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How To Pick A Good Political Science Thesis Topic?

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A good political science thesis topic should be interesting, relevant, and manageable. To find a topic that meets these criteria, consider the following steps: 1. Choose a general area of interest within political science, such as political theory or international relations. 2. Narrow down your focus to a specific issue or question within that area. 3. Consider the availability of research materials and the feasibility of conducting research on your chosen topic. 4. Discuss your ideas with a professor or advisor to get feedback and guidance.

How To Write A Political Science Thesis?

To write a political science thesis, start by choosing a topic that is relevant and interesting to you, seeking “Thesis Help” if needed. Then, conduct research on the topic and organize your findings into a clear and concise argument. Be sure to support your argument with evidence from credible sources, and clearly state your thesis in the introduction and conclusion of your paper. Keep in mind that a political science thesis should be well-written and well-researched, and should present a unique and original perspective on the topic.

Best Political Science Thesis Topics For Students

A well-defined Political Science thesis topic will help you score good grades. But, of course, it depends on your approach towards the same and the chosen professional. But make sure that your paper is accurately authentic and comprises all such inputs made mandatory by your instructor in class.

At, we believe in offering top-notch support throughout. Each thesis curated is initiated from scratch and is made to go through multiple quality checks before it reaches your inbox. Also, to help you make the best out of the rest, we have our dedicated student support executives offering 24 x 7 help online over chat, email, and call. Moving toward the various thesis topics in Political Science, we have the list below:

International Relations Political Science Thesis Topics”

International Relations Political Science aims to explain the interactions between states concerning the global interstate systems. Moreover, it also explains the interactions between others whose behavior originates explicitly within the country and slowly gets targeted outside the boundary. Here are some of the examples related to International Relations Political Science thesis topics:

  1. Causes of global poverty
  2. Power battles in the Arctic circle
  3. Ethical guidelines in the NGO
  4. Analysis of global security networks
  5. International controversies related to Amnesty International
  6. The structure of IMF (International Monetary Fund)
  7. Japan corporations and their non-state actors
  8. Cause and effect of the Syrian conflict
  9. Uganda and human rights
  10. Distribution in the GM foods market
  11. Impact of China – USA trade war on the global trade
  12. Changes in policies between Russia and US after Donald Trump
  13. Foreign policies in the era of digital diplomacy
  14. The African Union and the continental diplomacy
  15. Factors that contributed to making China an economic power
  16. The history of cryptocurrency and bitcoin

Political Science Philosophy Thesis Topics”

Here, you will be answering all the fundamental questions about the state, liberty, government, justice, law, politics, and the enforcement of legal codes by the authority. Further, if you go by the theories, the various philosophies in Political Science can be termed socialism, liberalism, anarchism, and conservatism. The topic examples are:

  1. Election ethics
  2. Methods in post-socialist transition
  3. Education and republic traditions
  4. Observing existentialism through the lens of western constitutional law
  5. Causes of the American revolution
  6. The theses of Karl Schmidt and German Philosophy
  7. Difference between Liberalism and Civil Republicanism
  8. Justification in Liberal Democracy
  9. Modern Political Virtue and approach with Mutual tolerance
  10. Transition methods and post-socialist approaches
  11. John Stuart Mill on Liberty
  12. Social Contrast and Rousseau
  13. Difficulties concerning democracy
  14. The concept of economic justice
  15. War and peace
  16. The concept of liberty

Public Administration Thesis Topics”

Political science and public administration come together, forming a major discipline in social science. The combination helps us grab the importance of social, political, and economic processes, dealing with their transformation at the local and international levels. Moreover, by studying the same, citizens become conscious of their regular rights and start looking at problems from an enlightened perspective. Here are some of the topics in regard to the same:

  1. Governmental efforts in maintaining coordination
  2. The constitutional vision of John Rohr
  3. Innovations made in the private sector of the United States
  4. Various methods in Community Development
  5. Analysis of Federal Emergency Management Agency
  6. Fiscal Management and Strategic Planning
  7. Various careers in Transportation security administration
  8. Public safety and its optimal benefits
  9. Compromises in environmental management
  10. Ethics in NGOs
  11. Mentoring the leaders of next generation
  12. The effectiveness of distance education in Ghana
  13. Addressing leadership issues in the public sector – a blended solution
  14. The role of education in state wide telecommunications network of policy development
  15. Organizational change and governmental reform
  16. The performance and accountability of government
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Public Law Thesis Topics”

The concept deals with Public law and its various branches. As a student, one is meant to study the various segments of law meant for the general public and come up with adequate resolutions for the same. Some of the Public Law thesis topics are:

