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How to Write an Argumentative Essay, Step by Step?

UserGeorgia Taylor time06 July,2018

An argumentative essay is very different from a regular essay. If you’ve got this type of essay from your professor, then, you must learn how to find multiple evidences for supporting your ideas or points to be presented in the draft.

So, how should you start with drafting an argumentative essay?

The Complete Guide on How to Write an Argumentative Essay

1. Identify your goal with the essay

You must know, at first, what is the purpose of an argumentative essay. Your goal is to make the readers agree with your position on the subject or topic. You have to do this by providing evidence and data in a manner that readers find your opinions or views justifiable. Your claim must be clear, logical, and straightforward.

Not only that how you have divided your argument in the paragraphs will determine how much your readers accept your points.

2. Select the topic

For an argumentative essay to be successful, it is required to find the right topic. You need to consider few factors to select the subject of your essay.

While going for a topic, see:

  • If it has minimum two strong viewpoints that contradict each other
  • If you can make a powerful argument from it and support it with evidence
  • If the topic grabs your interest

You should also consider the audience to decide the topic, because you have to formulate your argument based on their preference.

Note: How well you have justified your points in the essay, depends on reader’s acceptance. So put yourself in reader’s shoes, while drafting.

Your argument can make different types of claims such as, whether a fact is true or not, why the topic is important, what must be done about something or some situation, how should a subject be truly defined etc.

3. Research ( All the resources mentioned must be hyperlinked)

You can research out information needed for your essay from

4. Collecting the researched information

  • Create a folder in the name of Argumentative_Essay ( Topic)- References
  • Go through the web and the above mentioned resources
  • Save the pages of topic relevance in the folder.
  • Next go through the pages in the folder.
  • Take a Notebook and start jotting down important informationn most close to the topic OR

Copy paste the most relevant areas of the pages on a single doc          ( Master Doc).

  • Next afford a good amount of time for jotting down major points from the Master Doc.
  • Go through the points and think over all the points for a good time, giving breaks in between.

5. Preparing your argument for the topic

Before you decide your position on the topic, you need to reflect on all the sides of the subject. List down all the possible arguments and points that can be made out of the topic. You need to evaluate all the sides to make your argument more strong as you will have to counter all the opposing points of your argument.

Your thesis will consist of your argument where you can use the three-part thesis structure. You will point out the three main points to establish your argument. The thesis must be brief and clear, so that, the readers can understand your position without any effort.

6. Essay Outline; How do you write an argumentative essay outline?

Before you get started with the argumentative essay, you must have a template or outline of all the elements of the essay

What are the elements of an argumentative essay?

These are following parts or elements that comprises an argumentative essay

  • Introduction to essay
  • Background information
  • Thesis
  • Claim - Your point
  • Evidence - In support of your point
  • Reason - Argument in support
  • Refutation- Negating the argument
  • Conclusion- A purposeful conclusion

Usually, the essay outline consists of four chief parts which are:

  • The opening paragraph or the introduction
  • Building the writer’s argument
  • Countering the arguments and point made by the opponents
  • The closing paragraph or the conclusion
  • The opening paragraph and the anchor or hook.

Your first sentence should be a hook ( one that grabs reader’s attention).

For example if I am writing about the film Armagedon, the hook or anchor can be like

“Well, you like it or not, the world is going to end and there is no other way than to wage wars to save the earth.”

In the inrtoduction itself, you can address the questions like

  • What is the issue in the topic?
  • How is the topic important?
  • How has the topic affected you?
  • What is the relevance of the topic for readers?
  • The background of the topic - description

For example if the topic is Oil and Wars, you can cite a statistic of the lives lost in wars done for control of oil rich regions in the world. You can introduce yourself with a background of wars held for oil control, as that happened in Middle East.

The thesis statement must be introduced in the introductory paragraph, itself. For example you can state that “ Oil has been the main reasons for war in the World or “ Switching to alternative energy would reduce wars in the world.”

  • Establish the arguments ( Building the writer’s argument)

How to write a 3 paragraph argumentative essay?

Supporting Paragraph 1 - Provide the main argument that supports your thesis statement. For example, you can cite cases where feud over sharing of oil started war.

Supporting Paragraph 2 - Provide a second argument to support your thesis. For example, In the international relations research held by X,Y,Z companies, the most probable reason of war has been deepening energy needs of the population etc ( presented with stats)

(C) Counterargument - Then, we need to provide the counter argument.For example, you can say that owing to energy independence , many countries have been able to avoid wars ( with facts).

You also need to refute the counterargument.

So, basically you are creating a debate, citing facts for arguments and counterarguments and why your argument is more valid, factually and logically, than the counterargument

(d ) Closing paragraphs or conclusions

Conclusion - You summarize all the points and then present your opinion or conclusive views based on the evidences.

The best part is that you can deal each argument or counterargument in separate paragraphs or as you feel depending on the scope of the argument and evidences supporting it.

So the entire outline part can be represented as follows.

7. Creating the drafts

After creating an outline, you need to create the drafts. After creating the first draft, weed out the irrelevant points or less strong evidences.

8. Edit

After the content is chiselled out to suit the scope, purpose and the validity of your essay, you need to edit the parts.

In trying to ensure that your language edits are done properly you can use the tools

  1. ( Grammarly)
  2. ( Language tool proofreading software)

For ensuring that none of your part is unintentionally plagiarised and is original, you can use the plagiarism detection tools at

  1. ( checker)

Some must know facts….

  1. What are the charecterstics of argumentative essays?

The characteristics of the way you are providing your argument; some tips

  • Listing random facts and many evidences are useless unless they support your claim.
  • Do not presuppose that everyone would agree with what you are trying to argue unless presented in best manner
  • A good argument clarifies the values and beliefs we consider integral to arguments. In justifying that women empowerment is right, you are trying to clarify that all human beings must be judged on equal scale.
  • Persuading too often may make the readers lose interest. It is better to persuade optimally but with most relevant evidences and facts.
  • Don’t be too emotional in your write up. That will sometimes stop you from logically putting the views forward.
  • Try to draw imagery of situations, so that readers can better visualise the point you want to emphasise.
  • Don’t over simplify or make the write up too complex. A just balance is must.
  1. What are the types of arguments?

3. What are the types of argumentative essays?

  • Persuasive Essays- In which the writer tries to persuade the readers that one side of the argument is more valid.
  • Analysis Essays: The purpose of this essay is to analyse another author’s or essayist’s argument.
  • Personal Essays: These types of essays depends on personal opinions, taste’s and author’s subjective reasoning.
  • Research papers: In these types of essays ,the author relies heavily on external research sources, data and facts to make opinion.

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