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50+ Good Argumentative Essay Topics of 2023

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Imagine your clan of friends having a debate over who is the best footballer in the world. Is it Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? While some would root for Messi and some for Ronaldo. Now, the question is, how would someone decide who is better than the other one? It will solely be based on the revelations brought forth on the basis of strong arguments backed by real data, reports, statistics and case studies. Unless you have the real piece of evidence and a logical ground of explanation for each claim, no one is going to buy your opinion on a particular topic. This, essentially marks the foundation stone of argumentative essay topics and how to choose and develop the same. Well, there’s more to it than what you have deduced so far. First things first, you need to understand what is an argument prior to proceeding with the rest of the matter.

So, invest some time in reading this blog and explore the broader dimension in this context.

Here you go!!

What is an Argument?

To simplify, an argument is basically an exchange of opposing views and perspectives over a particular topic or idea. This is often backed by strong standpoints, data, reports and other factual information and background history.

Now, when it comes to dealing with argumentative essay topics, one needs to find a strong base of argument in the first place.

In addition, the person should walk the extra mile elaborating on why they look at certain things in a certain way and why exactly they would root for a particular solution at the end of the day.

Remember, arguments should always be based on a strong set of reasons, facts and a clear point of view. It can be for or against a particular topic but make sure your argumentative standpoint is rational enough for others to understand and go about.

How to Choose the Best Argumentative Essay Topics?

Perhaps the question of the hour – choosing the perfect argumentative essay topic is undeniably a challenge for the young minds. You cannot just spark an argument across a random topic or subject matter. There are certain parameters, elements and key components that would essentially decide the right topic for an argumentative essay. Now that you are stuck with the complications of argumentative essay topics, take some time to go through the suggestions mentioned below.

Here is everything you should know.

  • Choose something you are aware of

This is absolutely important. You should always focus on picking something you know and interested in. Unless you would know about the subject matter or get the hang of it in the way it is supposed to be, things won’t fall into place in the way they are supposed to be. Argumentative essay topics can be based on anything and everything under the sun. From Science to Sports and Myths to Management – it’s an endless list. Just make sure you know what you are going to do about it.

  • Avoid topics that are not debatable

There is no point picking a topic that is non-debatable or too difficult to debate. For example, you cannot just debate over a topic that suggests, “drug abuse is not a problem”. It is definitely a problem and a societal odd we all need to combat and overcome. So, you cannot just strike a debate on this topic for no reason. Are you getting the hang of it? I am sure you are. So, the next time you would ponder over argumentative essay topics, remember, not all essay topics area argumentative essay topics. So, you must choose your cards well.

  • Know your audience well

This is as important as anything. If you fail to know your audience well, then the entire idea behind choosing the perfect argumentative essay topics will simply go down the drain. So, it is advised to study your audience well, know enough about them, track their preferences, keep a tab on their journey and the latest trends that comes within the argumentative bracket and proceed with the same accordingly. Make sure the topic is based on rational ideas and argumentative slants that are relatable and interesting for the end readers. At the end of the day, all that matters is what you bring to the table for your audience and how you choose to present the same.

  • Acquire enough facts and pieces of evidence

Last but certainly not the least, you should back each idea and argumentative slant with factual data and strong pieces of evidence. No matter how tricky the subject matter is or how convoluted the topic may appear to be, you should always come up with strong facts, data and reports in order to support your claims, irrespective of whether they are easy or difficult to go about. Now, there’s a catch. You cannot pick random facts and statistics without even knowing they are real in the first place. So, it is suggested that you should leave no stone unturned in the matter of extracting strong, factual evidences, preferably from verified research archives such as Google Scholar and the likes.

Let me feel safe to assume that you are now well aware of how to pick and develop the best argumentative essay topics. Now, let’s move on to the next important segment of this blog.

The Key Elements of an Ideal Argumentative Essay

Merely knowing about how to pick and develop argumentative essay topic will not help you to run the show. Rather, you need to walk the extra mile and know about the key elements of an ideal argumentative essay.

Here you go.

