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Problem Solutions Speech Topics

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Problem Solutions Speech Topics

When writing a research paper or a problem-solution, selecting a good choice is the first challenge for the writer. A problem/solution speech highlights an issue intending to provide solutions. This type of speech involves two phases. The first one is to lay down the problem and its significance, while the second phase involves several solutions to tackle the problem identified earlier.

While preparing for a problem-solution speech, the selection of a speech topic is of utmost importance. It is always a good idea to select something topical, but again the world supplies so many options that it can be overwhelming. There is an infinite number of issues that needs to be resolved. It is not justified to select a topic just for being topical. Ideally, the speaker must select a topic that is important for the speaker at the personal level. While speaking on a topic having personal interests would bring out the irreplicable passion for responding.

There always remains a question as to what to include in the problem-solution speech or essay topic. The main components of a problem/solution speech are discussed in brief below:

  • Introduction: At first, the speaker or writer must introduce the problem and explain the issue’s importance to the concerned audience.
  • Cause/effect: At this point, the speaker should explain the reason for the occurrence of the problem. The speaker shall focus on certain misconceptions of people about the real issue.
  • Thesis statement: It takes the form of problem and solution presented in the form of statements.
  • Solution: The speaker shall provide the solution in a detailed manner by stating clearly the problem-solving strategy and defending the solutions as to why it will work. A good speaker always prepares themselves with common critical questions such as “your solution is too costly”, “there is a better solution”, and “there are more important problems to solve”.
  • Call to Action: This refers to the last stage of the speech in which the speaker summarises the problem and the solution. Here, the speaker should paint a picture of what might happen in future if the solution is adopted.

Different Methods Of Developing Problem-Solution Speech

Problem Solution Method: Under this method, the speaker is recommended to argue about the current and social issue and convince the listeners that the speaker has the best solution. The speaker should introduce and provide background information regarding the topic. The speaker shall list the ideal situations and conditions. Show the available options and analyse the proper criteria while presenting the plan to solve the unwanted situation.

Problem cause-effect method: Under this method, the speaker shall outline the cause and effect of the difficulty and explain the causes of the issue. Here, the speaker or writer shall prove the connection between political, financial, social and effects.

Some Of The Problem-Solution Issues Based On Different Categories Are Listed Below:


  • How do we reduce drinking on college campuses?
  • How can we make college tuition affordable?
  • What should be done by college students to get better grades?
  • How can the students solve the problem of being homesick?
  • How to prevent sexual assaults on college campuses?
  • What is the most efficient way to decide on a major?
  • How to prevent massive student loan debts?
  • How can students efficiently manage their surplus funds?

Criminal Justice

  • How to reduce the murder rates in the inner part of cities?
  • How to stop the child trafficking problem?
  • How can we stop police brutality?
  • How can we stop people from intoxicated driving?
  • How to deal with overcrowded prisons?
  • How to prevent people from texting while driving?
  • How can we rehabilitate ex-cons?


  • How do the government reduce the unemployment rate?
  • What is the best way to stimulate economic growth?
  • How can we bring down the cost of living and control the inflation rate?
  • How do we solve the crisis of global debt?
  • How can we save the consumers from being exploited by the businessmen?
  • How to reduce the prime costs of manufacturing raw materials?
  • How can the economy be saved from the issue of child labour?


  • Why should endangered wildlife be preserved?
  • How to reduce the use of plastic?
  • How can we solve the issue of air pollution?
  • How to develop a sustainable transportation system?
  • Why should we reduce our dependence on fossil fuels?
  • How can we reduce the negative impact of climatic change?
  • How can we make energy affordable?
  • How can we preserve precious natural resources?
  • How can we ensure environmental justice?
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  • How should educational institutions deal with the problem of disruptive students?
  • How to teach mathematics students regarding sign charts?
  • How can the government provide quality education to students?
  • How can we increase the literacy rate?
  • How can schools standardised test scores?
  • How do we teach kids about problem-solving?
  • How can we prevent students from the issue of bullying?
  • How can we increase public education with the use of new technologies?


  • How to put an end to corruption in the current political situation?
  • How can the government prevent terrorism?
  • What can be done to obtain world peace?
  • How can we encourage better candidates to enter politics?
  • How can we prevent the problem of election fraud?
  • How can we protect the privacy of the individual, keeping the country safe?
  • How to encourage bipartisanship?


  • How can we stop animal cruelty?
  • How to reduce the number of homeless people?
  • How can we put an end to gender and racial discrimination?
  • How can we encourage the use of public transport?
  • How to solve the problem of hunger all around the world?
  • How do we deal with the issue of short parking spaces?
  • How can we solve the issue of water scarcity?


  • How should the parents handle over usage of social media by their children?
  • How do we make digital payments more secure?
  • How can we deal with the issue of information overload?
  • How can we be prevented from hackers?
  • How can we make self-driving vehicles safer?
  • How can we improve the availability of internet services in rural areas?
  • How can we adapt to new technologies all over the world?
  • How can we improve the battery life of mobile devices?

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