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How to Write a Good Dissertation? Know the Secrets

UserMark time13 May,2016

Education sector, one of the most important aspects of any country, determines the future development of that nation. Scientists carry out several educational researches to make the education system more productive and progressive. Political ambience creates a great impact on the education system which is mainly of three kinds:

  1. Autocratic
  2. Democratic
  3. Laissez Faire.
How to Write a Good Dissertation

Of these, Democratic and Laissez Faire systems are known as the most fertile ones as they are student-oriented. Today’s education system encourages students to take participation in inductive or deductive discussions. This is the reason assignments have been incorporated in the syllabus by most of the education boards and universities. Higher education has become one of the most essential issues and governments of several countries are taking excellent initiatives to extend the field of higher education.

In laissez faire education system, students are the main participants and the teachers or guides help the students to carry out a research or any project. Dissertation or thesis is the main part of a research that enables a student to master a subject. A student pursuing higher degree needs to prepare a thesis or dissertation to master his or her specialized subject of study. Thesis can be recognized as a cognate of the term dissertation which is associated with doctorate degree whereas thesis is generally done in graduate or master’s degree. Both dissertation and thesis are recorded documents of new findings of a particular subject accomplished by the students in order to present their candidature for a higher degree. Many of the students confuse dissertation with an essay, but the fact is that a sharp line of distinction lies between a dissertation and an essay. One has to abide by many complex rules while opting for writing a dissertation. Interestingly after knowing the rules, it becomes easy to write a dissertation.

Guide For Students On How To Compose A Dissertation

The main interesting fact about dissertation is that the student has to choose a subject by his or her own. Vast experimental study is required to write a dissertation without any failure. As it is a complicated issue, most of the students find difficulty in drafting a dissertation. In this blog, some secrets, which will definitely prove helpful for writing a dissertation in an appropriate way without any error, are discussed. There are many steps that contribute in writing an ideal dissertation.

Step 1 Choose a Subject

Subject determines the nature of the dissertation. It lies at the core forming the main foundation. Therefore, it is recommended to select a subject about which you have adequate idea so that you are able to analyze the topic from various perspectives as cross-questioning, redefining the problems and finding the most possible solutions are recognized as the main characteristics of a dissertation. Choose the topic which you are confident about.

Step 2 Vast Research

Research is considered as the most important and crucial step of drafting a dissertation. Research (Re+search), a scientific method, is a process in which an existing problem is being defined again and again to find out the solutions. A researcher has to find out completely new ideas and solutions. Research can be categorized in several categories such as fundamental research, experimental research, action research, historical research depending on the nature of the chosen subject. Some basic characteristics of a research are mentioned below.

  1. Analysis of an issue from different point of views
  2. An extended research
  3. Purely scientific
  4. Argumentative
  5. Empirical
  6. Critical
  7. Empirical
  8. Analytical
  9. Methodical

Steps of research

As research is a scientific investigation, it includes some essential steps. They are collecting the data, analyzing the data, making a hypothesis and finally observing and checking the validity of the generalized hypothesis against some data.

Before going to the drafting section of writing a dissertation, a student has to do an extended research. It should be understood that the success of a dissertation solely depends on the research part as it is instrumental in giving your dissertation a huge appreciation. Most importantly, dissertation is the documented representation of the extended research done on the selected topic or subject.

Step 3 Drafting Part - The final but the most crucial section

When students face this step, they generally become perplexed and puzzled. This final stage of preparing a dissertation has to be accomplished very carefully. There are several rules already determined for writing a good dissertation. In the last stage, the documentation of the carried out research is done. The recorded document, known as dissertation, has several sections starting from introduction to the acknowledgement. Before drafting a good dissertation, one has to understand the distinction between a good dissertation and a mediocre dissertation.

Good dissertation and its features:

  1. Clear objective
  2. Valid central question
  3. Widely researched
  4. Well planned
  5. Well organized
  6. Sufficient references to related concepts
  7. Critical discussion and evaluation
  8. Appropriate referencing
  9. Consistency in the pattern
  10. Appropriate academic approach

Mediocre dissertation and its features:

  1. Unclear title
  2. Narrow research
  3. Poorly planned
  4. Mostly descriptive
  5. Irrelevant references
  6. Mainly based on source material
  7. Poorly structured
  8. Plagiarized
  9. Not informative
  10. Less impressive

For writing a good dissertation, you need to know the basic format of a dissertation and the rules to be followed for making your dissertation error-free. Though people follow several formats of dissertation, a standard format of the structure of a dissertation is given below.

