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Sample Five Paragraph Essay

Essay Title - Child Abuse: Physical, Psychological and Social Effects

Children are regarded as the future of society and country. But it is also a fact that these little angels are vulnerable to different atrocities. Child Abuse is the most dreadful and cruel maltreatment that these innocent little ones face. Child abuse is referred to the harsh physical, emotional or sexual ill treatment of a child. Child abuse can be caused by parents, guardians, relatives or even strangers. The jurisdiction of every country considers the prevention of child abuse as a high priority. The most common forms of child abuse are physical injuries, molestation and neglect. The victims of child abuse face adverse physical and mental effects. Let us examine the types of child abuse and the effects associated with it.
The most common form of child abuse is physical aggression towards children. Any form of deliberate infliction of serious injury and rough treatment falls under this category. Most countries around the world prohibit any type of corporal punishment to the children. The immediate effects of physical abuse range from minor bruises to fractured bones and even death. The child undergoes severe pain and suffering in physical abuse which hinders the normal development of the victim. Some of the prolonged effects of physical abuse are shaken body syndrome, impaired brain development and poor physical health.

Emotional or psychological abuse is the second most common form of child abuse after physical abuse. Rude attitude, inattention, harsh criticism and public ridicule are regarded as psychological abuse. Emotional and psychological abuse often disturbs the growth of the child. Victims often distance themselves from everyone or they get violent. They always feel vulnerable and a sense of helplessness haunts them. Prolonged emotional abuse may result in certain post traumatic stress and mental disorders. In most of the cases, researchers have found that the children are affected by their parents and relatives. It has been noticed that they develop certain psychological issues later in their life.

Besides physical and emotional abuse, in the society, children are also subjected to numerous others problems which are potentially harmful and dangerous for them. Child labor, child trafficking and child marriage are the most common forms of exploitation. These illegal practices infringe and deprive the children from their rights. Child labor is the employment of children in different occupations. According to International Labor Organization, 250 million children are subjected to child labor globally. They are deprived of nutritional food and proper education. They also do not get properly paid. Another kind of child abuse is child trafficking which refers to the illegal transportation of children for working as domestic help, for begging, adoption and for sexual exploitation where wedding before puberty is known as child marriage. Every country has introduced strict criminal laws to stop these vices.

Child abuse is one of the most threatening menaces which the modern world faces today. The childhood of these innocent angels should be free from all the vulnerabilities. Various international organizations and NGOs take different steps to stop all forms of child abuse. They also provide treatment and psychological relief to the victims of child abuse. We all should extend our helping hand to these little ones to make our society completely free from the evil of child abuse.

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