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Zachary Perez

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United States, Washington

PhD in Computer Science and Information System


I graduated with a doctorate degree in computer science and information system from the University of Colorado Denver. I started working with soon after

Professional Skills

I graduated with a doctorate degree in computer science and information system from the University of Colorado Denver. I started working with soon after. Because of my vast subject knowledge, I have helped near about 500 students with their computer design, algorithm and even programming assignments. I know Java like the back of my hand.

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It Write Up
  • Published: 2016, 23 May
  • 1 Pages, 301 Words

Describe the impacts of the printer in the 'usage' stage and how its effects the economy only. The english is my second language, so could you please make it in simple english. could you make a feedback for the writing. for example when someone read it then he give feedback.(critical comments)...

  • Published: 2016, 2 Jun
  • 2 Pages, 683 Words
Business Management

PROJECT Morse code is an international code in a series of dots and dashes •    Read a text file (morse.txt), translate Morse code to text and output to a text file               (words.txt).•    No space between the dashes and dots forming the same letter.•    The space between two letters is one space.•    The space between two words is two space...

  • Published: 2016, 1 Sep
  • 1 Pages, 407 Words
Data Model Diagram

Task Using the Home library relation above:1.Draw a dependency diagram to show the functional dependencies that exist in this relation.2.Decompose the Home Library relation into a set of 3NF relations and draw a dependency diagram for each of the 3NF relations.3.Develop the Relational Schema for each of these 3NF relations and show the referential integrity constraints that apply...

  • Published: 2017, 28 Mar
  • 3 Pages, 750 Words
Handy-Trady Hire (HTH)

Handy-Trady Hire (HTH) is a home repair company that employs several contractors who specialise in different areas. Contractors have a specialisation in any of the following areas:ElectricalCabinet makingLandscaping, plumbingDriveway sealingRoof cleaningInterior & Exterior painting HTH started as a small family business and for the past five years has been managing their business activities using an Excel spreadsheet. With view to their expanding business and under the new management, t...

  • Published: 2017, 20 May
  • 6 Pages, 1665 Words
Database Application

TASKS1. Using your ER Diagram from Assessment 1, build the application using Access to:(a) CREATE TABLE for every table (entity) represented on the ER Diagram12 marks(b) Insert one record from the table above into the table (entity) represented on the ERDiagram4 marks2. Manipulate the data with the database you have created and perform the followingqueries:PART A(a) Retrieve all the data in the Project table(b) Retrieve all the data from the Job Class table(c) Retrieve the charge hour for the Da...

  • Published: 2017, 6 Jul
  • 7 Pages, 1761 Words
SQL Implementation

Your group is required to implement the design produced in Part A (amended appropriately following feedback provided by your tutor). This must be implemented using Oracle SQL Developer and a script file produced to allow your tutor to set up (and remove) your complete implementation. What your group needs to submit: 1. Your final ER diagram clearly showing all attributes, Primary and Foreign Keys. 2. A notepad file containing the following scripts, suitably annotated and in this order: a. SQL Ta...

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