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A Comprehensive List of 100+ Cyber Security Research Topics

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Our existing world is overrun by technology. Due to this, our dependency on the latest technology has also increased exponentially in the last few decades.

Right from immediate access to web information, smart devices for modern home/office conveniences and ground-breaking concepts like IoT – the Internet of Things, these techs have made life very easy for present-day individuals.

Of course, an immutable law of nature is with the good also comes the bad. With so much good resulting from such new-gen technologies, it’s often easy to overlook the negative effects and consequences that loom and lurks behind them.

Contrary to our society’s rubicund perception of state-of-the-art tech advances, CYBER SECURITY dangers and potential breaches present a huge threat.

Cyber-crimes and security breaches have also spiked considerably along with the staggering emergence of user-convenient technologies. That said, this radicle spike in cybercrime has revealed potential security loopholes in these modern-day gadgets and web services, which we rely on daily.

Due to this, the concerned governing bodies strongly emphasise ways to counter these cyber-crimes and security hacks.

The Answer Is Cyber Security!

Cyber Security – What Does It Entail?

Cyber security (as the name indicates) is a means to detect and avert cyber-attacks from hackers, cybercriminals and even spammers.

Many consider it a discipline that protects all sensitive information and data stored on various devices and from web services.

While some cyber security components are engineered to counter and eliminate all nefarious cyber assaults immediately; most experts emphasise finding the optimum way to counter cyber-attacks and defend smart devices, databases, computers and networks.

In our modern world, Cybersecurity is the shield that safeguards numerous forms of cybercrimes and attacks like identity theft, weapons, nuclear missiles and even breaches of the most classified government information.

Each of these cyber-crimes, if left unabated, can cause a devastating impact on our world. For this reason, various leading tech-centric conglomerates are developing stronger and more effective means of cyber security to protect against menacing cyber-attacks.

The Threat of Cyber Security – THE SCALE

  • Due To the Pandemic Phase, crypto currency usage and a surge in remote working trends create a data-rich environment. But the downside is they are often susceptible to cyber-attacks and data theft.
  • Per Cybercrime Magazine – various cyber-attacks will cost the world a whopping $10.5 trillion per annum by 2025-26. Moreover, the potential for cyber-crimes will rise by 15 % each year for the next 4 years.
  • Furthermore, per FORBES, 2023-24 will present numerous kinds of cyber-attacks. This phase will prove (quite) challenging, from disrupting the supply chain to more smart device risks and increased cyber security theft.

Cyber Security’s Importance – A Discussion

Today, most sensitive data and information are preserved within cloud storage devices. The two most common ones are Google Drive and Drop box.

Such sensitive information can be your social security number, banking details, debit or credit card info.

Furthermore, individually or as a collective unit like a business set-up, most of us rely on machines daily to function, extract and store information.

Of course, pairing it with several cloud-centric services, smart devices, cloud security, and even IoT likely results in a litany of security threats and loopholes!

Classic examples are –

  • The 2017 Equifax security breach. Reports indicate the security breach exposed 145 million people’s private data and information.
  • And the 2018 Marriott security breach exposed the private data and information of 500+ million customers.

These security breaches considerably impacted these brands resulting in a loss of customer trust and loyalty.

These are just some examples of the devastating impact of security breaches on an on-going business setting.

To counter these threats, various world governments take measures like:

  • Aptly arranging for communication means whenever a data breach occurs
  • Appointing a data protection officer to take charge of operations
  • Requiring the consent of users to process personal or sensitive information
  • Maintain anonymity of information for privacy
  • Notifying those impacted by data theft as quickly as possible
  • Levying severe fines for such nefarious acts
  • Imposing legal punishments for such wrong-doers

Why Is Cyber-Crime Increasing and Becoming More Sophisticated?

Information is power in today’s world.

It’s the most expensive and significant segment. For this, it is commonly targeted by cybercriminals to steal them away.

Whether it’s industrial controls, blueprints to new nuclear warhead, classified government documents or any other means of information – Cyber-crimes continues to increase at alarming rates. Moreover, these crimes are also becoming more sophisticated.

The most prone sector is social engineering. Cyber-attacks like spyware, ransomware, and phishing are common in this sector.

As per Accenture reports of cyber-crime costs, the average cyber-crime expense has jumped from $1.4 Million to $13 Million. Furthermore, data breaches have also spiked exponentially from 11% to 145%.

