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140+ Health Research Topics for Academic Writing – A Student’s Knowledge Base

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What are Health Research Topics?  

 Proper health and well-being are essential for our survival. Health denotes a condition of total mental, physical and social well-being. Simply put, it explains the absence of any infirmity or ailment. 

Furthermore, the WHO Explains 

Being at the peak of mental and physical health allows one to cope with stress, depression, and other life stresses easily. 

Such individuals often display more productivity at work or in personal endeavours. Thus, they actively make meaningful contributions to their society.

Considering the significance of optimum health and well-being, students frequently work on research papers pertaining to its topic coverage.

Students must perform thorough research and extract relevant data to write down their research papers. But before that, they must scour the web, browse list(s) of health research topics for academics and pick a suitable one for their assignments. 

However, often spoiled with choices to pick suitable topics for their health-related research papers, most students find themselves in an unwanted pickle. 

Fortunately, that’s where we prove our worth.

Our research paper writers will help you pick an appropriate topic for your paper, help you frame the title, and work on each key facet of your paper without any hassle. Need specialized assistance in nursing topics? Consider adding Medical Nursing Essay help to your journey, ensuring expert guidance and support tailored specifically to the nuances of nursing research and writing.

How to Use Health Research Topics?  

  • Pick a suitable topic with ample data and make an engaging Title.
  • Check out the latest trends, news, and developments in the medicinal and health industry.
  • Emphasize its significance on the existing medicinal and health studies.

Here Are Useful Tips That Will Help You Use Health Research Topics Appropriately.

  • The foremost step is choosing a topic and choosing a suitable title for your research paper. Of course, the title you frame from the chosen topic coverage must also contain sufficient information. 

Moreover, you may also wish to exhibit your willingness to accept the varying challenges as one aspiring health expert.

  • When sorting the topic, you may also want to check out the latest trends, news, and developments in the medicinal and health industry.
  • And once you know what you will write for your research paper, you must also want to emphasise its significance. That means you must explain if your research will benefit the existing medicinal and health studies.

Useful Tips to Write Health Research Papers on Your Chosen Topic

  • Only use credible web links and write from many sources.
  • Create a draft for the paper. Also Leave space for adding more sub-heading and its sub-sections.
  • Avoid using advertisements as sources of gathering information and data.

After sorting out which public health topics are challenging to research and picking a suitable one, it’s time to write your research paper.

However, it’s understandable if you lack the proper know-how and sound expertise to craft a research paper from scratch. In that case, below are some useful tips to work on your assignment paper.

  • Always use credible web sources when picking information and data for your research paper. The internet is filled with research papers containing false or unverified information. So, be careful when checking for sources. Ideally, you must take time in the research part. You can use legitimate websites with many facts, figures, and statistics as research evidence. You must refer to many fact-loaded sites to extract necessary data. Need assistance in navigating through credible sources? Consider adding Medical Essay Assignment help to your arsenal, ensuring expert guidance and support as you conduct your research.
  • When writing your paper, outline what you intend to cover in your research paper. Also, keep the scope for adding more sections and sub-sections per necessity. 

Furthermore, you must understand that no research paper will appear equally engaging for every reader. 

For Instance- Your topic is Vaccinations and why they must be mandatory for everyone. In such situations, while some will appreciate your stance that timely vaccinations will protect against threatening viruses and diseases, others won’t, as vaccinations may potentially cause immunity disorders, even allergies.

  • Avoid using advertisements as a source of information for write my research paper. Instead, use data from legitimate and verifiable news updates. 

You can use pertaining scholarly articles recently published to take ideas for your topic coverage. Also, while writing your paper, never discredit, mock or condemn anyone. The last thing you need is to spark an unwanted controversy through your research. 

Contact us today for more specialised research paper writing tips and insights!

