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Give Your Intellect a Creative Boost with These Good Narrative Essay Topics

User Lucy Wilson time15 January,2018

Writing essays can be fun if you know what is to be written and how to articulate the paper with every required detail and ideas. Talking of writing narrative essays and saving your academic grades by making a great impression on your teacher, it is to be noted that one must choose to select topics wisely. If you are not being versatile in choosing interesting narrative essay topics and only continue to come up with repetitions, then it is likely that your academic heads won’t entertain the copy and writing style for long.

Give Your Intellect a Creative Boost with These Good Narrative Essay Topics

It goes without mentioning that essay writing is closely related to creative writing and one must always consider exploring and coming up with new and interesting ideas to be implemented in the paper. Irrespective of the essay category you have been assigned with, you must be passionate enough to write on that particular topic. If you are not interested to write on a particular subject or a topic, then choose to refrain from beginning with the exercise.

Narrative essay is one of the genres that allow students to come up with their creative side and imaginations that can make the composition an interesting read. One must take note of the fact that the task of writing narrative essays is to be done with care, dedication and creativity. In case you get stuck on your essay paper and lack idea on how to proceed with the task, then remember there are custom essay writing experts available these days. They can help you come up with fruitful ideas to give your intellect a creative boost. There are certain tips and helpful suggestions that can assist an individual in composing narrative essays par excellence. Take a close look at the following suggestions and expect to come up with flawless essays offering brilliant paper quality.

  • Maintain clarity – You should be absolutely sincere in this matter. It is to be remembered that making the essay paper unnecessarily complex won’t make any sense end of the day. Thus, you need to maintain clarity of thought, use simple sentences and avoid repetition of same words and phrases in the paper.
  • Avoid using second-person tone – You must avoid using second person tone, and one can also consider using present tense, whenever and wherever required.
  • Choice of word plays a vital role – In order to make your narrative essay interesting, consider choosing words and phrases carefully. It should be attractive and engaging enough for the readers. Passive constructions should be avoided as well.
  • Revise – Revision is certainly of the highest priority. Once you are done with the entire paper, consider revising the task thoroughly. Check for errors, rectify as and when required and take enough time to go through the lines carefully before submission. In case, you are running short of time, then getting in touch with the online essay editors and proofreaders can help you get things done efficiently.

At times, students tend to face certain complications that keep them away from work and from attending classes regularly. This may include ill health, writing block, lack of enough academic resources and the likes. In addition to such challenges, students sometimes tend to run out of enough essay topics to work on which is again a major limitation.

Thus, considering such complexities and in order to make things easier for the potential students, here’s comprehensive list of some of the most interesting and engaging narrative essay topics and ideas to work on. If you ever run out of time and enough ideas to be implemented in the paper, simply choose to refer to the below mentioned topics.

