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Amazing IT Dissertation Ideas

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Table of Contents

IT Dissertation Topics :

Information Technology (IT) encompasses many other disciplines like management, science, economics etc. It is a whole new platform that consists of many branches. The topic you choose to do your IT dissertation ultimately becomes your area of specialization. So you need to research before you choose one. A good topic is not enough; it needs to be focused and unique. Remember, this IT dissertation will take your career ahead. So do invest good time in choosing your dissertation topic. Thankfully, we are here to guide you. Being a reputed writing service provider, we always look after the students’ betterment. This is why we have compiled a vast range of IT dissertation writing along with relevant introduction and references. By reviewing these topic suggestions, you can create your own unique dissertation topic. These suggestions will help you to shape your idea and thoughts. So go through the following list.

IT Dissertation Topic 1:

Effectiveness Of Forensic Science In Criminology

1) Introduction

In today’s world, the forensic science has emerged as one of the strongest and most essential part in today’s world of resolving criminal cases (James et al. 2015). It takes in collecting and analysis of evidence with the usage of modern science, medicine and technology for resolving the cases.


Andrew, A. and Orio, A. (2015).Relationship between Sociodemographic Characteristics, Psychiatric Burden and Violent Offence in a Maximum Security Prison in North-Central Nigeria.Journal of Forensic Science & Criminology.

Chan, J. and Bennett Moses, L. (2015). Is Big Data challenging criminology?.Theoretical Criminology.

IT Dissertation Topic 2:

Effectiveness Of Online Recruitment Information System In Organizations: Case Study Of Tesco

1) Introduction

In this tech savvy business environment adoption of modern technology within the organizations has taken a new form in order to speed up the recruitment process (Cattaneo et al. 2015). Recruitment is one of the most parts of the organization since it fills up the vacant positions of the organization in order to make the organization operate smoothly.


Carrillat, F., Astous, A. and MorissetteGragoire, E. (2014).Leveraging social media to enhance recruitment effectiveness.Internet Research, 24(4), pp.474-495.

Barma, D. and Gupta, M. (2015).Investigating the Effectiveness of the Sources of Recruitment on Job Performance and Employee Attitude in India. Asian Journal of Management, 6(1), p.67. 

IT Dissertation Topic 3:

Encryption And Decryption: A Case Study Of Apple Inc

1) Introduction

Sankaran and Krishna (2011) commented on the essential fact that the encryption and decryption plays an important role in security of the Information Technology organizations. In today’s tech savvy world, the essentiality of encryption and decryption of the data and information are done in order to reduce redundancy as well as secure the data to the maximum extent.


Choi, W. and Lee, J. (2015).Design of a Key Scheduler for Supporting the Parallel Encryption and Decryption Processes of HIGHT.Journal of Sensor Science and Technology, 24(2), pp.107-112.

KumariSharma, R., R. Biradar, S. and P. Singh, B. (2013). Shared Architecture for Encryption/Decryption of AES.International Journal of Computer Applications, 69(18), pp.1-6. Read the full Dissertation

IT Dissertation Topic 4:

Effectiveness Of E-Cops Management System: A Case Study Of Devon And Cornwall Police In UK

1) Introduction

Liu and Bao (2014) commented on the essential part that with the increase in crime and criminals across the world, it is becoming tough for the Cops to maintain the data manually and paper based. So, with the advent of modern technology the Cops across the World have thought of introducing E-Cops Information Management system. This system helps in effective and efficient allotment of secret and critical information that can be easily shared across various police stations.


Cho, M. (2015).A Cognitive Approach on the Emergency Management System and Its Effectiveness by Local Government Consolidation.jss, 26(1), p.369.

Liu, B. and Bao, L. (2014). Study on the Effectiveness Evaluation System of Construction Enterprise Management Based on TOPSIS Model. AMR, 1065-1069, pp.2545-2549.

IT Dissertation Topic 5:

Twitter Using Java For Security

1) Introduction

Clark (2014) commented on the essential fact that in today’s tech savvy world, with the advent of social media the security of the media also has become a major concern. Twitter that is one of the increasing social networking sites has taken JVM or Java Virtual Machine for securing the network. This is because of the high performance and scalability of the JVM in better encapsulation as well as performance of the social networking site.


Barbera, P. (2014). Birds of the Same Feather Tweet Together: Bayesian Ideal Point Estimation Using Twitter Data. Political Analysis, 23(1), pp.76-91.

Bouffard, G. and Lanet, J. (2015). The ultimate control flow transfer in a Java based smart card. Computers & Security, 50, pp.33-46.

IT Dissertation Topic 6:

Mobile Phone Tracking: A Case Study Of Samsung

1) Introduction

Mayor (2011) commented on the essential fact that with the advancement of technology now days tracking system has reached to a social boom. This helps in observing or following a person or any object as per the location data displayed on the location tacking models. This is capable of depicting and tracking down the actual position with its latitude and longitudinal position.


Bhatia, S. and Hilal, S. (2012).Determination of Mobile Phone Tracking using various Softwares.International Journal of Computer Applications, 53(17), pp.17-24.

Ho, Z. and Wu, S. (2013). Cloud Computing and Mobile Audit Tracking-Using Intelligent Cell Phone as Controller. AMM, 418, pp.59-62. 

IT Dissertation Topic 7:

Cloud Computing And ERP In Industry

1. Introduction

As mentioned by Bowen et al., (2013), with the change in technology industries are adopting cloud computing and ERP system. ERP system and cloud computing helps in improve their productivity and profitability. On the other hand, cloud computing help organization in storing their data in the form of public, private and others.


Bowen, J., Forsheit, T. and Hutchins, J. (2013).Cloud computing, 2013. New York, N.Y.: Practising Law Institute.