List of 140+ Health Research Topics for Academic Students

Health Research Topics

Simple and Basic Health Research Topics

  1. Produce a research paper on 21st-century child abuse and its ill consequences 
  2. Can plastic surgery be considered a healthy beauty option? Explain through your written assignment
  3. What are the prevalent causes of cancer in the United States? Give examples and data to establish your points 
  4. What is the purpose of alternative medications?
  5. Reviewing bodybuilding as one healthy option
  6. Why is sleep necessary for one’s health and well-being?
  7. What are the consequences of being sleep deprived?
  8. Draw a comparative analysis between mental and mood disorders 
  9. What role do shrinks play in the treatment of mental ailments?
  10. How does speech disorder impact a child’s well-being and early development?
  11. An Account of Covid-19 Vaccination Fear and Hesitation
  12. Write a paper on the advantages and disadvantages of legalising Cannabis in the US
  13. What are the primary causes of PTSD in the United States?
  14. How long can one survive if given optimal health care and treatment?
  15. What’s the relevance of ancient health practices in the modern era? Has it become obsolete?
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High-Quality Health Research Topics

  1. Why must people focus more on their health and well-being than ways to make quick money? Establish your justification using examples and relevant data.
  2. The ill effects of substance abuse on one’s well-being and health
  3. The various types of substance abuse and how it impacts people
  4. An account of the 2018 Farm Bill Amendment Act of Legalising Cannabis in the US
  5. Why do doctors recommend medical marijuana, and for what health conditions?
  6. What’s the efficacy of convict rehabilitation systems?
  7. Current health research trends and its significance
  8. Why do young ones suffer so many seizures – Explain with examples and credible data 
  9. What does blood transfusion mean, and what entails its side effects?
  10. How does regular exercise help maintain body posture? Write on its relevance using data and real-time examples. 
  11. How spending time on social media impacts a person’s health and well-being?
  12. Tips to managing stress for students
  13. Does a parent’s negligence cause obesity in children?
  14. A detailed account of depression and its various stages?
  15. Health dangers of using untested drugs? Write with real-time references worldwide.

Good Research Topics on Mental Health

  1. How does spiritual care impact a person’s health and well-being?
  2. What nutritional intake is a must for fast-growing children?
  3. What nutritional means are suitable for people post-50s?
  4. How much water must one consume every day? Provide research evidences and examples through your assignment paper 
  5. An account of Autism and its early stages
  6. Elaborate on the potential diagnosis of kids with Autism
  7. Will society ever overcome Anxiety and Depression? Suggest tips to make a difference 
  8. An account of various learning programs for treating patients with Autism
  9. Covid-19 and homelessness in the United States – Craft comprehensive research on this context.
  10. In what way does depression come about due to financial instability?
  11. What role does a teacher play in helping students manage their depression?
  12. How can tutors contribute to promoting health and well-being among students?
  13. Is diabetes a serious health concern? Establish your stance with real-time examples and credible data 
  14. What are the chief causes of diabetes spiking in UK people?
  15. What are the main reasons for people committing suicide? Write your research paper using examples and relevant data.

Prospective Health Research Topics

  1. 20 health tips for pregnant women
  2. How does wearing high-heel shoes impact a woman’s health – explain using examples and relevant data.
  3. What are the common symptoms of heat attack – Explain using examples and graphical data. 
  4. What does surrogate pregnancy mean? What are its ethical dilemmas?
  5. What are the common symptoms of HIV/AIDS?
  6. How does new-gen technology influence a teen’s well-being and health? Write using relevant data and examples in your research paper. 
  7. Present an analytical research paper on PTSD in Women Against Men in the USA – Explain your views with examples and relevant data.
  8. Elaborate on the prevalent challenges for Women post-menopause – Present your explanations using real-time examples and credible data. 
  9. Why is HIV testing compulsory for expecting mothers? Write your research paper using examples and contextual research.
  10. An account of C-Section delivery and normal delivery and the impact of each on the woman’s health
  11. What are the crucial healthcare needs of a pregnant woman?
  12. An account of using personalised medication for diagnosing genetic disorders
  13. How do various social determinants impact the health of patients in Asia suffering from chronic disorders? Explain comprehensively using data and examples.
  14. How does poor or lack of proper sleep hamper the diagnosis of chronic diseases?
  15. What role does psychotherapy play in regulating pain post-surgery? 

