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  • Published: 25 Dec 2014
  • 20 Pages, 5085 Words
Migration Law

Today, you obtained your registration as a migration agent. Your employer, who runs a large migration agency, presents you with the following situation for your advice. In light of the fact that you are a newly registered migration agent, your employer requires you to ensure that your opinion is supported by specific reference to the relevant legislative enactments and case law. Your employer is representing a client named Phillip Morris. He arrived in Australia recently on a Border visa a...

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  • Published: 21 May 2015
  • 65 Pages, 16344 Words
Small Business Entity

The focus of this Assignment is the business activities of Chesters Pty Ltd. Disregard GST and Small Business Entity related matters.   Chester’s is a resident private company established in 2006 to manufacture quality furniture that is sold to retailers under several brand names and directly to the public. The Assignment comprises eight Modules which are largely independent of each other. In respect of each Module, the requirement is that you:   ·   &nb...

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  • Published: 12 Aug 2015
  • 0 Pages, 246 Words

One has to prepare a briefing paper for one manager stating which options whould  be more attractive for the manager and specify why. One cane assume the transactions commence  on 1/1/19. The response will not confined to AASB 15...

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  • Published: 09 Oct 2015
  • 2 Pages, 713 Words
Environmental Sustainability In Construction

this assignment requires results from two softwares namely Energy plus and Homer. it also require literature review on the low carbon housing. the design and model of the house is given, we have to generate a result by using the normal materials and energy sources. then with the same model, there has to be change in the building material used and energy efficient fittings and systems like water harvesting plant. a comparison of result generated by both the software is to be made and suggest the ...

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  • Published: 09 Oct 2015
  • 3 Pages, 895 Words
Compliance And Risk Management In Hospitality

n your Team (or as an individual if you have chosen to work independently), address Scenario Three. In addressing this scenario you must: ï‚· Outline your decisions as to which internal audits you will undertake each year for a three year period. These may be different for each year. Due to the time and staffing required to undertake an internal audit, you will incur associated costs and therefore, have been allocated a budget of $30,000 per annum. In terms of your establishment you may choo...

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  • Published: 24 Oct 2015
  • 1 Pages, 313 Words
Certificate Iv In Building Construction( Practical Assessment)

The certificate is a practical assessment required before the actual exam.The assessment is a little different from an assignment that is requires varies questions to be answered. I am having trouble sending the assessment through the upload on my apple computer however can I send it some other way? David...

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  • Published: 29 Oct 2015
  • 6 Pages, 1653 Words
Identifying A Problem

Prepare for the capstone project by listening to the audio interview, "Capstone: Planning Your Project". Preview and utilize the "Topic 1 Checklist." This resource will assist you in organizing your work and will provide additional information regarding the assignment. Consider the clinical environment in which you are currently working or have recently worked. Collaborate with a leader or educator in the clinical environment to identify a problem, issue, or educational deficit upon which ...

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2015
  • 0 Pages, 242 Words
CDR Associate Engineers

Hi I want a CDR for engineers australia as an Associate Engineer. I have Attached my 3 projects. Each for each career episodes. Design Concrete Design Roads Design Drainage. For more info please don't hesitate to contact me....

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  • Published: 14 Nov 2015
  • 3 Pages, 790 Words
Construction Management

1 – Discuss at least five (5) external factors of the construction industry that could influence the cost advice you are going to provide (10 MARKS) 2 – Describe the aim/ objectives and type(s) of cost planning techniques that may be used at the briefing stage of the development of the hotel project and discuss advantages and disadvantages. (30 MARKS) 3 – Prepare an Outline Proposal Cost (Preliminary Estimate) for the two schemes taking account of the preliminary information ab...

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  • Published: 19 Nov 2015
  • 3 Pages, 913 Words
Taxation Law

You are required to write a research essay addressing all of following points: “Australia has too many taxes and too many complicated ways of delivering multiple policy objectives through the tax and transfer systems. The capacity of the legislative and operating platforms of these systems, and their human users, to deal with the resulting complexity has been overreached. The tax and transfer architecture is overburdened and beginning to fail in dealing efficiently and effectively with ...

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