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Most Popular Chemistry Dissertation Topics

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Chemistry Dissertation Topics

Choosing the right topic for your chemistry dissertation can be challenging. There are many chemistry dissertation topics that you will come across while searching for one. You need to ensure that the topic is in line with your specialization. Also, you must look if you are comfortable with the topic or not. A dissertation is a significant project for an academic. You cannot mess it up. The first thing to look into is the topic. If you are not comfortable with the subject, you will find it challenging to provide proper explanations. Consequently, you will lose out on your grades.

Listed below are few chemistry dissertation topics based on different branches and popularity. It will be easy for you to select one from them and get through with the project.

Organic Chemistry Topics For Research

There are many things to learn in organic chemistry. Scientists are always experimenting on some element or the other of organic chemistry. You need to study the basics before making a move towards specializations. Below are few dissertation topics for students of organic chemistry:

  1. Isomerism types in organic compounds
  2. Nucleophiles: Definition and explanation of the term
  3. Aniline Dyes: Defining and explaining the term in detail
  4. What do you understand by nucleic acids stability?
  5. Define and explain the oil
  6. How is hydrocarbon fuel produced? Explain the process in detail
  7. Defining and describing electrophiles
  8. Why is phenol considered a form of acid? Explain with relevant data
  9. How are globular proteins formed? Explain the process
  10. What is snow pollution? Explain how dangerous is it

The above chemistry dissertation topics need extensive research. You will be unable to convince the readers if there are no supporting data. It is essential to understand the topic you choose and invest some time to prepare the points to write.

Controversial Chemistry Research Topics

The dissertation topic sometimes makes the readers think and relate to what you present. Many topics enhance your reasoning skills, and you need to convince the readers through your writing. Following are few controversial chemistry dissertation topics to choose from if you like argumentative writing.

  1. Fritz Haber personality
  2. Chemical Warfare ethics
  3. Synthetic biology and gene analysis
  4. Biological machinery application
  5. Synthetic molecules replication
  6. Bio-conjugation chemistry dangers

These topics are argumentative and will enhance your convincing skills. It is tough to convince people through writing. But, you can support your views with relevant data when it comes to any subject of science. Hence, conducting extensive research is essential.

Innovative Chemistry Research Topics

Innovation is the key to a good project. There is a lot of scopes to show your creativity in an assignment. You can also start by choosing from one of the many innovative chemistry dissertation topics. The topic in itself will grab the attention of the readers. But, you need to be good with writing to fetch suitable grades.

  1. Avoiding pesticides in agriculture
  2. Analyzing polymers in a restricted environment
  3. Sustainable elements synthesis
  4. Photocatalysis in 3D printing
  5. Use of nanophotonics in aeronautics
  6. Medicinal chemistry and BRCA1 gene identification

These topics can easily attract readers. It is equally essential to provide the correct information to support your views and keep the readers’ attention intact. Your instructor will lose interest if the write-up does not complement the topic.

Essential Chemistry Research Topics

There are few topics which you must know. It will not only help you to write a good dissertation but will also enhance your knowledge of the subject. Below are few essential chemistry dissertation topics. These are widely used by chemistry students and need to be appropriately attempted.

  1. Lewis structure study
  2. Stoichiometry and mole concept
  3. Atomic structure progressive scale grading
  4. Electrolysis and low-level extraction
  5. Di-hydroxyacetone phosphate conversion
  6. Electronegative atoms and physical bonding
  7. How does acid rain form?
  8. Comparing ionic and covalent compounds
  9. Overview of the state of matter
  10. Marie Curie and her legacy

These topics will help you know more about the subject. The instructor will be happy if you choose one such topic and justify it through your writing.

Hottest Chemistry Research Topics

Few topics are commonly used by students studying chemistry. Some topics are more popular than others. Mentioned below are some most popular topics for a chemistry dissertation.

