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Tracing Canada’s Rise to Supremacy in Higher Education

UserEthan time24 November,2017

The heartwarming aroma of maple syrup, glorious autumn colors, cities cloaked in dazzling white snow, the misty magnificence of Niagara Falls, the lush green valleys, captivating lakeside scenery and the celebration of diversity are just a few of the inherent characteristics of Canada, a country full of promising possibilities. Ranking high consistently in the various surveys carried out on the happiness index of settlers and immigrants, the warm and welcoming outlook towards outsiders is also a commendable trait among the Canadians.

Tracing Canada’s Rise to Supremacy in Higher Education

According to the results of a recent report by Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it has been observed that Canada spends more on the development of education than any other OECD country annually when compared on a percentage of GDP scale. It has emerged as an education superpower in the last two decades and continues to be a favored destination for higher studies among domestic and international students alike.

Higher education framework of Canada

Higher education in Canada is of top-notch quality that maintains the international standards and emphasizes on research-oriented specializations as well as skill-centered professional training. The tertiary education framework of Canada consists of traditional universities (public and private), colleges and vocation-driven technical training institutes. The Canadian commitment to higher education and the quest for further knowledge is unmatched by any the whole world over.

  • Supervision in higher education

Supervision in higher education is unique in Canada. The maple leaf country is divided into the geographical as well as legislative areas called provinces and territories. The ten provinces and three territories of the country supervise and formulate the higher education structure within their legislative boundaries. The Constitution Act (erstwhile known as the British North America Act) of 1867 ruled that each province and territory would be in charge of the supervision and structuring of higher education system within their territorial jurisdiction. This constitutional decision led to the development of distinct tertiary education system within each province and territory in the country. Each province and territory thus has a ministry or administrative body that oversees tertiary education and formulates policies as well as looks after the quality control in higher education within that provincial or territorial jurisdiction. The federal government supervises the advanced education imparted in the Royal Military College of Canada and funds the tertiary education for the aboriginal population of the country.

  • Quality assurance in Canadian higher education

Boasting a robust higher education framework, the quality assurance principles in Canada follow stringent regulations for delivering nothing but the very best in its scores of postsecondary higher education institutions. Upholding the values of transparency and accountability in each quality control measure that they undertake, the Canadian quality control agencies look after the maintenance of the best standards in the higher education institutions all over the country. The quality control measures by the internal quality assurance agencies in Canada include the following factors of measurement and maintenance of quality in imparting postsecondary education in the higher education institutions in Canada.

  • Compulsory reviewing of newly established curriculums as well as the revised ones at each university and college
  • Evaluation of curriculums at regular intervals with flexibility and scope for revisions
  • Recurrent reviews on self-study
  • Regular surveys on student satisfaction
  • External peer reviews by experts
  • Publication of the review and survey results online for public viewing.

The Canadian Degree Qualifications Framework and Universities Canada are the two major governing bodies on the matter of quality assurance and control in the higher education institutions of the country. They oversee the quality assurance and management from a macro level with detailed reports and cooperation with the provincial and territorial quality control agencies.

  • Higher education associations and accreditation bodies

Promoting the development and progress of the nation through holistic learning in the pursuit of higher knowledge, the higher education associations and accreditation bodies in Canada function efficiently for the improvement of the tertiary education framework in the country. The tireless efforts and endeavours of the associations and accreditation bodies have reaped many a benefit for the Canadian higher education institutions with the domestic and international student population steadily on the rise for the last two decades.

  • Higher education associations of Canada

The higher education associations of Canada strive towards the development of research and quest for knowledge among the higher education institutions. They bring out annual journals and reports and conduct regular meeting with the members of the governing bodies of the respective associations. Committed to the values of dissemination of top quality higher education, the associations of tertiary education in Canada also strive to make the Canadian postsecondary education an exciting and enriching one. Some of the most recognised higher education institutions for the promotion of research and learning in Canada are Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), Canadian Council on Learning (CCL), Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC), U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities, and Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA).

