worth your high career goals. Keep in mind, the more time you reserve for the assignments, it would have a fruitful count on your grades.

3. Understand basic concepts

Accredited universities follow a significant core curriculum of MBA degree programs. The first semester students have to study wide array of topics, on successful completion of which they enter into a specialized curriculum in the second semester. This trend is followed to attain insight knowledge of the basics that would assist the students to explore the subjects successfully in the upcoming semesters.

MBA pursuers are suggested to read the management topics at least 2- 3 times to get familiar with the overall scenario. Realize the areas of flaws; make it a point to solve with your professor. Once you are well-versed with the topic, focus on the questions asked in your assignment. Relate the questions with the topic and start solving it following a coherent sequence.

4. Improve your memory

Opting for a post graduation degree of MBA is not an easy attempt. Remember, you would not be able to finish off the assignments overnight as you did in your bachelor’s course. Make sure to improve your memory in order to remember the essential points that have been taught in class.

Here we focus on the key aspects of improving your memory skills

  • Again, read as many times you can. No one can get it in the initial attempt
  • Follow your MBA study material and conduct research study to gather more information in relevance to the topic
  • Pay attention to the classroom lectures
  • Make mental notes of the lectures and relate topic with the points that are being discussed
  • Once you are well-versed with the concept, it is time to begin your writing task.

5. Give Importance to research

Survey or research on the topics is an essential concern for an MBA degree program. Use textbooks, journals, test papers or online resources to research on the given topics. Such an approach assists you to cultivate a broader outlook on the given topic. Needless to say, students will be able to solve wide-ranging questions asked in their assignments.

Intricate research on the topic not only assists you to attain the assignment tasks but also cultivate analytical reasoning abilities and quantitative skills.

6. Work as a team

Being new in the MBA degree, majority of students suffer from procrastination. They find it difficult to wind up all of the assignments on their own. This is when they feel nervous and finally end up doing nothing throughout the time. Make team efforts to overcome the heaps of assignments. Join other members of the class and form a team to work on a new assignment each day. You would be surprised to see the number of ideas generated.

These are all effective ways to complete your first semester assignments with ease.

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