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The 101 of Writing AP Research Papers with 100+ Topics

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The Advanced Placement (AP) research program can help you improve your academic performance and fetch extra credits in high school. However, selecting good AP research topics is one of the most important parts of research, and only a few students excel at it. So, to help you with your AP research, we have prepared some tips as well as the best AP seminar topic ideas for 2023. Keep reading.

What Makes a Strong AP Research Topic?

  • Well-Defined
  • Clear
  • Relevant
  • Addresses a Real-World Issue

Tips for Choosing an AP Research Topic

Choose something that interests you

Don’t choose any random AP research topic or anything that seems popular. Instead, choose a topic that you can fully understand. Only working on something you are confident can fetch you the highest grades.

Understand course requirements

When you are thinking about some AP research topic ideas, always refer to the assignment. This will ensure that you are not getting diverted from the course requirements.

Consider research timeframes

A lot of efforts go into the research process. So, start looking for AP research topics as early as possible. The faster you can come up with a topic, the faster you can complete the assignment.

Consider the research sources

While choosing topics for AP research, choose a topic with multiple credible sources. That way, you will get abundant material to build a solid evidence-based paper.

Consult the AP advisor

Another thing to remember before choosing topics for AP research is you can always turn to your AP advisor if needed. You may need subject clarification while doing the assignment or to narrow down the topics – ask the advisor in such cases.

How to Create Strong AP Research Questions?

  • It should Require Evaluation
  • It Must be Researchable
  • There Must be Credible Sources
  • It Should be Engaging
  • It Must be Debatable
  • It Should Be Simple

Follow these tips to create strong AP research questions –

  • Form questions that require evaluation or judgement
  • The questions should be researchable
  • There should be enough credible and relevant sources for your questions
  • The questions should be engaging with alternative perspectives
  • There should be proper debatable points
  • The questions should be simple to understand

The Difference between a Research Topic and a Research Question

There is a minute yet distinct difference between a research topic and a research question. Research topics refer to the central idea of a research project. For example, global warming can be a general research topic from which you can derive multiple research topics, like, “The Impacts of Global Warming in the UK.”

On the other hand, research questions are specific questions that help researchers to find the answers they are seeking. So, research questions have to be extremely narrow and specific. A good research question helps to answer the what, why, and how of the research. For example, a good research question can be, “What are the impacts that global warming is inflicting on the youth in the UK?”

How to Use AP Research Topics?

Follow these tips to know how you can use AP research topics –

  • AP programs are usually short. So, look for the project titles at the start of the academic year. This will help you to focus on the planning and implementation of the project.
  • Always choose narrow research topics that will properly define the AP seminar requirements and AP research.
  • Look for a research topic that best suits your research proposal. Also, choose topics that allow you to use the research methods you are confident about.
  • Avoid choosing controversial AP research topics or a topic that feels unethical.

However, if you are not confident about narrowing down your topic, or generating one, take the help of the AP advisor.

How to Write AP Research Topics?

  • Create focused research questions
  • Identify and analyse the relationship between different perspectives
  • State the techniques,procedures, and perspectives
  • State your arguments and conclude
  • Back your conclusion wih synthesised evidence
  • Create research questions that are focused and connected to greater scholarly contexts.
  • Analyse relationships between multiple works, and identify the different perspectives within the topics and the scholarly literature.
  • State the techniques, perspectives, and procedures you want to select to answer your research questions.
  • Depict your arguments and conclusion and discuss the impacts, or create a new debate accepting the drawbacks.
  • Support your conclusion through compiled and synthesised evidence.

List of AP Research Topics

Simple AP Research Topics

  1. Discuss the lifestyle of the people living in the British countryside
  2. Discuss the outcomes of the French War
  3. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Thomas Jefferson as the President
  4. Elaborately discuss the religious and scientific transformation
  5. The development of the two-party system
  6. How can you use musical chords to learn chemistry?
  7. Elaborate the influence of the opinions of the juries on the decision of the Supreme Court
  8. Discuss the impact of mathematics on sports
  9. Art is an important part of education – Express the viewpoints
  10. Show the effect of wealth inequality through proper illustrations
  11. Discuss the ethics behind using animals in scientific research
  12. How can you stop bullying and ragging in high school?
  13. The influence of World War II in transforming technology and transportation
  14. Analyse the most significant scientific activities in history
  15. Discuss the religious cults that have impacted our society in some way.