Some common factors that are driving growth in cyber-crimes include as follows –

  • The convenience of trade and huge profit-making margins on the dark web
  • IoT and smart device proliferation
  • The distribution-nature of the Web world
  • Cyber-criminals attacking targets outside cyber security jurisdictions
  • Increased number of quality hackers and cyber-crime masterminds 
  • Scammers operating in countries with fewer criminal jurisdictions
  • Due to personal data and information of people being regularly exchanged over the web

The Common Types of Cyber Security Assaults

  • Malware – It denotes installing dangerous software that disrupts the machine, transmits information from the data storage and even restricts access to all machine resources.
  • Cyber-terrorism – This denotes a large-scale threat that attacks all computers and IT to spread widespread disruption and information breaches.
  • Trojans – A Trojan attack tricks the user into believing that opening the file would be safe. However, once opened, it attacks the whole system and creates a backdoor for cyber-criminals to access all your crucial data. 
  • SQL (Structured Query Language) Attack – It happens when a malicious malware code is inserted into the SQL code via the server.
  • MITM Attack – Man in The Middle (MITM) attack happens when potential hackers insert themselves within a 2-people transaction online. After getting through, the hacker can steal the wanted data. It commonly occurs when accessing unsecured public Wi-Fi.
  • Phishing – It is when hackers use false communication (mainly through emails) to scam the recipient into opening and following the email and, resultantly, providing personal information. Some phishing assaults also lead to malware installation.
  • Botnets – Remote-controlled Malware -installed devices conduct such hideous cyber-attacks. Compromising computers is a part of the botnet system.
  • Adware – It is a form of cyber-attack that comes as Malware, often disguised as advertisement support software. It labels as PUP- (Potentially Unwanted Program) installed without the user’s permission. Once installed, it auto-generates unnecessary ads online.
  • DoS (Denial of Service) – A cyber-attack loads a running network or machine with endless handshake procedures, thus shutting down the machine and making it inaccessible for its users. This DoS attack overloads the system and thus cannot respond to user requests.

Cyber Security Risk Measurement – The Key Steps

Cyber security risks denote damage or loss from financial loss, identity theft, or breach of intellectual property.

Most enterprises resort to measuring cyber security risks. By determining the level of risk, they aim to improve their action plan to counter these egregious acts.

Here are the key steps to measuring cyber security risks:

  • Identifying and prioritising the organisation’s assets (particularly whose losses damage, loss, or exposure could ruin business operations).
  • Determining existing and potential vulnerabilities using penetration testing and vulnerability scanning or via databases such as NIST (NVD -National Vulnerability Database).
  • Properly assessing the potential for security vulnerability incidents (and categorising them accordingly as Low, Medium and High)
  • Calculating the impact of the risk/threat accurately
  • Formulating a risk matrix
  • Implementing the risk mitigation strategy based on the risk category (Low, Medium, High)

Listing 100+ Awesome Cyber security Research Topics for Students

Simple Cyber Security Topics for College Students

  1. An account of Malware and how it works – explain through your research paper 
  2. What does the ‘Principle of Zero Trust Access’ Denote? – explain via your research paper
  3. What is the significance of educating end-users? Give relatable examples with explanations
  4. Write a research paper on the pivotal phases of App Security
  5. Can biometrics safeguard your iPhones? Write using real-time examples 
  6. What is the significance of network security? 
  7. Role of cyber security in safeguarding data in big infrastructures
  8. How to prevent cyber-attacks? Explain with examples 
  9. What are the key Automobile cyber security standards?
  10. Write a detailed piece on various security breaches when functioning remotely
  11. How to prevent security breaches in banking sectors?
  12. Surefire tips to stop Phishing assaults 
  13. How to stop cyber-attacks in IT sectors?
  14. What are the vulnerabilities of Blockchain security?
  15. Why must you avoid public WI-FI? Use examples in your explanations

Cyber Security Hot Research Topics in 2023

  1. Do privacy settings in social media protect your private data and contacts?
  2. How can companies identify security breaches or Malware consistently? Explain using examples 
  3. Write a paper on the Great Firewall. Elaborate on how it works and its main goal!
  4. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of cryptographic methods – also write using examples 
  5. Explain Block Chain and what makes it so secure.
  6. How to tell if there have been phishing attempts?
  7. Explain the benefits of SIEM in detail with real-time examples
  8. Write a detailed account of the various forms of data extraction methods
  9. What makes cyber security such a huge deal in today’s time?
  10. What are the emerging trends in Cyber security – Explain through your cyber law assignment research paper using appropriate examples 
  11. For what purpose do computers require protocols? State your reasons using real-time examples 
  12. What’s the importance of regularly updating data security?
  13. How frequently must you update your data security policy?
  14. What’s the role of primary numbers in Cryptography?
  15. What is VPN, and what does it do?

