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Writing a Critical Essay: Topic Suggestions that Can Get You Started

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The word “critical” carries both positive and negative implication depending on the way it is used by the author. However, when you are assigned with a critical essay, you need to look beyond the negative or positive aspect of the issue and give a thorough analysis, interpretation or evaluation of that particular piece. The piece can be a part of literature, a film or any other form of art, an event or even a significant issue which can be analyzed critically when asked.

Despite of some similarities, critical analysis essay writing is quite different from writing a review. Even though both aim to provide an insight of a particular piece of art, a critical essay involves an academic goal in most of the cases. While writing a critical essay topic, you need to introduce an argument along with scholarly observations in the essay – all focusing on the piece you are analyzing. A critical essay is primarily focused on providing an objective analysis covering all the strengths and weaknesses of the particular piece.

Surprisingly, most of the students think that a critical essay is all about criticizing a particular piece or focusing on the negative aspect of the analysis done on the piece. However, contrary to the popular belief, the basic goal of a critical essay is to offer an explanation or interpretation of a particular concept or idea that an artist (author, director, or a painter) has tried to showcase with their work, while in the case of an event or a significant issue, it is to offer a better understanding of the occurring and its implications. In fact, as a writer of a critical essay, you need to pay attention and be more observant about the different feelings and emotions that are conjured within the selected essay writing help.

By now, you must have understood that writing a critical essay on a particular piece can be immensely challenging, even though it may seem easy at first. However, you always have the option to receive necessary essay help online from the professional custom essay writers any time you want. But if you want to do without the support from any essay helper, here are some suggestions that can help you prepare for critical essay writing.

  • Know what is required

Students often make the mistake of starting their essay without having a clear understanding of all the requirements mentioned by the instructing professor. When you receive the assignment for a critical essay (or any other assignment for that matter), instead of rushing, seek assistance from your professor to have a better understanding of the instructions. This may help you speed up your essay writing process and also reduce the risk of committing any major mistake.

  • Get acquainted with the primary source

As you might have noticed, a critical essay should be based on the analysis or interpretation of a particular piece of art, an event or a significant issue. This piece is your primary source of information in this particular case. Whether it’s a book, film, painting, any other piece of art, a historical event or a comparatively newer issue, you need to get familiar with the piece by checking it as many times as takes to get a hold of it. It is almost impossible to create an insightful critical essay if you don’t know what the primary source is all about. Try to comprehend the underlying themes of the piece by looking at it from different perspectives.

  • Don’t forget to take notes

While reading the literature piece, watching the film, examining a painting, going through the news about a particular issue or assessing a historical event, you need to jot down all the significant information that you come across. These valuable pieces of information can help you present your argument in a better way. In fact, it becomes much easier for you as an essay writer to establish your argument if you have plenty of significant details to support your claim. And moreover, it is impossible to memorize all the tiny details of a piece just by learning about it a few times. Taking notes allows you to point out each of the significant details effectively just by referring to the notepad or the word file where you have written all the material. Even if something skips your mind, you can go back to your notes and acknowledge the missing link.

  • Recognize the primary problems or patterns in the piece

Once you have keenly analyzed the primary source or the piece and taken all the significant notes for later use, it is time to identify the major problems or the patterns that you get to discover from those notes. When you are jotting down the significant details, perhaps unknowingly you note down certain issues or points that play a crucial role in the piece. As an essay writer, you need to be keen and recognize all the hidden patterns and problems by analyzing the notes you have collected. The chances are that you may find the answer to your thesis question here while looking for the problems and patterns in your notes.

  • Look for the solutions to the recognized problems and patterns

Taking a cue from the last line, as you are done finding the problems and patterns in your notes, your next set of actions should be focused on finding the solutions to these newly discovered problems and patterns. By this time, you should also develop a decent idea about the thesis statement. If you are unaware of what thesis statement is, then you need to know that a thesis statement is a sentence that usually appears at the bottom of the introduction, and it offers a comprehensive overview of the main point of the essay concisely. Finding the solution to the problems and patterns found in the notes often leads you to the main answer to the problem that was posed at the beginning with the essay topic.