Interesting AP Research Topics

  1. The primary reasons behind the First World War
  2. Discuss the impacts of the printing press on the world
  3. Analyse the influence of the Hundred-Year War
  4. The meteoric rise and fall of the Greek Empire
  5. The remarkable impact of the Industrial Revolution
  6. How does Big Data make an impact on our life?
  7. The Infrastructure and the Contingencies of the World Wide Web
  8. The risks of Cloud technology
  9. The Present and future impacts of Artificial Intelligence
  10. Analyse the influence of the Stroop Effect
  11. Discuss how child violence shapes the personality of an individual
  12. Discuss the best habits to improve the physical well-being of an individual
  13. Give an overview of the best ways to check food waste in the US
  14. How will global warming affect those countries that are most ignorant about it?
  15. Should the voting age in the US be increased – Discuss.

Expert AP Research Topics

  1. Explain the reasons behind the rise of GDP in the European Union
  2. The negative impacts of noise pollution
  3. The requirement of gun control laws in the United States
  4. Discuss the concepts behind the Unified Field Theory
  5. The concept of quantum entanglement
  6. How is unemployment influencing US society?
  7. State and discuss the oldest human settlements in the United States
  8. Analyse the reasons behind the Great Depression in the United States
  9. The different challenges African Americans face every day
  10. What are the most pressing global issues apart from the Covid-19 pandemic?
  11. Discuss how the Jews used the Holocaust narrative to their favour in Palestine
  12. How to save blue whales from ocean pollution?
  13. Discuss why some courses are made mandatory in schools
  14. Choose an energy system and analyse it
  15. Explain the dark matter theories.

Unique AP Research Topics

  1. Discuss the importance of the Ozone layer
  2. Explain the steps to solve climate change issues
  3. Why should we pay more focus to climate change issues?
  4. How can deforestation lead to major environmental disasters?
  5. Is the Dodo extinct? How can we save them?
  6. How can you save the endangered white rhinoceros?
  7. The reasons behind the population decline in Eastern Europe
  8. The impact of poor immigration policies on the economy of a country
  9. Discuss how to take care of children with Down syndrome
  10. Explain the concept of health geography
  11. The Impact of Relying on AI in high schools
  12. North Korea and its strange rules
  13. The major drawbacks of genetically modified animals
  14. Cat or Dogs – what makes a better pet?
  15. The Significance of the war against drugs

Trending AP Research Topics

  1. Explain the concept of imposed democracy in Africa
  2. Discuss the industrial advancements in Ancient Rome
  3. The reasons behind the high gender discrimination in Africa
  4. Discuss the relationship between rising temperatures and wildfires
  5. How to improve your academic writing skills?
  6. How can you plan to reduce global warming by 2030?
  7. Regulating advertisements for children
  8. The advancements in obtaining plasma for treatment
  9. How is Instagram proving to be the best way to market your brands?
  10. Nanotechnology and its various implications
  11. The negative impacts of crash dieting
  12. The drawbacks of homework
  13. The alarming unemployment rate in the United States
  14. Choose a European country and discuss the national income of that country
  15. How large-scale recycling methods can improve waste reduction?

Popular AP Research Topics

  1. The copyright issues in the social media age
  2. The most promising developments in the cancer treatment
  3. Discuss the role of homosexuality in literature
  4. Revenge of Hamlet – Discuss the theme
  5. Discuss the most tragic novel in the last century
  6. Nuclear energy as a fuel resource is too risky – Discuss
  7. How have writers portrayed social issues through literature and paintings over time?
  8. The impact of Brexit on the international trade relations in the UK
  9. Inflation and its role in the banking system
  10. Steps taken by the EU to minimise the inflation
  11. The State Budget of the US in 2022
  12. “Actions speak louder than words” – what life lesson does it teach you?
  13. The reasons behind the popularity of Rock music around the world
  14. Traditional music or international music – which one should you embrace?
  15. Why frogs should not be kept as pets?