  1. DNA and electrons delocalized rings
  2. Hydrogen and dipole interaction
  3. Hydrophobic effect phenomenon
  4. Organic chemical reactivity functioning
  5. Molecules skeletal representation model
  6. Amino acids side chain effects

You can go with the flow and choose any of the topics for your dissertation and impress your instructor. Research is essential in any case. You cannot ignore the importance of information in a project. You can take chemistry dissertation help for all topics at

Analytical Chemistry Research Topics

The analysis is an essential part of a project. You need to convince your readers that your views are relevant and have the proper explanation. It is necessary to gather relevant data to support your statements. Here are few topics that demand adequate analysis:

  1. Amide bonds function in the polypeptide field
  2. Isomerism framework advantages
  3. Optical enantiomers flaws
  4. Dangers of ibuprofen and chiral class drugs
  5. Why do chemical reactions work not as planned?
  6. Chemical equilibrium effect

You will like doing these types of projects. It demands a lot of analysis and enhances your analytical skills. Any branch of science needs a lot of evaluation. Similarly, chemistry needs you to evaluate different chemical reactions and formulas. These topics are interesting and have a lot of scope of learning.

Inorganic Chemistry Topics

Chemistry deals with a lot of things. Synthesis reactions are one such element of chemistry and are studied in a separate branch called inorganic chemistry. You might need to write a dissertation for this branch. Consider choosing from the following inorganic chemistry dissertation topics.

  1. Review of chemical bonding
  2. Molecular orbital theory
  3. Acid-base chemistry
  4. Redox stability and Redox reactions
  5. Coordination chemistry and crystal field theory
  6. Metals and alloys- Structure, bonding, electronic and magnetic properties
  7. Metals and alloys- mechanical properties
  8. Ionic and Covalent solids- Structures
  9. Ionic and covalent solids- Energetics
  10. Electronic properties of materials- Superconductors and semiconductors
  11. The basic science of nanomaterials
  12. Resources for students and teachers

You can select any one of the topics to write the dissertation. It is essential to understand the branch of chemistry before writing on any of these topics. There are few more topics to choose from for a chemistry dissertation. The next section will take you through some general chemistry dissertation topics.

Some More Chemistry Dissertation Topics

It is essential to keep the options open. If you are not restricted to any specific chemistry branch, you can choose any topic for the project. Mentioned below are few general chemistry dissertation topics:

  1. How does a lack of vitamins affect the body?
  2. Understanding pheromones and the way they affect humans
  3. What are atoms made of? Explain
  4. Explain the noble gas configuration
  5. What happens when a substance oxidizes?
  6. Explain substitution reactions
  7. Comparing the Bohr model with the plum-pudding and the Saturnian models
  8. How does a Geiger counter work?
  9. Explain the importance of Rutherford’s gold foil experiment
  10. Michael Faraday’s influence in the changing scientific landscape
  11. What does Prout’s hypothesis state?
  12. Explaining the process of analyzing amino acids using protein hydrolysis.
  13. Early 20th-century radium craze
  14. Effect of substance abuse on the human body
  15. How do we define reaction rates?
  16. How do spectroscopes work?
  17. What chemical information can be found in meteorites?
  18. Examining the properties of imino-disaccharides
  19. Comparing the types of noncovalent bonding
  20. An investigation into the process of synthetic production of molecular recognition
  21. Impact of nanoscience on our lives
  22. What Le Chatelier’s principle state?
  23. What are the advantages of CBD?
  24. Comparing the types of equilibrium
  25. The difference in the behavior of ideal and non-ideal gases
  26. How toxic is BPA?
  27. Magnetism and coordination compounds
  28. How does water recycling work?
  29. Cloud seeding: when is it useful?
  30. What are the reasons that cause weather changes?
  31. When is cloud seeding useful?
  32. Explain the reasons for some plants relying on photosynthesis more than others
  33. Describe the properties of hydrogen
  34. How do the ab initio methods work?
  35. Chemistry and the brain: Impact of neurotransmitters
  36. Examining the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia
  37. Understanding the role of lipase in pathophysiological processes
  38. Consequences of protein deficiency
  39. Analyzing the effect of dietary supplements: Is it good or bad?
  40. How does the body react to chlorine exposure?
  41. Process of developing new vaccines
  42. SCNT: process and applications
  43. Identify and explain the different chemical compounds of blood
  44. Comparing the three types of crystallography

You must choose the correct topic for the dissertation. It is not necessary to select a tough topic to impress your instructor. Your instructor will be impressed if the project has the relevant information and is written well.

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