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100+ Trending Topics of American History

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American history is rich with wars, discrimination, racial prejudices, triumph stories, independence, and controversies. Each period presents valuable lessons and allows students to explore different perspectives of the people of those times.

American History: An Overview

  • Colonial Settlements
  • The American Revolution
  • The Civil War
  • Participation in World Wars
  • Post-War Global Superpower

The US has cemented itself as a global superpower. But if you trace its history back to the early 1600s, you’ll be surprised by its humble beginnings.

  • Before Europe began colonising the US, America was home to various indigenous tribes, such as the Cherokee, the Inuits, the Navajos, and many others.
  • The invasion of Spain, Portugal, France and Europe began due to the attraction to America’s natural resources.
  • The British soon gained control of thirteen colonies– the New England colonies, the Middle colonies, and the Southern colonies.
  • The Treaty of Paris, signed in 1783, signified the end of the American Revolution.
  • Following independence, the US Constitution was formed.
  • The United States spent most of the 1800s conquering the North American continent.
  • Eventually, a Civil War broke out between the Union and the Confederates because of ideological and political differences.
  • The end of the Civil War led to the Reconstruction Era, which was divided into two phases – the Presidential reconstruction and the radical reconstruction.
  • Though hesitant to participate in the First World War, America joined later, which solidified its participation in global affairs.
  • The economic prosperity during the “Roaring Twenties” ended with the crash and fall of the stock market and the Great Depression during the 1930s.
  • The US joined the Allied Forcesafter Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbour during World War II.
  • The economic gain during the war led to the rise of the US as the new superpower.
  • As an aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, America began participating in more wars in the Middle East.

Even though the US economy and society are still not perfect, it continues to enjoy immense power and respect internationally. Considering such a varied history, it’s natural to feel confused and overwhelmed by the number of choices for your American history paper.

Make Your American History Paper Stand Out: Amazing Tips & Tricks

Suppose your entire class has been assigned a particular topic in American History class. How are you going to make sure your paper doesn’t disappear amidst the ocean of mediocrity?

Simple! Just focus on writing a memorable paper that’ll immediately capture the reader’s attention. Instead of reading the same “Don’t procrastinate” or “Conduct thorough research” a hundred times, check out these actual helpful tips & tricks to get on the right track –

  • Maintain the correct chronologywhen analysing historical details.
  • Don’t summarise! Focus on the significance of the incident.
  • Cross-referenceto other similar historical events to draw a comparison.
  • Double-check important dates and details of a particular incident.
  • Say NO to bias! Remain objectivein your approach to any historical issue.

What Should You Consider When Choosing American History Topics?

Factors to Consider:

  • Interest
  • Prior Knowledge
  • Relevancy
  • Time
  • Appeal

What are some American history topics that will help me score an excellent grade?”

Coming up with unique American history topics is no walk in the park. But falling back upon recycled topics will affect your overall grades. As you can clearly see from the brief overview of American history mentioned in one of the previous sections, there is plenty of ground for you to cover.

So, before selecting any topic, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why are you interested in that specific incident?
  • What are the appealing factors of the historical event?
  • Is the historical incident still relevant in contemporary times?
  • Is there a particular historical figure who you’d like to focus on?
  • Do you have enough time to complete your paper?
  • Is the topic too broad or too narrow?
  • Do you have prior knowledge about the topic?

It is crucial that you keep the deadline and broadness of the topic in mind so you don’t run into problems mid-way.

For example, if you choose the topic – “George Washington’s role in the American Revolution”, you’ll never be able to complete your paper on time! But if you narrow down the topic to “George Washington’s role in the battle at Yorktown,” you can write a more focused paper that doesn’t run the risk of diverging from the main topic.

100+ Trending American History Topics to Write About

If you’re worried about running out of creativity when shortlisting American history topics, here are 100 innovative options you can explore. These cover various aspects of American history and can even inspire you to come up with your own ideas.

