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8 Ways How Studying Abroad Helps Your Career

UserMark time28 December,2015

Thanks to globalization, the world is changing rapidly and so is the professional spectrum. These days, students with international experience are highly recognized and valued in the job market. International experience, even if it’s few weeks of training, helps you to stand out among your folks. Studying abroad or going to foreign country for internship and training has, therefore, become immensely popular among the students. Let’s see how studying abroad can help to increase your employability and impress the interviewers.

8 Career Benefits of Studying Abroad

But before jumping into the reasons, let us know two interesting facts that came up recently about the students who had studied abroad and possessed international experience.

Fact 1: More than 90 percent students who had studied abroad found jobs within six months of graduation last year whereas only 49 percent of domestic college graduates found employment in the same period.

Fact 2: The students with international experience enjoy 25 percent higher salary at the time of recruitment than their peers who have completed their graduation in the native country.

These two facts say volumes about how students who have studied abroad are preferred. Here are some more advantages of studying abroad:

1. It helps to get your resume noticed

When you include your international experience of studying abroad in your resume then automatically it sets you apart from other job aspirants. An employer always looks for such candidates who have unique experiences that would be beneficial for their company. When you have the experience of studying abroad, it demonstrates not only your knowledge but also exhibits your eagerness to learn and ability to accept challenges. The employers associate this international experience with developed cross-cultural communications. The job-aspirers with global experience also have better familiarity with international standards of skill and requirement. In comparison to these students with foreign experience, the applicants who have qualified through the national universities fail to exhibit their maturity and personal growth.

2. It is considered as international ‘work’ experience

You will find that many employers state and include international experience as a pre-requisite attribute for the applicants. With the term ‘international experience’ globally-minded companies and organizations consider studying aboard, training, internship and professional experience as the most suitable qualifications. They need people who have the needful experience of staying in a foreign land. When you stay abroad, along with academic knowledge, you are also exposed to other cultures, people and their customs. The internationals students who have studied in countries like USA, UK and Australia show improved self-reliance. The valuable years they have spent in a foreign land exploring the vibrant social atmospheres refine their knowledge and perspective. The employers always get delighted with the global views from the job applicants.

3. Exhibits better personal development

Studying abroad brings out your independent nature. Since landing in the new country, all the international students develop a sense of curiosity, excitement and eagerness to explore the nation. By staying and exploring the new land, you discover a ‘new you’ which you were not aware of. But after the initial exuberance, all the students feel the real challenges of staying in a country that is thousands of miles away from their home. Their adaptability in this new and adverse environment is tested. As they have no one besides them, the students need to solve every problem and issue by themselves. From tackling non-cooperative roommates to learning to navigate within the city, from adapting to the new food habits to planning the new academic routine, they need to do everything on their own. But in this way, you experience your own personal growth and transform yourself into a better person. A person with international experience is matured, independent, responsible and fearless to face challenges; any company will love to have a person with all these character traits.

4. Language fluency in demand

Most of the international students face hardships to learn the new native language spoken in this new country. However, in long run, it helps them in the professional world. Studying abroad is immensely beneficial as it provides you the opportunity to learn a new language, a skill deeply acknowledged by all employers. There are many students who enroll themselves in short language learning courses after they land in the new country to increase their proficiency in quick time. If you want to use this knowledge in your professional life then you can add it in your resume. Many experts feel that in this age when the economy has transcended every boundary, the knowledge of at least a second language has become essential. Even the students who do not get the chance to study abroad try to hone their knowledge in another language in their own country to increase their employability. Remember, bilingual has always better chances to crack a job than a monolingual.

5. Increases involvement

Most of the students who pursue their education in a foreign land always involve themselves in small part-time jobs along with the studies. These jobs provide them remuneration, experience and sharpen their skills. It may sound intimidating to engage in a formal obligation while studying, but later when you will begin your professional life, it will help you to stand out in the applicant pool. Some students who couldn’t join these part-time involvements practice extracurricular activities in their college or university. Part-time jobs involve on-campus and off-campus jobs and even interning in the local business. This experience helps you to perform better in the exams as well as the interviews conducted by the potential employers. The problem-solving skills naturally with this experience enhance and make you prepared for the upcoming challenges.

6. Better time management and scheduling skills

When you study abroad, you need to travel throughout the city (if not to other cities of the country), not for tourism but for educational purposes only. You will have no friend to accompany you till you make someone your companion. You also need to coordinate the routine in your accommodations, student residency or hostels. This comprehensive duty which includes studies, developing projects and going on excursions, managing the daily chores, preparing own food and above all doing all this within a fixed budget ameliorates the students. The students completing their education from their home have parent and friends for their guidance and support. They can afford to some leniency towards the work but the international student cannot. Hence, with time, they develop better time management and scheduling skills which improve their career prospects.

7. Ability to tackle challenges

Not all the students get the chance to study in an internationally reputed institution. If selected, it gives them a lifetime opportunity. The performance in these three or four years can steer their whole life. All the employers by interviewing the candidates try to understand their competence. Most of the employers are skeptical whether the candidates who have just completed their education would be able to cope up with the demanding professional life. They don’t want the new recruits to succumb to this pressure. However, they worry less when it comes to recruiting the candidates with international experience. All the students with international experience have faced challenging times in their life and therefore they are considered capable of being worthier towards the organization.

8. New friends help in networking

All the students with the experience of staying in the foreign land develop friendship with different people that include students, seniors, recruiting company personnel and many more. After the students complete their education, these friends help in networking and getting information about the prospective employers. The native students have more information about the placement news. So, it is suggested that even if you return to the country after you have completed your education, keep contact with your foreign friends. They will provide the much-needed information and notify about the possible recruitment in future. There are many companies which prefer campus recruitment. You can develop your resume accordingly to get the most aspiring jobs.

Additional advantages of international experience

Many experts comment that studying abroad or any international experience is enough to transform a person. A student who used to take his responsibilities casually can turn into a better person who is committed towards his/her work. It develops a renewed sense of focus towards work and triggers a sense of sensibility and confidence. The employers, both international and national, understand how the foreign experience changes a person. This is the reason why they prefer candidates with international experience.

This international experience will help you professionally. It also has various other benefits. It gives you the opportunity to see the world. When you visit any European or American nation, you will be able to see beautiful landscapes, natural wonders and magnificent terrains. You can also visit the neighboring countries during your studies. Other than giving your eyes and heart an ethereal experience, it also helps to understand the distinct differences in culture and traditions. This opportunity to witness a completely new way of life can fascinate you. There are many students who completely oblivious about their strengths find new interests when they visit a foreign country. Students develop a huge interest in photography, water sports, snow skiing and many more. It can also happen with you that you discover your inner talent which could have remained dormant if you have stayed at home.

The job market has become immensely competitive these days. You will find that for every vacancy or for every new job created in the economy, hundreds of aspirants line up. All these aspirants are equally talented to procure the job. But a small yet significant international experience can set a certain candidate apart. It not only makes your resume distinct among thousands of applications but it also helps you to channelize the interview process. You can share your wonderful experience of studying abroad and the skills that you accumulated. So, don’t give it a second thought and start your preparations to get an international experience (not as a tourist though!) and let the most eminent companies struggle against each other to hire you!

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