As soon as you are done finding the solutions to the problems and patterns, you are all set for the procedure of essay writing. However, you need to conduct further research to gather more information on the given topic. Going through the primary source, that is the piece itself (like a book or a movie), helps a lot, but one needs to look for more to get a better understanding of the topic. Besides, if it’s about a social issue or a historical event, it becomes mandatory to conduct in-depth research on the topic.

While drafting a critical essay, you may face a variety of challenges, but the first roadblock that comes your way when you try to pick the topic for your essay. When you are asked to draft a critical essay on a specified topic, you are sorted as you don’t need to put in an effort to find the perfect topic. As it happens, finding a topic for a critical essay can be much tougher than it appears. Many a time, the topic determines how effective the essay is going to be. And since there are valuable grades at stakes, you can’t really pick any random topic you like. To smoothen up the entire process for you, we have assembled several interesting and arguable topics for you that can certainly poke the interests of your readers.


  1. Examine the setting of a novel “To kill a Mockingbird
  2. Explain the changes in the character of Emily in the novel “A rose for Emily.”
  3. Describe the way irony is used in the short stories written by Mark Twain
  4. Explain the conventions of the romantic novels
  5. Describe the use of allegory in C.S. Lewis’s “Narnia” books.
  6. Analyze the development in the scene of Ophelia’s death in Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.
  7. Evaluate the narrative voice in “Perks of being a wallflower.”
  8. Assess the imagery used in Wordsworth’s poem “Daffodils.”
  9. Describing the significance of first-person point of view in Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 87”.
  10. The innocence and evil described in Harper Lee’s “To kill a Mockingbird.”
  11. The challenges of life described in “The secret life of Walter Mitty.”
  12. How has Rowling depicted modern day issues in the world of fantasy of “Harry Potter” books?
  13. The conflict between good and evil in J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Lord of the rings.”


  1. How doping incidents have affected the Olympics?
  2. The impact of video games on the minors
  3. How has video gaming changed in the 21st century?
  4. The role of Paralympics in the domain of sports
  5. The significance of indoor games
  6. How has betting on sports affected the spirit of the game?
  7. How does the football World Cup continue to be the most popular sporting event in the world?
  8. How has racism affected the arena of sports?
  9. Health impacts (hazards or benefits) of video gaming
  10. The significance of college football
  11. Sports on television


  1. How accurate has “21 Jump Street” been in depicting the high school life of the students?
  2. How has “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” used the element of suspense to create horror?
  3. What makes “Titanic” one of the greatest films ever made?
  4. How accurately has “Slumdog Millionaire” been able to display the life of homeless children in India?
  5. Analyze the character of Desmond Doss in the movie “Hacksaw Ridge”.
  6. How much justice has “La la land” done as a musical (extinct genre) film?
  7. The satire used in the movie “The Dictator.”
  8. The significance of the character Marla Singer in the movie “Fight Club.”
  9. The infringement of private security depicted in the movie “Enemy of the State.”
  10. Explain the narrative used in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption.”
  11. The development of the character Forrest Gump in the movie “Forrest Gump.”
  12. A critical analysis of the setting used in “Dunkirk.”
  13. Analyze the conflict between Alfred Borden and Robert Angier in the movie “The Prestige.”
  14. Critically analyze the character of Murph in the movie “Interstellar.”
  15. How significant is the character of Joker from the movie “The Dark Knight” in today’s society?


  1. Changing gender roles in today’s society
  2. Impact of technology in our everyday life
  3. Why is homelessness on the rise?
  4. Drug abuse among teenagers is affecting the society?
  5. Racism: A social evil
  6. How can an individual develop multicultural identity?
  7. Is Xenophobia a real thing?
  8. How has slave trade changed the course of history?