Interesting American History Topics

1. Which factors were responsible for the war between America and Mexico?

2. Trace the history of racism in America and analyse its effects on modern society.

3. Which factors led to the abolition of slavery in the US?

4. Explore the relationship between Christianity and slavery.

5. What traces of Transcendentalism can you find in the American culture?

6. Critically analyse the challenges that immediately followed the Missouri Compromise.

7. How did the two-party system come about in American politics?

8. Analyse the effects of the American Civil War on industrialisation.

9. Critically analyse the women’s suffrage movement in the US.

10. How did the Great Depression affect the American economy?

American History Topics Before 1865

1. Explore the relationship between the early Virginia Colony residents and Native Americans.

2. How did Georgia’s geographic location influence Oglethorpe’s choice of turning it into a colony?

3. State the leading factors that led to the American colonies protesting against the British Imperial powers in 1763.

4. What reforms did the British take to quell the growing rebellion ring the mid-18th century in the US colonies?

5. What were the consequences of the War of 1812?

6. Explore the story of Pocahontas from a post-colonial perspective.

7. Discuss the failures of Washington early in his career.

8. Critically analyse the political consequences of Alexander Hamilton’s financial measures.

9. Analyse the different stances of the North and South in terms of slavery.

10. How did the US revive religion after the American War of Independence?

Native American History Topics

1. Analyse the class oppression faced by Native Americans in the US.

2. What led to the voluntary participation of Native Americans in the First World War?

3. How did the Native American tribes protest against the colonisation of their lands?

4. Discuss the importance of the Jim Crows Law in enforcing racial segregation.

5. Trace the origins of the Harlem Renaissance and its impact on the minority community in the US.

6. Compare and contrast the Native American religions and Christianity.

7. Analyse the importance of Custer’s Last Stand and its relevance to Native American resistance against the colonisers.

8. Discuss the relevance of the Proclamation of 1763 on the lives of Native Americans.

9. Discuss the traditions of the Cherokee tribe.

10. Analyse Sacagawea’s role as part of the Corps of Discovery.

Captivating American History Topics

1. Critically analyse the role of student revolutions in the US.

2. Compare and contrast the leadership qualities of George Washington and Mahatma Gandhi in leading the revolutions for their respective countries.

3. How did the evolution of technology help America in the World Wars?

4. What influence did the Puritans have on American politics?

5. Explore the rise of feminism in indigenous tribes in the US.

6. Critically analyse the evolution of LGBTQIA+ rights in America.

7. What were the consequences of the 9/11 attacks on Muslims in the US?

8. Analyse why ObamaCare was met with intense criticism due to its execution.

9. Discuss the hurdles Black Americans have to surpass to gain education in the US.

10. Explore the myths associated with Native American burial grounds in the US.

Civil War Topic Ideas

1. Do you think the Civil War could have been avoided through compromise?

2. How did public opinion influence the Civil War in America?

3. Discuss the role of the Civil War on the American economy.

4. The Civil War can be considered a “war of ideologies” – Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

5. Discuss Clara Barton’s role in mobilising women in the Civil War.

6. Why was the South adamant against the abolition of slavery?

7. Do you think industrialisation played a major role in the Civil War?

8. What factors contribute to the victory of the Union in the Civil War?

9. How did the American Civil War impact the immigrants who wished to seek refuge in the US?

10. What role did the Abolitionist Movement play in sparking the Civil War?

Intriguing Questions about American History

1. How many phases did the Feminist movement go through in the US?

2. How did the Beatles revolutionise the way music technology was being used in the US?

3. Do you think there is a relationship between fashion and politics in the US?

4. Would you consider John F. Kennedy a better president than George Washington?

5. How did the sexual revolution in the US influence discussions of liberation across the globe?

6. How has the urbanisation of America changed the way of living for most Americans?

7. Why were the Salem witch trials an eye-opening incident highlighting the plight of women in the US?

8. Do you think America would have evolved into a superpower without participating in the World Wars?

9. Does the Civil Rights Movement in the US bear similarity to the Black Lives Matter movement?

10. Do you think the rise of Asian hate in the US recently has its origins in racism?

American History Topics Ideas on World War I & II

1. What policies did the US adopt to prevent food shortages during the World Wars?

2. How did the US treat prisoners of war during World War II?

3. Why did America choose to cooperate with the Allied Forces during the First World War?

4. How did America become a true superpower after World War II?

5. Discuss how the US profited off both World Wars.

6. What role did American women play in World War II?

7. Analyse the effects of World War I on American domestic political affairs.

8. How did America’s use of the atomic bomb change the trajectory of modern warfare?

9. Why did America drop another atomic bomb on Nagasaki after the devastating bombing of Hiroshima?

10. Who would you consider the unsung American heroes during the World Wars?

US History Topics on the American Revolution

1. State the significance of the Declaration of Independence of 1776.

2. Analyse the importance of the Boston Tea Party in relation to the American Revolution.

3. Explore the role of the Founding Fathers in ensuring the independence of the US from British rule.

4. Why was it necessary to set up a new constitution after the American Revolution?

5. What role did France play in helping America achieve independence from the British?

6. How did the concepts of slavery and freedom coexist during the American Revolution?

7. Which incident do you think was the turning point in the American Revolution?

8. What role did the American Revolution play in highlighting women’s rights in the US?

9. Discuss the challenges faced by the US Army during the American Revolution.

10. Critically explore the role of George Robert as a crucial figure of the American Revolution as described in The Shoemaker and the Tea Party.