Cyber Security Topics for Presentation

  1. What’s the significance of regular data backup and recovery?
  2. Cloud Security – Why is it so vital in today’s time?
  3. Discuss the potential data leaks via mobile applications – write using examples 
  4. What does BLACK HOLE do within a network system- Also, explain its ill effects!
  5. What are the various approaches for properly establishing a safe algorithm within a network system?
  6. 2023 data breaches – Write a detailed research paper using examples 
  7. How much are IoT devices prone to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Assaults)?
  8. RSA effects on network security – write a detailed coverage
  9. What’s the difference between White and Black hat hackers?
  10. Explain in detail how encrypting viruses work
  11. An account of 10 top internet security software
  12. How can you best ensure integrity in data?
  13. Reasons to stop sharing private data on Facebook
  14. How to ensure safety in a computer network?
  15. Ad Hoc networks- What are their effects?

Cyber Security CAPSTONE Project Ideas

  1. An account of the recommended practices for keeping documents and records 
  2. What are the existing challenges in computer security – Give examples!
  3. A detailed account of Voice Recognition Intelligent Systems 
  4. What are the prevalent issues in networking security?
  5. Explain the best practices for assuring software quality
  6. Write a comprehensive research paper on a quality plan of action for data recovery during IT emergencies
  7. Recommended systems for object recognition 
  8. Top AI-powered systems for making optimum business decisions
  9. Elaborate on the common issues in VPN use
  10. A detailed account of censorship in the global internet
  11. Explain the benefits and limitations of Voice Recognition Technology
  12. What are the potential loopholes in a supposedly safe and secure security system?

Computer Security Research Topics

  1. Tips for designing a robust cyber security system
  2. Ways to block a network intrusion before resulting in any ill effect
  3. Explain through your paper the outcome of a system breakdown
  4. Why is digital literacy important in averting hacking?
  5. Why ordering security software from the dark web always poses security threats?
  6. An account of cyber-attacks and risks of national security
  7. Explain how Facebook safeguards against cyber assaults
  8. An Account of Mac OS Infiltration and its potential dangers
  9. Explain how a ransomware attack takes place
  10. An account of Auto encoders and how they function
  11. Explain the various stages of a Trojan horse security breach
  12. An account of symmetric algorithms – What are their benefits and limitations?
  13. Write a research paper on social network various encryption technologies used
  14. Ways a company leader can accomplish optimal tech security
  15. What can one accomplish through an IP address?

Information Security Research Topics

  1. Explain password protection mechanics
  2. Steps for establishing non-repudiation
  3. What can corporate heads do to beef up their cyber security?
  4. What are the advantages of InfoSec Certifications?
  5. What is often overlooked in cyber security?
  6. No degree is needed for an Information security career. Is it true? Explain through your research paper
  7. Are Cloud Services safe? Explain in details
  8. Microsoft or Apple – Which system security is better?
  9. Tips for recovering data from a broken or damaged hard drive
  10. How does one remain safe online? Explain using examples 
  11. Does biometrics boost security? Explain through your research paper and also include real-time examples 
  12.  What are the risks and functions of cache and cookies?
  13. Simple code or facial recognition- Which is the better lock option for smart devices?
  14. An account of InfoSec physical components
  15. How does one create an unguessable passcode?

Network Security Topics

  1. An account of the 3 top tools for optimum email safety and protection
  2. Write a research paper on Network segmenting and its various applications.
  3. Elaborate on the various data loss prevention mediums.
  4. Intrusion prevention systems- An account of how they function
  5. What are the many channels/mediums for achieving a safe and sound network algorithm?
  6. Why must you keep update software regularly?
  7. Hyperscale Network Security – An account of its various applications
  8. Explain the vivid techniques to detect malicious network nodes.
  9. Wireless sensor networks – What role do they play in security breaches?
  10. Various networking segmentation and their crucial applications – Explain with examples.
  11. An account of the latest network security trends in 2023 and beyond
  12. Explain behavioural analytics and its functioning – Write using real-time examples. 
  13. Do active network assaults limit the performance of a network?
  14. Steps to safeguard against different malicious attacks – Explain each type of cyber-attack and how to counter it. Use examples too.
  15. What Do Non-Malware assaults entail? How can one safeguard against it?

