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Customer Experience Analysis Essay: Areas for Management Attention and Recommendations



Further information on what is required will be provided in online sessions. You will be provided with a Customer Experience Analysis template (this is in the resource area for Assessment 3 in the Assessment section of Stream) to use for your own customer experience analysis and examples of previous student work. Attach your CEA Analysis to your essay as an appendix (in the form of an Xcel spreadsheet). Your 4000 words is an Essay with three basic main sections: Introduction, Discussion (Areas for Management Attention), Recommendations (Suggestions for Improvement). Please refer to the Stream Site Assessment 2 Resource Area for an Essay template. Supporting Evidence and Source Material You must refer to at least 10 (TEN) research sources. These sources MUST be from authoritative sources. Some of those research sources should be from journal articles that are available through the Massey Library and are directly relevant to your discussion/areas for management attention. You can also include other web-based sources, articles that are relevant like consultant’s reports or industry magazine articles, and interviews with expert informants like managers (if appropriate) (however these don’t count as academic sources).

Choose a ‘less than ideal’ (poor) service experience you have had with a service organisation (or use the case provided). Provide a full CEA (Customer Experience Analysis) of your/the experience (which you need to attach as an appendix to your essay). From your CEA identify gaps in the service (deficiencies in service), analyze the reasons for those gaps, and provide suggestions for service improvement.

Suggested Process for Completing this Assessment: Conduct your CEA analysis of a poor experience You have had (or use the provided case). Conduct research into how organisations like the one you have chosen (or the case), operate and what their main challenges are. From your experience (your customer experience analysis of your own experience or the case)) and your research (how organisations like this operate and what their main challenges are (which you understand based on your research)) discuss the service organisation's challenges. Include in your essay suggestions about how the organisation might improve its service delivery.

Use tools and techniques introduced to you during the course and place them in your appendices. You are expected to provide 10 research sources in your essay. You must also cite the textbook. You may also use an informant (e.g. a family member who understands the organisation), websites, the textbook, and other material like industry magazines.

Sources must be carefully cited (use the 7th edition of APA) and included in a reference list at the end of your assignment. Refer to the Massey OWLL site for information about APA citing and referencing here.

Marking Criteria Assessment


Falls short of level required to pass (<50%)

Adequate – Satisfactory

(50 – 65%)

Good - Very Good

(65 – 79%)

Outstanding - Exceptional  

(80 – 100%)


Customer Experience Analysis (CEA)

CEA analysis missing or poorly done

Adequate CEA analysis

Very good CEA analysis with a thought through approach shown

Excellent CEA Analysis



Purpose and objective difficult to identify or non-existent.

Does not identify or introduce important and relevant dimensions of the topic.

Purpose and objective unclear (contains many vague terms), appears unoriginal, or offers relatively little that is new; provides little around which to structure the essay.

Background is given.

Introduction describes the purpose and objective of the essay, appropriate to essay structure.

Enough background is given.

A clear, articulate purpose and objective for the essay is easily identifiable, plausible, novel, sophisticated, and insightful. Introduction addresses the objective in a focused, logical manner.

Enough background is given with detail in separate Appendix


Analysis and

Discussion of Areas for Management Attention Identified


Discussion is poorly oriented and leaves the reader wondering how conclusions & recommendations were made. If appendices used, the integration is unclear.

Demonstrates little to no understanding of the concept.

Assertions based on personal opinion. Quotes not integrated into sentences or inserted in improper manner.

Descriptive with insufficient evidence of independent thought. Very little or very weak attempt to relate evidence to argument.

There is some evidence that CEA Analysis has been used to identify  organisation’s service problems.  Discussion is oriented to the purpose, but organisation is lacking. Discernible argumentation and analysis, with acceptable reasoning and justification, but limited or lacking coherence to conclusions and recommendations.

Some points may lack supporting evidence, or evidence used where inappropriate. Quotes appear often without analysis or analysis offers nothing beyond the quote.

Clearly relates evidence from CEA to a diagnosis of organisation’s problems.  

Discussion is clearly oriented to the purpose and organised in a relevant manner. Develops ideas in enough depth, integrating relevant, quality literature to support the discussion to lead the reader logically to the conclusions and recommendations.

Demonstrates a general understanding of ideas and theories in the relevant literature.

Occasional insightful connections to other material.

Demonstrates ability to critically evaluate and respond to the topic question in an analytical, persuasive manner.

Clearly relates evidence from CEA to a diagnosis of organisation’s problems.  Work displays critical thinking and avoids simplistic description or summary of information.

Assertions are supported with multiple sources of evidence based on primary sources.

Makes novel connections.


Suggestions for Improvement

Unclear, often because objective of the essay is weak or non-existent. Suggestions do not follow on from CEA analysis and are disconnected.

Some reasonable suggestions but may not be well written and organised.

Reasonable and appropriate suggestions for improvement that logically flow from CEA analysis and diagnosis.

Fluent, thorough, and sophisticated communication that links summary to essay objectives. Reasonable and appropriate suggestions for improvement that logically flow from CEA analysis and diagnosis. Displays critical thinking and avoids simplistic description or summary of information.



Presentation, Writing and Referencing


Unclear, imprecise, or incoherent. Serious or frequent problems in sentence structure, grammar, & diction. Key essay elements not provided/ presented with major errors. Major and frequent errors with APA 6th or 7th style referencing in-text and for reference list.

Fewer than 4 relevant articles used. Plagiarism may be evident

Ideas conveyed with reasonable fluency of language, and generally correct grammar, but with some errors.

Logic wanders or jumps around.

Incorrect use of APA 6th or 7th style for in-text and reference list.

 5-7 relevant research sources used.

Neatly presented. All ideas in the report flow logically; the argument is identifiable, reasonable, and sound.

 Accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. Correctly applies APA 6th or 7th referencing with minimal errors. 7-10 relevant research sources used.

Creates sophisticated and fluent tone. Synthesizes evidence to draw new, relevant, logical inferences.

Minimal to no spelling or grammar errors.

Professional standard of work.

Excellent integration of high-quality primary scholarly sources, demonstrating in depth understanding of ideas in the relevant scholarly literature.

Error-free use of APA 6th or 7th style referencing with 10 or more relevant scholarly sources.





Appears rushed and little thought or engagement is apparent. Too brief. No effort to use tools used during the course.

Adequate essay which addresses the topic. Tools not used or used in a cursory way.

Well written with some flair.

Use of tools and techniques

 Original and enjoyable to read.

Tools used and included in Appendices.








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