Comprehensive Health Research Topics

  1. Explain how pollution impacts the quality of breast milk for new-borns – provide data and examples in your research paper
  2. An account of herbal medication in diagnosing patients who have asthma- Write your research paper using examples and proper data
  3. How does aromatherapy help lessen stress and tension and improve overall health and well-being?
  4. A detailed account of the efficacy of Chinese medication in diagnosing digestive disorders – Include names of some common medications and their treatment effects.
  5. How does performing Yoga influence both mental and physical health in children? Writing your relevant data and rational examples 
  6. How effective is homoeopathy in diagnosing mental illness? Explain in detail using examples and relevant data.
  7. How do chiropractic treatments help diagnose back aches in expecting mothers?
  8. Does meditation help in reducing blood pressure? Explain using useful research data.
  9. In what way does Hydrotherapy assist in treating musculoskeletal illnesses like Tendinitis? Explain comprehensively using relevant field research data.
  10. How Does TAI-CHI help treat depression and anxiety? Explain using relevant research data in your written assignment.
  11. What is a trigeminal headache? Elaborate on this coverage and use examples and data for better explanations.
  12. What is a high-intensity interval workout, and how does it help better one’s cardiovascular health? 
  13. What are the various forms of cancer, and what factors cause it? Elaborate on this topic coverage using examples and real-time data.
  14. What role does AI play in diagnosing cancer early on?
  15. How do plant-centric diets help diabetic patients?

Health Research Topics for the Experts

  1. How does gun violence impact public health in South Africa? Provide examples and data in their context.
  2. What are the effects of heat waves on the general public? Write using examples and relevant data. 
  3. How does Water uncertainty impact the inhabitant’s health in the Middle East? Provide real-time examples and data when explaining your points.
  4. What’s the health outcome of food insecurity in Zimbabwe? Write using examples and real-time data.
  5. How does using Biosimilars help in managing skin conditions like psoriasis?
  6. What role do pharmacists play in managing type 1-diabetes? Write using examples and real-time data.
  7. What effects do dietary and herbal supplements bring about in drug addicts? 
  8. Craft a research paper on the existing and prospects of Telepharmacyin the healthcare sector.
  9. What roles does technology play in managing medication in the UK?
  10. How effective is ‘Orthokeratology‘ in controlling myopia compared to contact lenses?

Public Health Research Topics 2023

  1. What is the effect of Computer Vision Syndromeon long-term visual ability?
  2. What are the side effects of UV exposure on one’s ocular health and well-being? Write a research paper using examples and relevant data.
  3. What role do Omega-3 fatty acids and other dietary supplements play in one’s ocular health?
  4. What role does physical therapy play in Stroke Recovery? Write a research paper using examples and data in this context. 
  5. How does Pilates impact individuals suffering from depression? Explain using examples and data.
  6. What is the influence of the Opioid Epidemic on public health within a developing nation?
  7. How repeated blue-light exposures affect ocular health? 
  8. What are the various treatment options for managing Dry-Eye Syndrome? Explain each treatment and point out which is most recommended.
  9. A detailed account of using virtual reality in treating sporting injuries
  10. In what way does electrical stimulation effects overall strength and muscle performance in athletes?

Final List of Health Research Topics

  1. What are the early signs of Autism in a child?
  2. Suggest the best ways to avert teenage pregnancy. 
  3. What are the health complications of terminating a pregnancy?
  4. What are the prevalent mental disorders in the USA? Write your paper using examples and data.
  5. How do terrorism assaults impact a child’s mental health?
  6. Explain the most effective ways to manage Grief.
  7. An account of Community and family tolerance and how it leads to improvement in mental health
  8. Why are so many dependent on antibiotics? Write using examples and real-time data.
  9. What psychological issues for patients having breast cancer? Explain using real-time examples and credible data.
  10. What are the primary causes of Alzheimer’s disease? What are its potential treatment options? Write using data and relatable examples.