Miscellaneous AP Research Topics

  1. Role of Banks in Maintaining a healthy economy
  2. The risks of e-commerce businesses
  3. Discuss the data encryption algorithm
  4. Evaluate the Internet of Things
  5. Data mining and its future
  6. The contrasting wealth distribution in India
  7. USA has banned abortions – Discuss
  8. The colonisation of South America
  9. Is the death penalty ethical? Discuss
  10. Explain the influences behind the Roman architecture
  11. The Impact of the Crusades on Europe
  12. The ferocity of the Spanish armadas
  13. The biology behind cancer formation
  14. The benefits behind the Monarchy in Europe
  15. Carbohydrates versus lipids in the human body

Final List of AP Research Topics

  1. The rise in the formation of energy-efficient cars
  2. Discuss how genetically altered plants can ruin the environment
  3. Pesticides are more harmful than we realise – Discuss
  4. Examine the main issues and the potential solutions for disposing of toxic wastes
  5. The influence of people on climate change and the technological impact in speeding up the process
  6. Space technology in optimal utilisation of resources
  7. How does the current interest in space impact the future of NASA?
  8. The declining snow leopard population and what it means for their future?
  9. Pesticides and the increasing need for organic farming
  10. Discuss how climate change is impacting the marine wildlife
  11. The pros and cons of electrical vehicles
  12. How can you save money for higher education?
  13. Over-farming can cause pollution – explain
  14. The Role of Art in the modern education
  15. Discuss the osmosis effect

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

How long should my AP research paper be?

Ans:Usually, an AP research paper should be approximately 4000-5000 words long. Students get evaluated on the basis of the content, format, structure, and conclusion of the paper and how accurately they can cite the sources.

How is the AP research assignment graded?

Ans:There are two parts to an AP research assignment. The academic paper, usually around 5000 words long, contributes to 75% of the final score. For the rest, 25% of the students are graded based on content, font, structure, and citations.

What are some good AP Research topics?

Ans:A few good AP research topics are –

  • 3D-printed prosthetics for amputees
  • The pros and cons of subsidised housing in the US
  • The impact of Art education in the 21st century
  • The future of the automobile industry after the invention of EV cars
  • Young Voters and the Pattern of civic participation

How do I choose a research topic for AP Research?

Ans:If you cannot decide on project ideas, then discuss them with your classmates and brainstorm new topic ideas. You can also ask your seniors who have previously worked on AP research papers. You can also do some research about the topics online and make one after taking inspiration from various places.

What are the top 5 most researched topics?

Ans:Students always try to come up with fresh AR research topics. However, there are a few topics that students have overworked. The top 5 most researched topics are –

  • Art and Culture
  • Finance
  • Environmental Science
  • Economics
  • Technological Advancements
  • Is AP Research accepted in colleges?

Is AP Research accepted in colleges?

Ans:Yes, AP research papers are widely accepted in all reputed colleges. Students get AP seminar a research certificates after successful submission of AP papers. You can attach that with your college application and boost your chances of getting in.

What is AP Research in high school?

Ans:In high schools, AP research is an interdisciplinary course that promotes students to work on their critical thinking abilities and research skills by working on a subject chosen by the student.

How do you start an AP Research?

Ans:Follow these steps to start an AP research 

  • Introduce and contextualise the research questions and state your initial thoughts about them.
  • Review previous ideas and the studies made on the subject. Go through the old arguments and used perspectives.
  • Explain why you have chosen a specific research method and how you want to proceed with your research method

What are 4 common sources of research topics?

Ans:The four most common sources of research topics are –

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Electronic sources found on the internet
  • Journals and Newspapers

What are the 10 types of common research papers?

Ans:The ten most common types of research papers are –

  • Analytical research papers
  • Persuasive or Argumentative research papers
  • Definition research paper
  • Compare and contrast paper
  • Interpretative paper
  • Cause and effect paper
  • Survey research paper
  • Report paper
  • Experimental research paper
  • Problem-solution research paper

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