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Analysis of Benzai Sushi Bar - External and Internal Analysis, Value Preposition, and Cultural Web


In this day and age, it is critical for the management of the small-scale businesses to improve their operational methodology and work on the strategic affairs to ensure that they are able to achieve the growth that is better than their rivals. Sushi restaurants are gaining popularity in different parts of the world even in the small countries as well. It is critical for these restaurants to offer the maximum value for the money (Kashima, Matsumoto and Ishii, 2010). This is necessary for achieving the success and also for attracting larger consumer set. The use of strategic tools can be effective for both internal and external environmental understanding. This report will provide an analysis about a sushi restaurant in Limassol, named “Benzai Sushi Bar”. The external and internal analysis will be done with the help of different types of tools. The value preposition analysis needs to be done in an appropriate manner along with social responsibility stance and the expectation of the various stakeholders. It also provides cultural web analysis of Benzai sushi bar Limassol. Strategic business units of this restaurant have been analyzed with the help of generic strategies. At last evaluation on the basis of SAFe criteria has been done.
Background of the organization
Benzai sushi bar is one of most famous sushi restaurants in Limassol. This restaurant was established in the year 2011 on 15th September (Restaurantslimassol, 2019).  This company is offering fusion Japanese cuisine and a full assortment of sushi. This restaurant offers all these products in friendly atmosphere. This company provides the finest fresh fish and they have the ability to create variety of rolls. They also offer different types of sake, tailormade cocktails and Japanese beer. This company gives the best experience to the real Japanese cuisine having unique textures, artistry and unique flavors. 
Macro environment analysis
PESTEL analysis
Political: Cyprus has a good and stable environment which helps in the growth of the small-scale businesses. The government has reduced taxes especially on the restaurants that attract people from different parts of the world. 
Economic: The economic stability within the country is supporting the new kinds of investments in the nation. There are internal investors that will help in enhancing the scope of the smaller companies in the market. This country has good economic relation with Japan hence it would not be difficult for this restaurant to improve its base in the country (Boukas and Ziakas, 2013).
Social: The society has changed and so is its eating habits, people are visiting new restaurants that are from other parts of the world and are serving food that is different than their culture. In Cyprus also, people love Japanese food and hence sushi is also loved by many people.
Technology: Cyprus is a technologically advanced nation hence it will help the company to improve its operational efficiency. It will help in home-delivery of items. Technology will also company in marketing activities as well as in the areas like improving decision-making skills on the basis of data have collected through technologies (Farmaki, et al 2014).
Environment: Government is making environment related policies and hence environment related laws have been strengthened. For this company will have to improve the waste management plan and will have to enhance its efforts towards making their business zero carbon emitting firm.
Legal: Government has reduced the complexity in the legal environment for the companies. However, the consumer related laws have strengthened for which company will have to improve the way in which they are working so as to avoid any legal compliances.
Alternative Scenarios
In order to ensure that there are no problems existing due to external business environment, it is critical for the management to ensure that they make political relations with the government. This is necessary for making policies according to the firm. There is also a need of making economic policies that attracts more numbers of investors. This is critical for raising funds for future operations of the company. Society is becoming complex in terms of change in demands and hence they need to make sure that there are continuous innovations in the product which will ensure that users remain attracted towards business. They just need to add more numbers of technologies in their existing technological base. This is necessary for improving the technology (Farmaki, et al 2014). Legal environment can be complied with the help of legal teams and they need to manage the environment related issues with the help of advanced waste management plans.
Porter’s five forces analysis
In order to understand the industry environment, the use of porter’s five forces is critical.
Bargaining power of suppliers: There are many suppliers of the fresh fish in Cyprus. This company also has close relations with their suppliers. This enhances their bargaining power to go on the lower side.
Bargaining power of customers: There is lesser amount of fresh sushi restaurants in Cyprus. This goes particularly on the lower side when it comes to providing quality sushi in an environment that is loved by the people. However, in the coming years more restaurants are going to offer sushi and hence the bargaining power is going to increase. 
Competition: In Cyprus there are many restaurants that are offering sushi but dedicated sushi restaurants are lesser in numbers. However, the increasing competition is bringing strategic challenges for the company especially in terms of increasing the sales of the restaurant. This threat is on the higher side (Christophi, et al 2013).
Threat of substitute: In the time when lots of innovations are going on in the food items, there are many options that are available with the customers. Different kinds of tastes and different kinds of substitute products are available and this makes the threat of substitute to go on the higher side.
Threat of new entrants: There are larger numbers of new investors that are looking for the opportunities in the new markets. Since Cyprus has a good scope of attracting investments hence the threat of new entrants is on the higher side. Since the cost of setting up sushi restaurant is not very high and government is supporting new investments hence there is a greater chance that new restaurants will open in the coming years (Nicoli and Papadopoulou, 2017).
On the basis of these analyses the opportunities and threats in the market can be evaluated as:
There is scope of attracting larger numbers of people.
There is an opportunity of attracting larger numbers of investments towards the firm (Timur and Timur, 2016).
It is having opportunity to make more environment friendly and sustainable business.
?There is a threat of enhancing competition in the market which will have impact on the sales of the company.
?There is a threat of downfall in the economic condition due to instability in the international market. For which governments will be forced to increase the taxes (Ardabili, et al 2011).
Suitable frameworks
They are doing benchmarking in different areas as they are using all the type of standards to maintain the quality of the food products they are serving. At the same time, they have set the benchmarks in the process where they have implemented transparency that will improve the customer’s trust in the restaurant. Use of technology helps in improving the benchmarking standards of the company.

Background of the organization

Value Chain
The best framework that can help in evaluating the strategic capabilities is value chain.
Primary activities
?Inbound logistics: They have good relations with their suppliers and their suppliers provide them with fresh fishes and other ingredient which is necessary for maintaining their quality of the finished products. 
?Outbound logistics: The sushi that they deliver to their customers is of higher quality. There are two ways of distributing it to their customers are either in their restaurants having friendly atmosphere and other through the help of technology where through the help of apps they are delivering it to the homes of the people. 
?Operations: They have open kitchen facility which makes the operations transparent and anybody can check the process. They have SOPs for everything which helps them in maintaining their standards.
?Marketing and sales: They have been significantly marketing their products through the help of traditional mediums, however they need to increase their visibility on the internet mediums especially the social media so that they can reach to maximum possible customers with their strengths (Zopiatis, Constanti and Theocharous, 2014).
?Services: They offer highly consumer friendly services to their customers and at the same time their trained staffs adds the flavors of Japanese culture when they get engaged with their consumers. They offer space for business gatherings and meetings and their services ensures that the business gathering becomes memorable one.

Secondary services
?Firm infrastructure: They have made their restaurant in a manner that customers can enjoy the food in a friendly environment and the place where they can visit with their family and friends. There is internal music system that amuses people. The tradition of Japan can be seen in the infrastructure as well. The firm’s structure is hierarchical where manager is the head of the operations. 
?Human Resource Management: Planning to adapt new HRM practices that help them in attracting the best talents in the country. They will offer high to their cookers and at the same time their HRM practices will ensure that they do not lose talents easily. Training is part of the plan and will be given on every six months on the basis of the new performance assessment system.
?Technology development: They are continuously adding to their technology that can help in improving the overall business model. They are using POS system that helps in their data management which has a direct impact on their decision-making capacity of the restaurant.
?Procurement: They are procuring their goods from different parts of the world so as to ensure that they have good supplier’s base that can help them in maintaining quality and at the same time also ensure that they are ready for any situation in the future.


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