Scholarly Articles on Cyber Security

  1. Data Protection Laws and why must you review them?
  2. What are existing loopholes in cyber security laws 
  3. An account of various cyber security laws in China
  4. The common trends in cyber security laws
  5. Cyber security laws in the US – A detailed account
  6. Should the internet require a government?
  7. European Union Cyber security laws and regulations – Write a detailed account
  8. Why must law enforcement change per web technologies?
  9. CISA Cyber Exercise Act – What does it entail?
  10. How do NGOs negate cyber-terrorism?
  11. Explain how a packet sniffer functions.
  12. An account of various cyber-terrorist groups and the threat they present 
  13. Does globalisation contribute to combating cyber security dangers – Explain through your research paper
  14. Fingerprint protection- Why is it regarded as the best way of safeguarding your smart devices
  15. Stuxnet virus – Write a detailed analysis of this context

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What are some current cyber security research topics?

Ans- Here are some current cyber security research paper topics to take inspiration from.

  • The ill-effects of identity theft
  • Limitations and vulnerabilities of AI-powered apps
  • Cyber-Terrorism and its consequences 
  • How to prevent access to the DARK WEB?

Talk to us if you need assistance crafting scholarly articles on cyber security from scratch. 

Q- How do I choose a research topic in cyber security?

Ans- Follow these tips when picking one among the many cybersecurity topics!

  • Brainstorm ideas and make a topic list 
  • Pick topics that have ample resources.
  • Choose a topic that you feel confident writing on
  • Look to comprehend the background through relevant resources 
  • Pick one that doesn’t have too narrow or large coverage 
  • Don’t hesitate to merge the two topics.

Q- What are some emerging cybersecurity research topics?

Ans- Do you seek emerging cybersecurity research topics? Here are some suggestions.

  • Zero-Trust Access – What does this entail?
  • What are the 3 crucial phases of Application security?
  • Is it important to encrypt detachable media?
  • Does a protected password (REALLY) protect your device information?

Connect with our academic writers if you require assistance writing on these emerging cybersecurity research topics.

Q- How can cyber security research contribute to the field?

Ans- Adequate cyber security research optimises security and leaves no margin for data damage and theft. 

Quality cyber security research is vital in determining better ways to save personal data, sector/government information systems, PII (Personal Identifiable Information), PHI (protected health information) etc.

Want to explain this topic comprehensively? No worries. Book an expert now!

Q- What are some ethical considerations in cyber security research?

Ans- The foremost ethical consideration in cyber security research is confidentiality. The security expert must keep all information confidential.

Besides this, other moral considerations/principles include as follows –

  • Autonomy
  • Explicability
  • Justice 
  • Beneficence
  • And non-maleficence

Request help if you seek help picking cybersecurity paper topics on their ethical considerations!

Q- What are some challenges in conducting cyber security research?

Ans- There are numerous challenges in cyber security research. However, the most prevalent ones are –

  • Unreliable networks 
  • Insufficient motivation
  • Unsure communicating channels/mediums
  • Old systems 
  • Unidentified security bugs

However, contact us immediately if you require paper writing help elaborating on cyber security paper topics.

Q- What Are Some Cyber security Research Topics for Undergraduate Students?

Ans- Common cyber security research topics for undergraduate students include as follows

The importance of user authentication on smart devices

  • What are the dangers of using your mobile to access banking operations?
  • Common signs of cellular device hacking
  • What’s the efficacy of various smartphone security approaches?

Contact us for more cyber security hot topics.

Q- What are some cybersecurity research topics for graduate students?

Ans- Cyber security is the global BUZZ word. So, there is no dearth of quality cybersecurity topics for grad students to use for their research papers.

Here are some

  • Mobile Applications and Cyber security
  • The common vulnerabilities in wireless cellular data transfer
  • An account on the Spike of Android smartphone malware
  • What are the 5 prevalent trends in the world of Cybersecurity?

Q- How can cyber security research benefit society?

Ans- Cyber security averts various cyber-attacks – data breaches, security hacks, identity thievery, etc.

Most modern-day organisations emphasise cyber security research to advance the protection and safeguard years of classified and sensitive data against cyber assaults.

Through diligent Cybersecurity research, countless organisations worldwide are creating a resilient and safe environment for themselves and their loyal patrons/clients!

Q- What are the current research trends in cyber security?

Ans- Per reports, the current research trends in cyber security are finding newer ways to counter ransomware viruses, cyber-criminals and phishing.

Moreover, don’t sweat it if you require assistance sorting unique cyber security research topics. Share your information security assignment details today.

Hi, I am Ethan, a nerd by nature, a data scientist by profession and, a gadget lover at heart. Thanks for stopping by and sparing a few minutes to know me. I would like to let you know, apart from being a Maths lover and a tech freak I have a fetish for English writing. I am into everything that spells maths, technology, and essays. I have an experience of 10 years as a data scientist and that of 5 years as a freelance English essay writer at I like sharing my experiences with people, which further makes me an occasional blogger. 

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