Top List of Health Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the tell-tales of ADHD in kids?
  2. What is Agoraphobia, and what are its recommended treatment options?
  3. Draw a comparison between teens committing suicide during both the 20th and 21st centuries.
  4. What are the best treatments to diagnose dementia? Explain using examples and field-relevant research data.
  5. How does phobia influence a patient’s personality? Write your research paper using examples and field-specific data.
  6. What do multi-level fitness tests indicate, and how does it prove beneficial? Write your research paper using examples and relevant data.
  7. What are the benefits of sufficient water intake? How much water must one drink regularly? Explain your assignment paper using examples and relevant research data.
  8. How does excessive alcohol consumption hamper proper bone development in young kids?
  9. Is it a good idea to make marijuana legal in all nations? Will there be any repercussions?
  10. Conduct a detailed research analysis on One’s health and poverty. Explain your views using proper examples and data.

Trending List of Health Research Topics

  1. What role does the government play in Amazon’s forest community health? Write a research paper on this context using examples and relevant data.
  2. What are the far-reaching health effects of atom bombs on young children?
  3. Conduct a detailed research paper on the resurgence of measles during the 21st century- Also, use real-time examples and data while writing your paper.
  4. What are the influential factors that result in the nationwide drug problem? Also, explain measures adopted to control this festering evil.
  5. How harmful is smoking? Are e-cigarettes a better alternative to regular smoking?
  6. A detailed account of birth-control/pregnancy-control pills for teenagers- Write using examples 
  7. How does watching television programs influence a person’s dietary health? Explain using examples and relevant data.
  8. What is the most severe health threat in the 21st century?
  9. Why do many women suffer from miscarriages, especially during the 1st semester? Write with relevant data. 
  10. What is Anorexia Nervosa? What treatment options are recommended? Explain your paper comprehensively.

Health Research Topics for University

  1. Does adopting a vegan diet better your overall health? Explain in detail and also use examples. 
  2. What are the key factors when determining the nutritional levels in food options? Write with examples for a better understanding.
  3. Elaborate on the 10 best healthy habits to adopt for various life stages. Focus on various life spans and habits. Use examples to explain your research paper better.
  4. What healthy habits must one adopt when they reach 60 years of age? Elaborate using real-time examples and relevant data.
  5. A detailed account of Womb transplantation. Is it a better alternative to surrogate pregnancy? Write using examples and relevant data.
  6. Is it possible to replace an already removed uterus? Explain using examples and field research data.
  7. What surgery is recommended for removing the uterus? Write with examples and data in your research paper.
  8. A detailed account of Uterus Transplanting, its Surgery, Donor Selection and Recovery tips – Write your paper using examples and appropriate data.
  9. What are the 10 best foods to boost your immunity levels?
  10. What alternative solutions exist for treating issues in blood cells?

Miscellaneous Health Research Topics

  1. Hereditary Arthritis- Does it still exists in today’s time?
  2. What are the major causes of insomnia?
  3. Does artificial colour in food cause health problems?
  4. A detailed account of Osteosynthesis! Also, explain its key principles.
  5. Write a research paper on the best ways to diagnose a hernia
  6. In what way does Chemotherapy influence a patient’s well-being and health?
  7. List 15 plants that prove useful for physical well-being and health. 
  8. A detailed account of the various types of skin diseases and their possible treatments
  9. What is Tourette’s syndrome? Also, explain the genetic factors responsible for this syndrome
  10. An account of allergic diseases and the various genes associated with each- explain using examples and credible data

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is an Example of a Research Topic About Health?

There are several examples of research topics about health. To highlight a few –

  • Do early inventions prevent teens from giving up smoking?
  • What are the long-term consequences of depression?
  • Do pregnant ladies of substandard socioeconomic backdrops less likely to use prenatal vitamins? 