  • Research proposal ( optional)
  • A title
  • An abstract
  • Acknowledgement section
  • General introduction
  • An adequate literature review
  • Research methodology
  • Discussion and the result
  • Conclusion
  • References and bibliography
  • Appendices

Research proposal

This part of the dissertation is optional. Only if your guide asks you to write a research proposal then you need to write a research proposal. In this section, you have to include three aspects; first mention what you actually intend to do, secondly describe the procedure via which you will achieve your goal and thirdly state your expectation about the outcome. Your research proposal helps your guide to judge the validity of your dissertation.


The title page of your dissertation should consist of the following points:

  • Title of your dissertation
  • Your name
  • Your academic qualification
  • Name of the Institution
  • Date of the submission of your dissertation
  • Your supervisor’s name

An Informative Abstract

The abstract of your dissertation functions as a gateway to enter the field of your research topic. An ideal abstract should summarize every aspect of your proposed research paper briefly in a paragraph. You should include below mentioned points in the abstract.

  • The central topic and why you have chosen that particular issue
  • Research methodology adopted by you
  • The results
  • Concluding remark


In this section of your dissertation, you should mention the names of the persons from whom you have taken help to complete your dissertation paper. In other words, you just simply need to acknowledge their help. The persons may be your guide, colleagues, friends and some experts of the subject you have selected as your research topic if they have provided you some helpful material or anyone who has helped you.

Introductory Part

An inductive approach should be adopted while writing the introduction of a dissertation. This introductory part should state your aims and objectives. You also have to describe the relevance and significance of the issue of your research. This part should include a brief paragraph on the methods which you will adopt to progress for finding the best possible solutions. The phrase “first impression is the final impression” is applicable for writing the introduction. You should use the appropriate language so that the introductory part can easily convince the readers and the examiners.

A Relevant Literature Review

This section will echo how much effort you have done to prepare your dissertation paper. You have to include summaries of related articles, books and other works chronologically. It should be informative, critical and comprehensive. You must go through the past researches on the research topic you have opted for. You must have sufficient knowledge about research methods.

Research Methodology

Research methodology means the methods which are undertaken to carry out a research. Here, you need to explain how you will reach the solutions via adopting several research methods. You should clarify the following issues in this section.

  • How you will collect the data
  • How you will analyze the collected data
  • Which research techniques such as quantitative, cross-disciplinary research and so on you will apply to find out the solutions
  • The method of making the hypothesis

Discussion and the Results

This part should focus on the outcomes and you have to explain, interpret, evaluate, and display the result. Some statements supporting the strengths of your proposed paper should be included in this section. Weakness and limitations of your research topic can also be added.


A perfect concluding remark contributes a lot in transforming an average dissertation into a good one. This part gives you the chance to justify the solution and the answers proposed by you. By ending your dissertation paper in a correct tone, you can win the race. Therefore, try to make the conclusion of your dissertation as appropriate as you can.

Reference and Bibliography

Your dissertation is incomplete without a bibliographical list. There are several formats of bibliography available. You can follow any one of them. A bibliography is a list of the names of the works and the authors read by the researcher while preparing the dissertation. You need to include the name of the works you have studied.


This section should comprise samples, materials, questionnaire, surveys, statistical tablets, illustrative materials, and other examples that have helped you to find out the answers. This section makes your dissertation paper stronger and potential.

You must be thinking how the previous section of this blog can be the secret of writing a good dissertation paper. Well, the answer is that if you do not have sufficient idea about the structure of a dissertation how you will compose an exceptionally good dissertation. Now go through the upcoming section, you will get all your answers.

  • If you know clearly, what the ideal structure of a dissertation paper should be, then you can compose a good research paper. Therefore, the first secret is to have a clear idea about the structure of a dissertation.
  • You should use an academic language
  • Third secret is that you can include relevant information only
  • Your dissertation should be well planned
  • Try to avoid using ambiguous sentences
  • Use appropriate words depending on the context
  • Do a good research before drafting your research paper.

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