  • Accreditation bodies in Canada

Accreditation bodies in Canada function in close relation to the higher education institutions of the country. They are in charge of the accreditation's for the degrees and diplomas awarded in the higher education institutions on completion of the part-time or full-time courses of study under myriad disciplines and their respective specializations. The accreditation bodies authenticate the degrees awarded to the students by the higher education institutions of the country and form the regulation body of curriculum for some technical disciplines. From Accounting to Veterinary disciplines and specializations, the accreditation bodies cover a plethora of subjects under their umbrella. Some of the most recognized accreditation bodies in Canada include Chartered Professional Accountants Canada, Association of MBAs, Canadian Architectural Certification Board, Eco Canada, Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, Canadian Psychological Association, Canadian Association for Social Work Education, and Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, to name a few.

  • Canadian colleges and universities

Canadian colleges and universities offer exciting and engaging higher education opportunities to the domestic and international students at their state-of-the-art campuses abuzz with lively activities all year round. The cutting-edge facilities and readily available learning resources in the digital education hubs at the college and university campuses and libraries make the pursuit of knowledge fun and fascinating for the students who flock to the higher education institutions of the country every year to avail the impressive world-class education.

  • Canadian colleges

The Canadian colleges function with close ties to the industries for bringing about innovations in the curriculum and introducing industry-relevant subjects and specializations for the effective blend of learning for a living. The colleges offer diversified options of myriad subjects and specializations in the technical and vocation-driven fields like agri-food, business, mass communication and journalism, arts, languages, engineering specializations, environmental studies, hospitality and tourism disciplines, computer science and many more. 135 public colleges all over Canada offer over 8000 study programs with duration's ranging from a few months to four years. The colleges of Canada award certificates, diplomas, academic and applied degrees, postgraduate diplomas, and university transfer programs to the students on successful completion of their study programs in the country.

  • Canadian universities

Home to the inventions and development of the flat-screen technology, the BlackBerry phone, IMAX films and SMART boards, the Canadian universities are leaders in terms of fascinating research and analytical thinking. The universities in Canada are committed to bringing out the best in the students and giving them the necessary impetus to grow to their fullest potential. According to the reports of a recent study conducted by Thomson Reuters list of Highly Cited Researchers, Canada is responsible for producing 2.8% of all global scientific research being only 0.5% of the global population. Not only science and technology, the universities of Canada warmly welcome the students interested in pursuing the commerce and business disciplines as well as the liberal and performing arts subjects and specializations. Availing more than 15,000 study programs in more than 100 public and private universities in Canada, the students can choose from the multiple levels of study such as undergraduate (three or four-year bachelor’s programs), postgraduate (one or two-year course or research-oriented programs) and doctoral degrees.

Benefits of Canadian higher education

As a country that has gradually carved a niche for itself in the higher education sector, Canada continues to be a much preferred higher studies destination for domestic and overseas students worldwide. In case you are curious to know what makes opting for a higher education program in Canada so alluring to students from all over the world, take a glance at the benefits of studying in an esteemed tertiary education institution in the country.

  • Internationally acclaimed higher education

With provincial and territorial quality assurance agencies working tirelessly to maintain the international standards in the education and research sector in the colleges and universities of Canada, the study programs of the country are highly regarded the world over among the employers of all industries. A Canadian diploma, certificate or degree receives high recognition and value in the employability scales of the various industries, making Canadian higher education so much sought-after for students from all over the world. Equivalent to the degrees earned in the United States and the Commonwealth nations, a Canadian degree or diploma will take your career a long way in the industry of your choice.

  • Renowned higher education institutions

The worldwide fame of the Canadian higher education institutions precedes them. Currently, 26 of the Canadian universities feature among the best in the QS World University Rankings of this year, with four placed among the top 100 along with a further 9 among the top 300. The universities of Canada have a rich heritage of disseminating top-notch higher education in multiple disciplines across all levels of study. The colleges and universities of Canada thus have a global fame, and thousands of students vie for the seats offered at all levels of study every year during the admission season at the higher education institutions of the country.