American History Research Topics

1. Critically analyse the life of the average American during the Civil War.

2. Compare and contrast the importance of religion in the 18th century US and 21st century US.

3. Analyse the importance of the New Deal in ending the Great Depression in America.

4. Briefly explore the evolution of the navy in the US.

5. Explore the social reforms during the Progressive era and their impact on American society.

6. Why did the Salem Witch Trials gain so much attention in American society?

7. Explore the effects of rapid urbanisation in America on natural resources.

8. Trace the evolution of transportation from early 16th century America till modern times.

9. What was America’s role in the Cold War?

10. How did Black Americans carve a space for themselves in society after undergoing intense racial discrimination?

Unique American History Topics

1. How did the assassination of Abraham Lincoln affect American society?

2. Explore the significance of the printing press in promoting education in America.

3. “The USA is filled with racism” – Explain why racial discrimination continues to plague one of the leading first-world countries.

4. How did the Asian culture evolve in America?

5. Discuss the complexities of the diplomatic relations between America and Iran.

6. State the significance of the railway system in revolutionising transportation in the US.

7. What were the political and economic significance of the Compromise of 1850?

8. Explore the evolution of pop culture in the US music industry.

9. What steps has the US government taken to prevent the entrance of illegal immigrants?

10. Discuss the slave revolution movements during the American Revolution.

Did you find anything that suits your taste? Keep in mind that choosing the right American history topic can ease your way to an A+. So keep calm and pick the ones you’re confident about the most.

Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

What are some debatable American history topics?

Ans:Some debatable American history topics include:

  • Was it necessary to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WW II?
  • Has industrialisation doomed the future of US citizens?
  • Has the abolition of slavery improved people’s lives in the US?
  • Can the US maintain its position as a top world power after banning immigrants?

What are the top 10 American history topics?

Ans:The top 10 American history topics for you to explore are:

  • Religion and slavery
  • The impact of industrialisation
  • The Great Depression
  • The US in the two World Wars
  • The American Civil War
  • American Revolution
  • Protestant Reformation
  • Early British colonies in the US
  • Rise of feminism
  • Evolution of the hippie culture

How to write an American history topic?

Ans:One of the key necessities to doing justice to any American history topic is to conduct in-depth research and consult various sources. The details about a particular incident can vary and depend heavily on perspectives. So, when writing on an American history topic, take detailed notes and stick to the facts instead of getting swayed by opinions.

What are the best topics for an American history research paper?

Ans:The best topics for an American history research paper are those covering issues still relevant in the 21st century. For example,

  • The significance of Barack Obama being the first President from a minority in the US
  • Comparison between the American Civil War and the Black Lives Matter movement
  • The growth of Puritan culture in the US vs online communities

What are some presentation topics about American history?

Ans:When you need some ideas for your American history presentation, explore the following:

  • The Effects of the Great Depression on the American Economy
  • The History of Slavery in the US
  • The Predicament of Women During the Salem Witch Trials
  • The Penning of the American Constitution
  • The Role of the Founding Fathers During the American Revolution

What are some argumentative American history topics?

Ans:Some argumentative American history topics are:

  • Is America in danger of losing its status as a superpower in the future?
  • The discrimination against African-Americans in the military during the American Revolution
  • Was John F. Kennedy a better president than George Washington?
  • The opposing positions of the North and South during the American Civil War

What are some excellent tips for choosing American history topics?

Ans:When you struggle to pick a good American history topic, follow these excellent tips:

  • Ensure you’re actually interested in that particular part of American history.
  • Check whether you have enough reliable sources for research.
  • Look for research gaps in the existing literature.
  • Consult with your professors.

What was the most important event in American history from the beginning to 1877?

Ans:The most important event in American history from the beginning to 1877 is undoubtedly the American Revolution which spanned 20 years, from 1763 to 1783. The fight for independence from British colonial rule under the leadership of George Washington resulted in victory and laid the foundations for the America of today.

What are some of the major events that took place in American history?

Ans:Some of the major events that took place in American history are:

  • Colonial Settlement in the US
  • The American Revolution
  • The Civil War
  • America’s Participation in the World War I
  • The Great Depression
  • America in World War II
  • The Cold War
  • The Assassination of President John F Kennedy
  • The Assassination of Martin King Luther
  • The Vietnam War
  • 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
  • The Election of the First African-American President

What are the ten major wars that were fought on American soil?

Ans:The ten major wars fought on American soil are:

  • The American Revolution
  • The War of 1812
  • Indian Wars
  • The Mexican War
  • The Civil War
  • The Spanish-American War
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War

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