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Alfred Dodd

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New Zealand, Wellington

PhD in Computer and Information Science with specialization in Database


I am a PhD scholar in computer and information science and working as a full-time researcher and also as an academic writer with

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As a researcher, I am very competent in writing research paper and thesis.

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  • Published: 2014, 21 Oct
  • 1 Pages, 339 Words
Essay Plan About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Csr In Developing Countires

What are the advantages and Disadvantages of  Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing World. Write an essay on this topic.Explain what does CSR means, what is the role of CSR and the relations between CSR and the publics...

  • Published: 2014, 27 Dec
  • 18 Pages, 4524 Words

What is the overall order of reaction when the hydrolysis occurs in basic solutions? (1 mark) 2. What is the order of reaction with respect to aspirin hydrolysis under acidic conditions? (1 mark) 3. Explain how the reaction has been manipulated such that the change in reaction rate is dependent on temperature and the aspirin concentration and not the hydroxide concentration? (2 mark) 4. Given the following reaction mechanisms (k = rate constants) draw a reaction coordinate diagram for t...

  • Published: 2014, 31 Dec
  • 24 Pages, 6096 Words
Electrical Technology

Question 1 SI quantities and units (10 Marks) An electric motor rated at 55 kW and 1460 r/min has a full-load efficiency of 0.845. a. Calculate the rated torque Tr for the motor. (6 marks) b. Calculate the power input Pin when the motor operates at rated load. (4 marks) Electrostatics; capacitance [Covers objectives listed in module 2] Question 2 (25 Marks) Three parallel-connected capacitors, C1 , C2 , and C3 , with capacitances of 20 μF, 15 μF and 33.0 μF respectively, are ...

  • Published: 2015, 2 Mar
  • 2 Pages, 729 Words
Software Development

• Starts by explaining what you understand by a software development process model and why it might be necessary to select one • Identifies the different types of models and approaches available • Examines the important characteristics of the project to develop the CMS-P application • Selects the type of process model which you think might be appropriate – different types of models may be appropriate for different aspects of the project • Explains why some types of...

  • Published: 2015, 20 Mar
  • 3 Pages, 888 Words
CSG 3308 – Wireless Security

Task: Create a “How to” guide to secure a given wireless connection for a SOHO user Details: There are numerous wireless infrastructure devices (access points, ADSL gateways etc) being used by home users and by small offices. These groups have neither the technical expertise nor the financial means to make these devices secure. The evidence suggests that there are many open access points, or poorly secured / configured devices out there. The Police have received reports of people wit...

  • Published: 2015, 26 Apr
  • 68 Pages, 17163 Words
INSY 4302

Using SQL*Plus on OMEGA, access the tables you created in Project 2 and complete the following SQL transactions.  The text file must contain both your statements and the results from Omega (this will be the spooled .txt file).  All column headings must be shown in their entirety (i.e., points will be deducted if column names are truncated).  Insert comment lines at the top of your file containing your full name and section number.  In addition, use comment lines to number you...

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