  1. The 1998 act of Human Rights
  2. The analysis of Judicial Review Argumentation
  3. Public Safety Statutes and Judicial  interpretation
  4. The Legal History of Europe and Famous Legislators
  5. The concept of Common Morality and Criminal Law
  6. National Security Complaints and Civil Liberty
  7. Commercial Exploitation and Privacy Law
  8. The psychology behind custody battles – Gender Bias
  9. Post-conflict justice inequality
  10. Political interrogation and Socio-Economic preferences
  11. Public complaint commission’s role in worker rights
  12. Victims of the environmental population in Nigeria and legal remedies for them
  13. Is it mandatory for local and central governments to obey public law?
  14. What are the mandatory rules in Public Law?
  15. Difference between private law and procedural law in the UK
  16. The principle of public bodies acting lawfully

Political Conflicts Thesis Topics”

As part of the Political conflict thesis, you will deal with the various ideas that lead to conflicts or violence in society. The list deals with concepts of mass protection, political assassination, inter-communal violence, ethnic cleansing, and state repression. Nonetheless, here we have all the topics listed in an organized way.   

  1. Causes and peculiarities of the Civil War
  2. Conflict in Afghanistan
  3. Protest movements and social network
  4. Repression by the Syrian government
  5. Immigrant crisis in Mexico
  6. Ukraine divided – Political powers ruling the city
  7. Resolution methods for conflicts in Yemen
  8. Political agenda at Reagan’s
  9. Iraq War: Legacy in War Crime
  10. Causes of rebellion in Central Africa
  11. Consequences of war and peace journalism
  12. How did NGOs play a vital role in resolving the conflict of Anglophone from 2016-21
  13. The war in Yemen – involvement of the US
  14.  Rise of security threats in Ghana
  15. National Security and Insurgency – Nigeria
  16. European Union and Columbia as the key partners of peace

Conflict Resolution Thesis Topics”

Here the focus of the study is dealing with various methods that can be used to resolve conflicting issues. Now coming to the issues, it varies between gender bias in the workplace and country law, custody battles, and augmentation of socio-cultural issues. Now talking about the topics covered, here is a complete list:

  1. Media bias in news coverage
  2. Personal ambitions of political leaders
  3. Compromise between the left and right wings of different parties
  4. Various collaboration methods in Afghanistan
  5. Conflict with Iran Oil
  6. Leadership conflicts with security in the US after 9/11
  7. Power distribution in Arctica
  8. Foreign Policy in the US
  9. Prisoners conflicts between African and Americans
  10. Art Legacy based on countries dealing with post-war conflicts
  11.  Global governance: A study of international organizations
  12. Resolution of Foreign affairs
  13. Peace-building and conflict management
  14. The elements of conflict resolution
  15. Peace and democracy
  16. Conflict and Refugees

Mediation & Negotiation Thesis Topics”

The concept of Mediation and Negotiation in Political Science deals with the idea of intervening in a certain process with the idea of resolving the same. Without the same, there would be no modern economy and capitalism to run modern-day countries.

The topic list goes as follows:

  1. Negotiation methods in wartime
  2. Legal disputes and transnational corporations
  3. Agenda analysis in elections (examples)
  4. Negotiation for hostages in foreign countries
  5. Social movements and volunteering
  6. Alternatives in various dispute resolution methods
  7. Various preparation processes in a mediation hearing
  8. Mediation agreement – A case study analysis
  9. Mediation policies vs. civil law court
  10. Whistleblowers in modern America
  11. Who shall do mediation? Trained professionals or politicians
  12. How relationships got sourced between Rodchenkov and Snowden
  13. Are the Whistleblowers the saviors or the traitors?
  14. The danger part behind political asylum and how it can hinder discussions
  15. How do politicians seem to be above the law when dealing with the process of negotiation?
  16. How are things planned to settle during wars on the Political front?

Most Popular Questions Searched by Students:

What Are Topics Related To Politics?

Here are some of the topics related to politics:

  • Cultural pluralism
  • Political anthropology
  • Worldwide Political dependencies
  • The philosophy related to politics

What Do You Research In Political Science?

As per the research area in Political Science, students are made to cover quantitative analysis specific to aggregate data, conduct qualitative studies, random experiments, and survey research. 

What Are Some Good Political Science Thesis Topics?

Here are some of the good Political Science Research topics:

  • Human Rights in Uganda
  • Risks related to Neopatrimonialism society
  • Ethics in Election
  • Ethics of NGOs

What Are The Top 10 Political Science Thesis Topics?

The top 10 political science thesis topics are:

  1. The political decision that brought changes to History
  2. The various peculiarities and types of electoral systems
  3. Diplomacy and wars. Interstate affairs
  4. Pros and cons of positivism
  5. Media and Politics
  6. The theory of relational choice
  7. Political Scandals and their impacts
  8. The political difference between wartime and peace
  9. Public relations and politics
  10. The traditional and modern examples in politics

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