Elragal, A. and Haddara, M. (2013).The Impact of ERP Partnership Formation Regulations on the Failure of ERP Implementations.Procedia Technology, 9, pp.527-535.

IT Dissertation Topic 8:

Employee Profile Management System: A Case Study On Wall Mart

1. Introduction

The research study is having discussion on employee profile management system adopted by Wall mart. As mentioned by Decramer et al. (2013), with the change in technology Wall mart always try to adopt new technology and process. The research is also having discussion about the importance of employee profile management system in Wall Mart.


Decramer, A., Smolders, C. and Vanderstraeten, A. (2013). Employee performance management culture and system features in higher education: relationship with employee performance management satisfaction. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 24(2), pp.352-371.

Fang, W. (2014).The Development of Employee Information Management System.AMR, 1044-1045, pp.1401-1405. Read the full Dissertation

IT Dissertation Topic 9:

Online Crime-File Management: A Focus On UK Social Security System

1. Introduction

As mentioned by Kaur (2015), with the increase of crime in UK, the social security is hampered. So the administration department introduced new method of reporting crime. The online crime files management system in reporting any kind of crime easily.


Kaur, H. (2015). Online Crime File Management.

Chainey, S., and Ratcliffe, J. (2013).GIS and crime mapping.John Wiley and Sons.

IT Dissertation Topic 10:

Intelligent Car Transportation System: A Case Study On Cab Charge Australia Limited

1. Introduction

The research study is having in depth discussion about the car transportation system using different technology and tools (Barth and Todd, 2013). The study is also having analysis of the complete car transportation system of Australian cab organization, that is, cab charge Australia limited.


Barth, M. and Todd, M. (2013). Intelligent transportation system architecture for a multi-station shared vehicle system.

Bazzan, A. and Klügl, F. (2015).Introduction to intelligent systems in traffic and transportation.

IT Dissertation Topic 11:

Train Scheduling And Simulation System In Australia: A Case Study On Rail Corp


The changing system of train scheduling helps Australian rail corp organization in increasing their profit share and performance (Allman, 2014). On the other hand, report is having discussion about the simulation and scheduling process of trains.


Allman, W. (2014).A network-simulation approach to the railroad freight train scheduling and car sorting problem.

Landex, A. and Nielsen, O. (2013). Simulation of disturbances and modelling of expected train passenger delays.

IT Dissertation Topic 12:

Credit Card Fraud Detection System In UK: A Case Study On Royal Bank Of Scotland Group


The research study is having in depth discussion about the credit card fraud system regarding the Royal bank of Scotland (Duman and Elikucuk, 2013). There is also a discussion about the reason behind credit card frauds, as well as the complete process of detection.


Duman, E., and Elikucuk, I. (2013). Solving credit card fraud detection problem by the new metaheuristics migrating birds optimization. In Advances in Computational Intelligence (pp. 62-71).Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Sharma, A., and Panigrahi, P. K. (2013). A review of financial accounting fraud detection based on data mining techniques. arXiv preprint arXiv:1309.3944. Read the full Dissertation

IT Dissertation Topic 13:
Online Shopping Cart System: A Case Study On Amazon

  1. Introduction

The study is having in depth discussion about the online shopping cart system of Amazon. As mentioned by Roy and Venkateswaran (2014), with the change in technology Amazon also changes their database system and other system. The research study also focuses on the implementation process of this system and technologies used in it.


Roy, S., and Venkateswaran, P. (2014).Online payment system using steganography and visual cryptography.In Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science (SCEECS), 2014 IEEE Students’ Conference on (pp. 1-5).IEEE.

Yoon, V. Y., Hostler, R. E., Guo, Z., and Guimaraes, T. (2013). Assessing the moderating effect of consumer product knowledge and online shopping experience on using recommendation agents for customer loyalty. Decision Support Systems, 55(4), 883-893. Read the full Dissertation

IT Dissertation Topic 14:

Mobile Voting System

Background Of The Study

At the current time, there is a terrific requirement of effective studying in classes. So as to accomplish the involvement and comprehending of learners in classes, it turns into pretty significant to improve the connections between student and tutor and enhance the understanding atmosphere. There are a variety of techniques that have already been developed by experts for the similar area and a few of them are known as “Clickers”, “Audience Response Systems”, “Classroom Communication Systems”, and so on.


Barber, C., Sweetwood, S. and King, M. (2015). Creating classroom-level measures of citizenship education climate. Learning Environ Res, 18(2), pp.197-216.

Fies, C. and Marshall, J. (2006). Classroom Response Systems: A Review of the Literature. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 15(1), pp.101-109. Read the full Dissertation

IT Dissertation Topic 15:

E-Commerce Challenges And Solutions


E-commerce safety measures is a section of the IS or Information Security configuration and is mainly associated to the segments that control e-business that integrate Data security, Computer Security and other extensive domains of the IS or Information Security arrangement. E-commerce safety measures have its own specific subtlety and are one of the most important security segments that control the end client in the course of their day-by-day installment cooperation with trade. Security and protection are noteworthy consideration toward electronic innovation. Mobile business offers safety concerns with diverse innovations in the field. Safety concerns have been exposed, uncovering a deficiency of confidence in a mixed bag of settings, counting business, e-enrollment innovation and long range interpersonal communication, and this has particularly affected customers.


Dong, Y., Li, W. and Guo, X. (2011).A Study on the Security Issues and Solution of Electronic Commerce. AMR, 219-220, pp.1301-1304.

Ghobakhloo, M. and S.H., T. (2011). Barriers to Electronic Commerce Adoption Among Small Businesses in Iran. Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations, 9(4), pp.48-89. Read the full Dissertation

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