Need a List of Health Research Topics/examples? You can talk to us whenever you see fit. 

2.What Is A Good Research Title About Health?

A good research title on health must be concise and informative. The title can be a niche depending on the writing requirements or chosen topic coverage. It must be within 5-15 characters and have the main keyword. Furthermore, it must be enticing for the readers and suited for the target audience. 

Contact us for help with How to Write Health Research Papers or frame a suitable research paper title. 

3.What Are 5 Health Research Topics?

Health and well-being are crucial genres for academic students to produce research papers. Fortunately, they have no shortage of Comprehensive Health Research Topics.

Here are 5 of them.

  • Air pollution in households and its impact on a person’s health
  • Impact of Coronavirus
  • Environmental changes and their impact on people’s healthWhy is diabetes a serious health concern?
  • List of health complications arising due to lack of exercising

4.What are the 10 types of common health issues in 2023 for your research papers?

  • Public health authority
  • Public health human resource scarcity
  • Health disparity due to race, gender and socioeconomic aspects 
  • Public health expenditures 
  • Electronic cigarettes /vape pens (as an alternative to regular cigarettes)
  • Climate variations and impact on people’s health and well-being
  • AIDs/HIV diseases 
  • Pollution and Environment
  • Rural health challenges 
  • Data confidentiality or Using patient’s data to benefit patients

Contact us today if you need High-Quality Health Research Topics.  

5.Why exercising is crucial to one’s health and well-being?

Proper exercising is crucial to one’s well-being and health simply as it makes you stronger, faster, sharper and more active. It wards off illness, keeps you fit and ensures proper blood circulation.

Moreover, proper exercise helps digestion, builds appetite and improves sleep quality. It also averts depression and anxiety.

Ideally, a person must exercise 150 minutes every week.

6.Why good sleep is essential for proper health?

Studies reveal that ‘Sleep’ is essential for our optimum functioning, well-being and survival. The nervous system must operate at its best, and it also rejuvenates the brain’s capacity to function more efficaciously.

Lack of sleep also results in pitiful memory retention, below-par physical performance, mood swings, tantrums, vision issues, hallucinations, etc.

7.Is Alcohol Consumption Bad for Your Well-being and Health?

Alcohol consumption is a type of substance that depresses the body’s CNS- central nervous system.

Once downing a few too many, the effects can make the person feel tipsy, slow in reaction, and less coordinated. It fogs the brain and makes thinking difficult. Moreover, unchecked alcohol consumption for years can lead to heart diseases, intestinal and stomach issues, and even muscle and nerve damage. 

Studies also reveal alcohol consumption can cause depression, sadness and even suicidal tendencies. 

8.In What Way Does Substance Abuse Hamper A Person’s Health?

Substance abuse means taking drugs in dangerous amounts regularly and becoming addicted to them. It can hamper a person’s ability to function optimally, like going to work or even college/university. Substance abuse can be of various types – alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, tranquillisers, pills, etc.

Substance abuse doesn’t destroy a person’s body; it hampers their relationship with family, friends, education, and career. In extreme cases, unchecked substance abuse causes death. 

9.Why Is Smoking Unhealthy for You?

Cigarette smoking comprises numerous health-hampering chemicals like tar and carbon monoxide that increase the chances of illnesses like cancer and bronchitis.

Studies also indicate smoking causes 90% of lung diseases. It also makes the blood stickier and thicker, thus making it difficult for the heart to function effectively. Smoking also results in foul breath and staining teeth and fingernails.

10.What’s the Function of Our Body’s Immune System?

The purpose of the body’s immune system is to protect us from germs, harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. This in-built defence system starts from the skin and prevents germs and other pathogens from entering the tissues or blood.

Even if somehow these exterior germs enter the body through the nose and mouth, the Phagocytes or WBC (white blood cells) immediately attack them. And the lymphocytes release antibodies to boost immunity or resistance against those pathogens.

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