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100+ Child Health Nursing Dissertation Topics & Title Ideas 2023

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Being front line professionals, paediatric nursing has gained increased attention in health care settings. Paediatric nurses are registered nurses who specialize in caring for patients from birth through adolescence.  However, due to limited participation and first-hand experience, paediatric nurses often encounter various challenges to find suitable research topics and conduct research by involving participants.  In order to resolve the issue, the team of the best academic assistants in have compiled a free list of customised paediatric nursing dissertation topics so that paediatric nursing students can comply with the best practices and develop appropriate research papers in the following paragraphs.

  1. Challenges faced by nursing professionals in the paediatric ward
  2. Effect of desecration on preschool children’s postoperative pain
  3. Mother’s knowledge of caring for premature infants
  4. Quality of nurse’s performance in neonatal intensive care units
  5.   Assessment of maternal needs while caring for children 2 to 5 years
  6. Teaching program for the paediatric nurse to support emergency paediatric patients
  7. Asthma in children: strategies for diagnosis as well as management
  8. Strategies to optimise childhood cancer treatment
  9.  Evaluating the developmental delay in down syndrome children
  10. Practical implementation of Piaget’s theory in healthy children’s cognitive development
  11.  Childhood obesity preventive measures
  12. Nurses’ pitfalls in caring for neonates
  13. Assessment of nurse’s knowledge and skills for children with a head injury
  14. Role of continuous community care after surgery of paediatric patient
  15. Health promotion programs and interventions for child care in ICU
  16. Health promotion nutritional education program for improving the nutritional status of neonatal
  17. A molecular marker of childhood acute leukaemia
  18. Role of social determinants of health in accessing paediatric nursing care in the rural area
  19.  Blindness in children receiving oxygen therapy
  20.  Disability support for blind and deaf children
  21. Strategies to support the cognitive development of autistic children
  22. Health impact of prenatal exposure to nicotine
  23. Preventive measures of meningitis in children
  24. Complications of asthma care in children
  25. Effect Of Educational Intervention  on improving ICU based paediatric care  for toddlers
  26. Cognitive strategies to improve speech delay in toddlers
  27. Common measles complications in children
  28. New therapeutic approaches to address the risk of type 1 diabetes amongst children
  29.  Nursing interventions on eating disorders in children
  30. ADHD medication for children
  31.  Strategies for reducing lower respiratory infection in rural children
  32.  Strategies to reduce otitis media for children
  33.  Genetic diagnosis of ear infections in children
  34. Nursing management for childhood nephrotic syndrome
  35. Risk of type 1 diabetes for children belonging to ethnic minorities
  36.  Risk factors of Jackob syndrome for paediatric patients
  37. Parental perception of vaccination for toddlers and infants
  38. Oral hydration in vulnerable paediatric patients
  39. Early life exposures that promote heart disease later in life
  40.  Ethical issues encountered in caring for terminally ill paediatric patients
  41. Knowledge related to paediatric oncological emergencies
  42. Support services for intellectually disabled children
  43. Raising emotionally intelligent children
  44.  Raising  healthy children after  caesarean section
  45.  Prescription Medicine errors for paediatric patients
  46. Strategies to address bronchitis and bronchiolitis.
  47.  Risk factors for Stomach Flu in children   aged 2 to 5 years
  48. HHV6 pathogenesis and treatment
  49. The knowledge and perception of paediatric nurses regarding palliative care
  50. Animal models for respiratory diseases encountered by the children
  51. The knowledge and perception of paediatric nurses regarding   dialysis of children
  52.  Autism motor development strategies
  53. The future of paediatric nursing science
  54. The impact of simulation on paediatric nursing students’ knowledge of handling neonatal
  55. The impact of simulation and first-year program education on asthma management
  56. paediatric nursing new trends
  57. Strategies to address the grief of parents of a dying child
  58. Implementation of an SBAR communication program for paediatric nursing
  59. Translation and cultural adaptation of the family entered care for paediatric nursing
  60. Implementation of an SBAR communication program for ICU paediatric patients
  61.  Strategies to address child abuse and neglect.
  62. Neuroblastoma in children and strategies to address Neuroblastoma
  63. Implementation of an appropriate communication system for the parents of a sick child
  64. Strategies to address the attachment issues of a sick child
  65. Hypoplastic left heart syndrome of child
  66. Physiologic changes in the musculoskeletal system in children
  67.  Strategies for improving the prognosis for children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
  68.  Prevalence and incidence of children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy
  69. Utilizing video vs simulation practice for handoff education for paediatric nurse
  70.  Compassionate fatigue for paediatric nurse
  71.  Impact of the parental divorce on the children aged 5 to 7 years
  72. Using a procedural puppet to teach paediatric nursing procedures
  73. Using an unfolding simulation with maternity and paediatric nursing students
  74. Understanding moral distress for paediatric nursing students
  75. The knowledge and perception of paediatric nurses
  76. Challenges for child health nursing resources in the UK
  77. A most important skill of paediatric nurses while supporting children with speech disorder
  78. Strategies for improving   moral distress for paediatric patients with disability
  79. Dehydration reduction strategy for paediatric nurse
  80.  Immunotherapy for childhood cancer
  81. The knowledge and perception of paediatric nurses regarding the use of Immunotherapy
  82. The knowledge and perception of paediatric nurses regarding the appropriate breastfeeding process
  83. A scoping review of nursing research priorities in paediatric care
  84. Telepresence robots for paediatric clinical simulations: Feasibility and acceptability
  85. Social media and its impact on adolescent health
  86. Quality improvement initiative for paediatric nursing in ICU
  87.  Cultural consideration of paediatric nursing care
  88. Traditional care practices for Australian aboriginal paediatric children
  89. Exploring the paediatric nursing role in advocating for the children subjected to corporal punishment
  90. Exploring the paediatric nursing role in advocating for access to education for children
  91.  The treatment of pneumonia in children
  92.  The nursing interventions for reducing flu in children
  93. scoping review of nursing research regarding gene therapy for   addressing Duchenne muscular dystrophy
  94. Mindfulness for novice paediatric nurses
  95.  Resilience based training for paediatric nurses
  96. Promoting atraumatic care of hospitalized children
  97. Exploring the paediatric nursing role in advocating for counselling support for children aged 7 to 8 years
  98. The knowledge and perception of paediatric nurses regarding pain infliction in children
  99. Early markers of atherosclerosis in children 
  100. Childhood Head Growth

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