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9 Ways to Look Smarter in Class

UserMark time22 May,2015

There is no denial that everyone wants to look smart and everyone is looking for smarts. To register yourself in the company of smart ones, you need to get yourself a great education. But here in real world, physical appearances matter as well.You don’t have to be smart in order to prove yourself smart. Here are nine handy tricks to appear intelligent in front of your class.

Leave those thick glasses and heavy tomes at home and try these research-backed strategies:

how to look smart in school

#Trick 1: Ask more questions

Most people have the habit of showering information on others in order to imprint how much they know. But this can be unhealthy sometimes because you may appear arrogant in front of others.

You can showcase your intelligence by asking questions during class. This is much effective than telling everybody how much you know. There are reasons for this:

First of all, truly intelligent people are considered as extremely teachable. So if you don’t exhibit ‘absorbing’ behavior, people will consider you as fake.

Secondly, if you ask questions, you eventually give others a chance to showcase their knowledge – occasionally everyone loves to do it.

#Trick 2: Be the last one to speak

Don’t rush with your words. In an ongoing discussion, let others finish their points first while you take extra time to refine your thoughts and then come up with your views at the end. If you have a final word to say, simply summarize the good points made by everyone else. Don’t worry, this is not stealing. You are only restating the best ideas that will make you look smarter.

#Trick 3: Make lots of eye contact, but maintain comfort level

Yes, this is helpful. When you are in a class, quit browsing social media or reading a recap of what happened on your favorite show last night, and pay full attention to what your teacher is telling. Be sure to furrow your brow and nod contemplatively even when you are sleeping with your eyes open.

#Trick 4: Take notes

This activity not only impresses tutors but also make you look brainy in front of your peers. Give occasional nods and say things like ‘right’, ‘uh-huh’, ‘yep’, ‘obviously’ to yourself while scribbling down a ton of notes. Make it seem like you are getting it all, but write only one word from each sentence. This is enough to make everyone believe that you are smart.

#Trick 5: Be expressive

Do you know that your voice modulation, varying the pitch and adding emphasis wherever appropriate can make you look smarter? Yes, it is true. You need to be more expressive in your speech. The more you express during conversing, the smarter you will come off.

#Trick 6:Bring books in

This always helps. Skim down few books and authors and save it in your memory bank. When the right time comes, bring them up and make parallel connections and Bingo, you have bonus smarty pant points. This is most effective in English and Literature class.

#Trick 7: Learn a second language

People who know a second or third language are often perceived as smart by others. This is a research proven truth. It gives your brain a real boost. If you know a second language, you are able to adapt to and switch between certain mental tasks better than those who only know one.

#Trick 8: Bring supplies

Keep laptop charger, pen and writing utensils arranged during classes. This will have others view you as organized and ready to crush the class. You had time to attend to class and remember necessary supplies? Great! This will definitely force your peers to think that you are smart to handle everything with your two hands.

#Trick 9: Believe you can be smarter

This is the last step where you just have to believe you can be smarter. According to psychologists, worrying about intelligence is one most surefire ways to lose IQ points, so you need to believe your intelligence, but not be pompous: leave yourself open to learning new things and asking new questions. Attitude is everything, if it is positive, you may find you are much free to pursue the intelligence level that you expect.

These above tricks only present you as smart but not get your near smartness. Don’t you think it is better to actually become smarter rather than acting like one?Initiate your plans today until you become a real one.Till then, you can use these tips as your armor.

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