  • The right hook

First things first, you have to create the right ground for argumentative and put it across in an interesting manner. For example, don’t just say, “Smoking is injurious to health”. Rather, come up with something – “The cigarette is killing you every moment”.

You can put across the same thing in a different manner. The moment you would come up with, “The cigarette is killing you every moment”, it will attract the attention of smokers and ring a bell. And your purpose is served. This hook will create an ideal ground for argument as you can support your claim with valid facts, data, and industry reports.

On the other hand, if you just come up with, “Smoking is injurious to health”, the readers might find the words too cliched and they might abstain from giving your piece a read further. So, you need to plan your moves well, choose the right words and phrases and make things quite interesting and compelling for your readers to proceed with. That’s how you roll!!

  • Create the perfect title

Merely finding a hook is not enough if you fail to come up with an ideal title. It goes without saying, an essay can never grab readers’ attention if it lacks the perfect title. So, take a look at these suggestions below and know how to come up with interesting titles for argumentative essay topics.

  • You should consider the tone and audience demographics prior to coming up with a title.
  • If you are about write for the young crowd, then make sure to create something quirky and trendy for the matter of fact.
  • The title shouldn’t sound boring or drab in any aspect and dimension.
  • Make sure you use your thesis statement well while working on the essay title.
  • The thesis statements should ideally be your point of reference as you would get the right hint for the title.
  • Try and wrap up your title in 5-6 words. This is said to be the sweet spot.
  • Nobody really likes to read a long title, especially the one that may appear to be drab and boring.
  • Most importantly, you should focus on keeping the title simple instead of suggesting a convoluted name.
  • You can look for creatively intriguing quotes and phrases to seek inspiration from.
  • At times, you need to think out of box and come up with something unique.
  • So, you may try out this trick for a successful run.
  • Guess what? You can try and come up with the title after finishing the entire paper.
  • This, as a result, will allow you to summarize things better, in a precise manner based on what you have elaborated on so far.

Simply keep referring to more such suggestions on the go and never miss out on coming up with the perfect title for argumentative essay topics.

  • Be careful with your key points of argument

This is again one crucial point to be noted when it comes to adding a dash of excellence to your argumentative essays. Since you cannot just get away with a random claim, you should better buckle up and be careful with the words you choose or the phrases you would put across as a part of your argument. Here, you need to be absolutely careful. If you decide to argue for or against a particular topic, then you should know what you are up to, what slants you are about to take and how far you think they are rational. Take note of the suggestions below and know how to go about this chunk of criticality.

  • Always focus on the amount of information you have in hand and determine how far they are credible and true.
  • In case, you would require further modifications or the fact that you should come up with stronger references, expand your avenues across all the latest data you would find in your niche of learning and specialization.
  • Do not go for outdated data or the ones that are too generic to put forth.
  • Rely on real news, interview clips, snippets and survey reports.

Simply follow these effective steps and never miss out on making a striking impression with a brilliantly crafted argumentative essay.

  • Be confident of what you put across

This is absolutely crucial, my friend. You got to be absolutely confident of what you say and the words you would put across. As you know, since its an argumentative essay topic, you should put forth each opinion and ideas in an absolutely confident manner. Here are some suggestions that will come into play for you.

  • Pick a particular stance and stick to it.
  • See if you are confident of what you are going to put across.
  • Use simple words and transparent ideas for your readers to take home.
  • Never contradict your own words or come up with confusing views on certain topics and points of arguments.

The idea is to keep things assertive, know your readers and present what works well for them. When it comes to argumentative essay topics, you should leave no stone unturned to elaborate on what you feel is right.

General Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is the humankind close to its extinction?
  2. Is it really bad to involve in violent video games?
  3. Should cell phones be banned from government offices?
  4. Can there be an alternative for outdoor games?
  5. Animal testing should be banned once and for all – what do you think?
  6. Is it ethical to endorse the idea of death punishment?
  7. Will LGTBQ community ever experience equality and societal acceptance?
  8. Is there an ideal way to endorse the idea of having an open conversation?
  9. Are men and women equally intelligent?
  10. Is the idea of feminism still relevant in today’s world?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Sports

  1. Should doping in Sports be managed more strictly?
  2. Is cricket better than football? Explain with examples
  3. Are athletes overpaid or is the other way round?
  4. Extreme, violent sports should be banned permanently
  5. Are Olympic games relevant anymore in today’s world?
  6. Is cybersport as important as basketball or volleyball?
  7. Is cheerleading a sport? Elaborate on the same with examples
  8. Is the government spending too much on sports?
  9. There is a need to promote women sports more proactively
  10. Bribing in sports should be weeded out at the earliest

Argumentative Essay Topics on Politics

  1. Has world politics developed or degraded over the years?
  2. Do political parties at all have ideologies?
  3. Is capitalism a better economic system than socialism?
  4. What political system and ideology can bridge the gap between income inequality?
  5. Should we allow elected leaders to make crucial decisions or should we, the people intervene at times?
  6. Is the world ready for a LGTBQ president?
  7. What political decision, in your opinion has changed the world for the better?
  8. Is there at all a significance of campaign finance reform in politics?
  9. Which is the best political party the world has ever witnessed?
  10. Is war a political solution or is it actually the biggest problem?

Argumentative Essay Topics on social media

  1. Is social media really beneficial for the humankind?
  2. Is Facebook the best social media platform the world has ever seen?
  3. The pros and cons of social media in today’ s world
  4. Social media and ethics and morality – is there a correlation between the two?
  5. Social media is nothing but a dangerous addiction
  6.  Is social media bad for the Asian society?
  7. Is social media bad for the young generation?
  8. Should technology and social media go hand in hand?
  9. The impact of social media on parenting and childhood

Social media creates a bad impact on mental health

Argumentative Essay Topics on Society & Culture

  1. Do you think smoking and drinking is harmful for the society?
  2. Should people be given the right to own guns?
  3. Is drug abuse a problem? If so, then should it be banned for good?
  4. Is society responsible for an upward graph of thefts and murders?
  5. Is the gun law acceptable? If yes, then why?
  6. Is social media bringing us together or pulling us apart from the society?
  7. Child abuse is a societal odd that should be lifted once and for all
  8. The society is in need for an immediate facelift
  9. Is culture impacted by the society we live in or vice versa?
  10. Is LGTBQ a part of the society?
  11. The pros and cons of gaming and how the society revolves around the same
  12. Can cyberbullying ever be a part of a progressive society?

While these are some of the most sought-after argumentative essay topics, you should definitely keep an eye out for other subject matters such as Economics, Geography, History, Biotechnology, Artificial Intelligence and more.

Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

Q.1. How do I choose an argumentative essay topic?

Ans: Here’s how you can choose an argumentative essay topic.

  • Pick something you are truly interested in.
  • Do not go for the topics that may appear to be complicated, overly controversial and offensive.
  • Make sure to maintain a steady balance between narrow and broad research avenues.

Q.2. What is the structure of an argumentative essay?

Ans: Take a look below to get the hang of the structure of an argumentative essay.

  • It should contain a standard introduction/thesis
  • There should be three argumentative points

It should comprise a compelling concluding note.

Q.3. What are some common argumentative essay topics?

Ans: Here are some common argumentative essay topics for your reference.

  • Should certain websites be banned from collecting user data?
  • Should companies hire more human workers to keep up with the AI trends?
  • Should drug usage in sports be banned and penalized?
  • Is noise pollution getting the better of this world and society?
  • Is it more important to be good at academics than in sports?

Q.4. How do I provide evidence in an argumentative essay?

Ans: Here’s how you can provide evidence in an argumentative essay.

  • Simply state your claim or the main point of argument.
  •  Now, come up with your piece of evidence and make sure to state the same confidently
  • Make sure to segregate each piece of evidence in accordance with the topic segments and other aspects.

Q.5. How can I make my argumentative essay stand out?

Ans: Here’s how you can make your argumentative essay stand out.

  • Come up with a strong argumentative essay topic and stance.
  • See if the topic is rational enough to proceed with.
  • Now, focus on developing the topic by identifying the unique aspects and angles associated with the same.

