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Feasibility Study and Systems Analysis for Modernizing Operations in Country Health

Question 1

This course work consists of two questions. Total marks of this paper are 50 marks.
This course work has a weighting of 50% towards your final grade. The remaining 50% will be on the

Important Notes:
You are required to submit the cover sheet and course work on or before 15 Sep 2021.

Guidelines for electronic submissions:
1. Please submit your work and the cover sheet by sending to [email protected] on or before 15 Sep 2021.
2. Course work can be submitted in one of the following file formats: .doc, .docx, .pdf.
3. Please be reminded that your answer must be typed at A4 size sheet.
4. Use a clear and readable font such as Verdana, Calibri, Tahoma or Arial, and be consistent and use the same font throughout.
5. Use black text on a white background. Avoid coloured backgrounds or text in a colour other than black.
6. Use 11 or 12 point for the body of your course work.
7. Use 1.5 or double spacing and fairly wide margins.
8. Leave a blank line between paragraphs.
9. Insert a header or footer on each page. It should contain the course name, your name and the page number.

Question 1
A medium-size regional hospital has been selecting a software package in the Country Health segment of their organization. The hospital is in the central portion of a southern part of China, within 40 minutes of the state capital. Its constituents reside in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area also referred as Greater Bay Area, is a megalopolis, consisting of both suburban, rural, and city residents. The 152-bed facility is a state-of-the-art institution, as 93% of their 25 quality measures are better than the national average. Medical Services offered include Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Emergency Department, Obstetrics, Open Heart Surgery, Hospice, and Pediatrics. Additional components of Standard Hospital consist of an Imaging Center, a Rehabilitation Hospital, Four Primary Care Clinics, a Health and Fitness Center (one of the largest in the nation with more than 65,000 square feet and 6,000 members), a Wound Healing Center, regional Therapy Centers, and Home Care (the focal point of this study). There are more than 110 physicians on the active medical staff, over 1,510 employees and more than 110 volunteers.

The Country Health portion of Standard Hospital had been reorganized as a disjoin, subsidiary unit located near the main hospital in its own standalone facility. In addition, the software they were using was six years old and could simply not match up with all the changes in medical regulation requirements, billing practices and procurement procedure. The current system was not scalable to the growing needs and transformation within the environment.

Important Notes

Standard’s Hospital ‘s IT infrastructure was more than adequate and up-to-date about supporting the new software (technical feasibility). The senior manager of information system at Standard Hospital budgeted $850,000 for procurement (thus meeting the criteria for economic feasibility); and support staff and potential end users were well trained and enthusiastic about adopting the new technology (operational feasibility). To achieve the objective of having a participatory arrangement that eliminates the need for constant trips to the hospital for routine procedures. Country Health, or Home Care, is the portion of health care that is carried out at the patient’s home or residence. For instance, patients take their own blood pressure (glucose level or heart rate, etc.) using a device hooked up near their bed at home. The evaluation data is transmitted to the hospital (or in this case, the Country Health facility near Standard Hospital) electronically and are immediately processed, inspected, and monitored by attending staff. In addition, there is a Save-Lifeline feature available t o elderly or other homebound individuals. The unit includes a button worn on a necklace or bracelet that the patient can push should they need assistance. Periodically, clinicians (e.g., physical therapists or nurses) will visit the patient in their home to monitor their progress and perform routine inspections and maintenance on
the technology. 

Based on the above description, Standard Hospital would like to modernize their operations with current technology; and provide the best patient care available to their clients in the Country Health arena.


Illustrate the feasibility study phase and systems analysis phase in Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) according to the case of the Country Health above.

(Remark: No mark will be awarded for the answers which shown repeated or duplicated in more than one required step listed as below)

(a) Feasibility study phase
(b) Systems analysis phase

Question 2
Tong Tong (TT) is a women's designer jewelry & accessories company. TT designs all its own collections in the studios and produces them in their own manufacturing process. All products are sold through their chain boutiques, chain stores all over the world as well as online store. Therefore, whether fashion trend, customer preference, inventory management, financial accounting or storage costs, companies always need access to up-to-date and reliable data to plan well. However, TT is a company without a business intelligence infrastructure. The development of a report requires enormous effort: tons of numbers are extracted manually from Excel spreadsheets, billing systems, and other programs to be saved in a new file. This goes through the hands of various employees. Such procedure not only costs valuable working time, but it also carries the risk of severe transmission errors.

The reaction times of the company is needed to be shortened many times over. If the time saved should be invested directly in the analysis. What are the current production and storage costs? Which product currently achieves the strongest sales? Only those who know their numbers can react quickly and efficiently to the market.


Explain each of the components below in a business intelligence infrastructure which can be applied and can address the needs of Tong Tong?


(Remark: Marks are awarded only if the answers are associated with the identified issues in the case or necessary assumptions could be made and explained. Answers must be addressed specifically and accordingly. No mark will be awarded for the answer only with definition of the terms or usage in general or not relevance to scenario or situation described in the case)


(a) Data warehouse (DW)
b) Data mining (DM) 
(c) Online analytical processing (OLAP) 
(d) Business intelligence system (BIS)

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