  1. Major factors that lead to juvenile delinquency
  2. Recidivism: Why it occurs and how to avoid it effectively?
  3. Should there be any punitive sentences for lighter crimes?
  4. What is the better way to treat a person – rehabilitation or incarceration?
  5. Ways of reducing crime in low-income neighborhoods
  6. Why the rich commit serious felonies?
  7. Nature or nurture: What is responsible for a person’s criminal activity?
  8. Is capital sentences justified?
  9. Is it justified to let the ex-convicts to vote?
  10. How to let ex-convicts blend in with the society?


  1. Wonders of the ancient world
  2. Atlantis: Real or just a myth?
  3. What did ancient technology hold in store for the mankind?
  4. The secret of the pyramids of Giza
  5. The significance of the Colossus of Rhodes
  6. The statue of liberty: What does it symbolize in today’s society?
  7. The statue of Zeus at Olympia
  8. The valor of Vikings


  1. Effective ways of managing Inflation
  2. Importance of Entrepreneurship in the modern history
  3. How did Foreign exchange help to shape the global economy?
  4. What significance did international trade hold in the history of international politics?
  5. The significance of monetary policies
  6. The Gross Domestic Product
  7. Finding the root causes of unemployment
  8. How have the import tariffs affected the domestic market?
  9. Ways to improve GDP
  10. Strategic financial investment


  1. Effective ways of conserving the environment
  2. How to utilize the solar energy to its maximum potential?
  3. The significance of green energy
  4. Why has it become important for us to find an alternative to fossil fuels?
  5. Land reclamation and its implications
  6. The effectiveness of land rehabilitation
  7. The necessity of afforestation in parched areas?
  8. Effective ways of conserving erosion
  9. The consequences of deforestation of tropical forests
  10. Air pollution in Beijing: The cause and effect
  11. Curbing desertification


  1. Impact of technology on healthcare industry
  2. How has technology changed our lives?
  3. Why there’s a massive disparity in the technological advancement in various parts of the world?
  4. The life inside a smart home
  5. How does copyright work in the field of technology?
  6. What does the technology have in store for us in the future?
  7. Humanoids and robots: How safe are they?
  8. How has technology changed the warfare?
  9. Artificial intelligence: the prospect and the threats
  10. 3D printing: how effective are they in making human lives better?


  1. The best places to visit in the world
  2. Hiking in the Swiss Alps
  3. The Grand Canyon: What attracts the people?
  4. Planning a weekend getaway
  5. The importance of utility tools while hiking in the mountains
  6. How hiking in Africa is different than hiking in any other part of the world?
  7. Things to consider while preparing for a safari
  8. How to minimize your expenses while travelling?
  9. Deep-sea exploration
  10. Safety while travelling with children


  1. What does religion teach us?
  2. Does religion cause conflicts?
  3. The relation between religion and peace
  4. The religious perspective of Euthanasia
  5. Can religion influence the morality of a person?
  6. Why religious intolerance and conflicts have increased in the recent past?
  7. Analyzing the Christian view on same-sex marriage
  8. The position of Atheism in the 21st century
  9. The relevance of the almighty God in today’s society


  1. How do GMO foods affect our health?
  2. The health implications of adopting Vegetarianism
  3. Food and obesity: exploring the link
  4. Childhood obesity: habit or genetics?
  5. Effects of junk food on your health
  6. Why the world still has Malnutrition in the 21st century?
  7. The effective ways to treat Anorexia
  8. Dissecting the American diet
  9. Health effects of eating deep fried food
  10. Food and cancer: how are they connected?

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Lachlan Nguyen

Hi, my name is Lachlan Nguyen. I have been an English writing expert for for the past seven years. I have loved English and Literature all my life. That’s the reason I pursued a PhD in English and made a career in the same. I’ve written a couple of blogs on English writing for some of the most prominent academic websites. You can find some of my write-ups published on sites like ABC, LMN, and VFX. There’s one more thing that excites me just like English and Literature - Photography. When I am not working, you can probably find me clicking at some breathtaking destination. 

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