Q.6. How do I write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay?

Ans: Here’s how you can write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay.

  • The thesis statement should comprise one to two sentences.
  • It should present the main idea of your essay paper clearly.
  • It should carry some kind of assertion and a confident tone.
  • The thesis should essentially make an announcement or declare what your essay will cover across the main body paragraphs.

Q.7. What are some tips for writing a strong argumentative essay?

Ans: Follow these tips to write a strong argumentative essay like a boss.

  • Focus on the topic and come up with unique ideas to begin the paper with.
  • Make sure to keep the thesis statement precise, impactful and transparent in all aspects.
  • Come up with three main points of argument.
  • Now, segregate and elaborate on each of the argumentative point in a three-fold paragraph format.
  • Establish a strong correlation between the introduction and the main body paragraphs, while concluding the paper.
  • Also, add a few takeaways and suggest alternative research avenues for your readers to dig further.

Q.8. How do I avoid plagiarism in an argumentative essay?

Ans: Plagiarism in argumentative essay is like a parasite that can eat away and ruin your academic reputation for good.

So, follow these tips to avoid plagiarism in an argumentative essay.

  • Try and come up with original topics and subject matters.
  • Be careful with the references you would come up with.
  • Make sure to abide by the right referencing style and citation formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford and the likes.

Q.9. How to make argumentative essays interesting?

Ans: Here’s what you can do in order to make argumentative essays interesting.

  • Come up with an interesting topic
  • Find an uncommon or unique slant to strike an argument.
  • Make the title creative and short at the same time
  • Do not repeat the same stance or perspectives all throughout the paper
  • Refrain from coming up with arguments that might sound offensive or controversial
  • Add key takeaways at the end of the essay.
  • Also, suggest a couple of alternative research slants to make the paper more interactive.

Q.10. How do I revise and edit my argumentative essay?

Ans: Here’s how you can revise and edit your next argumentative essay.

  • Take a close look at the paper from scratch.
  • Keep an eye out for silly grammatical mistakes in the paper.
  • Crosscheck each claim and confirm whether they are argumentative enough, carrying strong standpoints and perspectives.
  • See if you have followed the right format of writing an error-free argumentative essay.
  • Crosscheck each point of reference and the fact that you have cited each source with precision.
  • Last but not the least, get your paper checked by an advanced plagiarism checker and keep the odds of assignment duplicity completely at bay.

Q.11. How long should an argumentative essay be?

Ans: An argumentative essay can be anywhere between 500 – 1000 words. Well, the essay can be more than the mentioned range of word count.  It will basically depend on the topic, its primary point of argument and the amount of information you have managed to acquire. Also, you should ideate the essay word count based on the deadline. If the task comes with a long deadline, then you may keep a window to write more and vice versa.

Q.12. How long should be an argumentative essay paper?

Ans: Well, it will depend on the points of argument you would put forth and ideas that would back them. Ideally, a flawless argumentative essay paper can be between 500-1000 words. However, no matter whether the paper turns out to be precise or too lengthy, you should always keep the argumentative standpoints intact for good grades and a great impression.

Q.13. What is a good argumentative essay?

Ans: A good argumentative essay should include the following elements.

  • It should be well-researched, ideated and on point.
  • You should have a strong base of argument.
  • It should contain an impressive introduction and well-referenced body paragraphs.
  • Most importantly, it should contain a strong concluding note with enough alternative avenues and key takeaways for your readers to take home.

Q.14. Where can I find argumentative articles and journals?

Ans: Well, you can find argumentative articles and journals all over the internet. But you need to be quite careful in the matter of picking or considering the one that is really worthy of your time, attention and effort. So, look for such articles and journals carefully and never end up composing a drab essay paper at the end of the day.

Some Free Argumentative Essay Examples-

Why Do I Deserve A Scholarship- Essay Writing Tips And Examples

Why Abortion Should Be Legal Essay: Argumentative Essay

Why College Education Should Be Free? : Argumentative Essay

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