  • An experience that taught you real life values
  • An experience that helped you become brave in life
  • An experience that changed you life for good
  • An experience that made you feel embarrassed
  • What is your favorite sports and why?
  • Whom do you idolize in life?
  • You first participation in extra co-curricular activity
  • Write about a friend whom you don’t want to lose
  • An incident that taught you to be kind and caring
  • A difficult decision that you had to make
  • An act of rebellion in your life
  • A song that makes your emotional every time
  • A book character with whom you associate yourself
  • What movie would you want to make if you were a director?
  • Tell something about a movie that changed your perspective towards life
  • What superpower you always wanted to have and why?
  • A hobby you would like others to develop and why?
  • The best place to visit during a vacation
  • The best mode of transportation according to you
  • What would you do if travelling was free?
  • Tell about your first day of moving to a hostel
  • An incident that made you feel depressed in life
  • The best hang-out place during your college days
  • If you were an animal, which one would you like to be and why?
  • If you were born in some other country, where would you like to like to be born?
  • If you had a time machine, where would you like to travel?
  • The day that you got your first pet
  • The day that you got your first motorbike
  • A birthday party that turned out to be boring
  • A memorable day in your life
  • A visit to an amusement park
  • A thrilling experience
  • A lesson that taught you to be strong in life
  • A late night horrifying experience
  • Your favorite family member
  • A summer day that drained out all your energy
  • An encounter with a weird stranger
  • Your first night-out with friends
  • A historic event that you experienced
  • Someone who has changed your life
  • Moving from your native place to a new one
  • A misunderstanding that you wish shouldn’t have happened
  • The most difficult decision you made in your life
  • Beginning of a new friendship
  • Breaking up with a close friend
  • A dangerous incident
  • An incident that made you feel lucky
  • An incident that made you feel unlucky
  • A time when someone judged you wrong
  • A time when you judged someone wrong
  • Someone you have inspired in life
  • Someone from whom you have drawn inspiration in life
  • Things I love about my city
  • Surviving a natural disaster
  • A strange job interview
  • The day that I realized I am no more a kid
  • A road trip to remember
  • Things I learned from my father
  • Things I learned from my mother
  • My first day at school
  • My first day at college
  • How I saved another person’s life
  • If you were a writer, which book would you write?
  • My last day at school
  • My last day at college
  • A stage play that impressed me a lot
  • An act of heroism
  • One thing that you are afraid of?
  • Have you ever felt underappreciated?
  • Your way of reliving stress
  • Your way of dealing with haters
  • What challenges you’ve overcome in life?
  • Lesson learnt from failure
  • Do you prefer leaving your comfort zone?
  • Your idea of attaining peace in life
  • One thing you used to hate but now like
  • Your fears and phobias
  • A comic situation that you were a part of
  • How do you manage to deal with boredom?
  • Things that annoy you
  • Your views on peer pressure
  • Under what circumstances you work hard?
  • How organized are you?
  • How brave are you?
  • How efficient are you in time management?
  • What makes you a good listener?
  • What makes you competitive?
  • Are you an impulsive person?
  • What makes you a caring person?
  • Best advices you’ve got in life
  • What four people you would like to spend time with on a secluded island?
  • Whom would you want to invite in your Talk Show?
  • The story behind your name
  • Things that you know about your family background
  • What is the definition of Family according to you
  • Do you try too hard to be cool?
  • How often do you feel tired, frustrated and stressed?
  • How close are your parents to you?
  • How often do you spend time admits nature?
  • Do you discuss about report cards with your parent
  • What are the sounds that annoy you?
  • What dreams do you have?
  • Is bedroom your favorite place?
  • The importance of keeping house clean
  • Have you ever felt embarrassed in life for making certain decisions?
  • Things you would advice your juniors to avoid
  • Have you ever found and lost something precious?
  • What is the most prized possession of yours?
  • What are your views on Politics?
  • Where do you wish to see yourself after a decade?
  • Do you have a memorable childhood incident to share?
  • Do you feel shy when introduced to new people?
  • Are you happy in life?
  • Lessons learnt during childhood
  • What have you learned as an adolescent?
  • Things you have learned from older men
  • A journey that would always be a memorable one
  • What older people can learn from this present generation?
  • Things that you are grateful for
  • What moral dilemmas have you experienced?
  • Whom do you trust the most in life?
  • What are your favorite dance genres?
  • What are your views on religion?
  • Are your parents more religious than you?
  • Do you believe in the existence of God?
  • What can you learn from other religious practices?
  • What are your views on Feminism?
  • Are you are feminist?
  • Can money really buy you happiness?
  • Do you have a spending mentality?
  • Do the best things in life come for free?
  • Are you addicted to social media?
  • Are you possessive about your mobile phone?
  • Do online apps help you positively?
  • Do digital advancements have a negative aspect?
  • Are you spending too much time on your Smartphone?
  • Is texting an addiction
  • Do you paper phone calls over texting?
  • Gadgets you can’t do without
  • What has Google taught you?
  • Is internet bliss?
  • How Wikipedia has helped you?
  • How careful are you while using the internet?
  • Do you share photos online?
  • Who is you pop music idol?
  • Do you closely listen to the lyrics of a song?
  • What is your favorite music genre?
  • How would you like to conduct a reality show?
  • How much time do you spend on watching television?
  • Which players would you like to see teaming up?
  • What are your favorite cartoon characters?
  • What influence did advertising have on you?
  • What are your favorite shows on television?
  • Are you fond of watching horror movies?
  • Are you fond of watching action movies?
  • Do you like comic series?
  • Are you into action based video games?
  • Do you read books for pleasure?
  • Has a video game ever inspired you?
  • Is there a storytelling talent in you?
  • Do you love reading e-Books?
  • What is your favorite joke till date?
  • What words or phrases do you think are offensive?
  • How good are you in Grammar?
  • How good are you in Mathematics?
  • Do you remember any funny incident from your childhood?
  • Whom you used to follow during your school days?
  • What are your views on online classes?
  • Would you ever like to avail online classes?
  • What are the best ways to learn music?
  • Would you like to learn coding?
  • What factors make graduation ceremony a memorable event?
  • What is your dream job?
  • What attributes of yours make you a good friend?
  • If you were a game designer, which game would you redesign?
  • If time travel is possible, where would you visit?
  • What knowledge do you have about the world?
  • How has travel influenced you?
  • Are you an adventurous tourist?
  • Do you like attending music classes?
  • Do you follow a healthy eating habit?
  • What are your favorite foods?
  • How often do you and family eat together?
  • How do you manage fighting the Monday morning blues?
  • What are your views on celebrating earth day?
  • One thing you couldn’t live without?
  • Do you have faith in your Government?
  • Someone you would risk your life for?
  • What is your dream car?
  • How do you spend vacations?
  • Do you believe that ghosts exist?
  • What if robots invade the world?
  • What are you views on the concept of zoos?
  • How much food do you think the world waste?
  • What news stories do you follow?
  • What would you like to change if elected as a president for one day?
  • What do you do on Sundays?
  • What thanksgiving traditions do you follow?
  • Can you call yourself a good driver?
  • What is your favorite attire?

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