  • Myriad scholarship opportunities

The Canadian government, private organisations, charitable foundations, philanthropists and the higher education institutions offer a plethora of scholarship opportunities for domestic and overseas students to study in the reputed higher education institutions of the country. All of these scholarships recognize the potential and talent of the young minds at home and beyond who need a push in the right direction to excel in their areas of expertise or knack. The flexible scholarship options offered to study in Canada provide partial or full coverage for the expenses towards tuition fees and other academic costs and the living allowance or monthly stipend for domestic students. The international students can also avail cover for their travel and health insurances and accommodation costs in addition to the academic expenses cover provided by the various scholarship programs to study in Canada.

  • Lively campus life

The sprawling and beautiful campuses of the Canadian higher education institutions are always buzzing with student activities of many kinds. From conferences to weekend mixers, the campus activities at the colleges and universities in Canada are the perfect blend of fun and education. Having a de-stressing effect on the students, these activities help them unwind and blow off some steam after their lessons. The sporting championships, frequent debating challenges and talent competitions also provide the students with opportunities to stand apart from the crowd and take the cake by showing off their extracurricular skills.

  • Cost-effective education

The cost of higher education in Canada is affordable for the domestic students. Although the international students have to pay significantly more for availing a Canadian higher education, plenty of scholarship options are available for alleviating the financial burden of their higher studies. The cost of education in Canada is, in fact, lower than the United States or the United Kingdom.

  • Scenic landscapes

The natural splendor of Canada is unique; it offers marvellous sights and sounds for the keen minds with a passion for traveling and exploring. Flora and fauna of the maple leaf country are wonderful and dons one-of-a-kind beauty with the changing seasons. The Atlantic and Pacific coastline at the west and east coast of the country have pristine beaches and coastal marvels to feast one's eyes upon whereas the snow-capped mountains are home to intriguing ski resorts nestles away in the quiet serenity of the mountains. For the adventure lovers, Canada offers wildlife safaris and amusement parks filled with fun activities and rides. The iconic Niagara Falls also adds to the allure of scenic landscapes of the maple leaf country.

  • Vibrant lifestyle

A highly developed country, Canada has a vibrant way of life in the bustling cities and quaint countrysides. Added to that is the high quality of life with almost 70% of the Canadian owning their homes. The country ranks high consistently among the global surveys on best places to live in conducted by the United Nations Organisation in association with the Economist Intelligence Unit. The tech-savvy country also offers a relative ease in the lifestyle with fast gadgets suited to the modern way of life that saves valuable time and effort of the citizens of the maple leaf country. The galleries, museums, live theaters, and concert halls for dance and music performances offer a plethora of activities for the Canadians. The largest cities in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, all having received high ranks among the best cities to work and live in globally.

  • Safe environment

The strict law enforcement agencies and stringent policies against racism and discrimination make Canada one of the safest countries in the world. With increasing surges of intolerance and ethnic as well as racial prejudice wreaking havoc in people’s lives in the modern era of war, Canada is a glowing beacon of hope that spreads the message of harmony and inclusiveness for all very loud and clear. The maple leaf country provides the ideal example of living in harmony for reasons more than one. Canada is thus one of the safest places on earth right now to work and settle in.

  • Celebration of multiculturalism

Canada is one of the most multicultural countries with people from all ethnicities and religions finding a place of their own within the safe harbours of the maple leaf country. The reason for such inclusiveness and diversity lies in the roots of Canadian values of harmonious living within a diversified diaspora. The need for unity among diversity is one of the very first values learnt in Canada, with every nook and cranny of the country representing more than one strain of culture and ethnicity. The bilingual nature of the country adds to the diverse charm of Canada giving it a truly cosmopolitan feel. A confluence of cultures, Canada is thus one of the best places in the world to live in.

Canada’s growth in the higher education sector has thus been possible because of its robust tertiary education framework along with the developed ideals and values of life and recognition for talent and ingenuity finding fruition in the state-of-the-art research facilities at the universities that has led to many useful inventions for the modern era.

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