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Theoretical Analysis of Business Ethics, CSR, and Business Sustainability Practices

Regulating Disruptive Technologies: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Singapore

Dare to challenge conventional wisdom in business ethics/CSR and business sustainability practices, conduct solid theoretical analysis(eg. Egoism, utilitarianism…etc), and provide logical, feasible, innovative, and convincing arguments or solutions to a serious issue in business ethics management/corporate social responsibility/business sustainability management.

Answer All questions. Essay form of writing is expected. Please carefully read the problem statements. Answers to all questions should be around 2500 words in total. Times New Roman style, 12 point font, double-spaced. There is no need to include the problem statements or the list of references in your paper. While students are allowed to use public information and academic literature, the required benchmark of originality score is 10%.

Please combine all answers into one single WORD document. Turnitin submission required.

Disruptive technologies and innovations are usually incompatible with existing regulations. Thus, a major challenge in regulation is how to reform regulatory frameworks and governance parameters constraining the development of disruptive technologies and innovations to promote business development and economic growth. In recent years, some countries have banned or limited the development of bitcoin and cryptocurrency industries with the aim to avoid financial turbulences and to strengthen anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist regulations. Yet, the bitcoin and cryptocurrency industries have generated tremendous business opportunities, with the rise of a new generation of billionaires. In December 2021, it was reported that a young entrepreneur Zhao Changpeng became the richest ethnic Chinese with a net worth of around 90 Billion US dollars. Zhao Changpeng, a Canadian citizen who was born in China in the year of 1977, is founder and chief executive officer of Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange. However, Binance has a controversial relationship with regulators in many countries and economies. In July 2021, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission issued warning about Binance’s operations in Hong Kong, and Binance discontinued its exchange operation in Hong Kong and applied for a license in Singapore, where regulators are trying to make a balance between attracting crypto-related firms and maintaining regulatory standards. This is quite surprising given Hong Kong’s tradition of laissez-faire capitalism. Please write an essay to answer the two sub-questions.

a. Compare the differences between Hong Kong and Singapore regarding their regulations of bitcoin and cryptocurrency industries, and assess the ethical dilemmas faced by both Hong Kong SAR Government and Singapore Government in setting such regulations (10 Points).

b. Discuss whether Hong Kong should revise its regulatory position and in what ways Hong Kong can utilize this opportunity to enhance its position as a global financial center and to promote entrepreneurship and innovation by designing appropriate regulatory structures for the development of bitcoin and cryptocurrency industries (15 Points).

In recent years, the topic of resilience has received increasing attention from management scholars and business practitioners. Resilience is generally defined as the capability that allows an organization to make sense of, and adapt to unexpected changes with potentially heavy negative consequences, such as natural and human-made disasters, pandemics, economic and humanitarian crises, etc. For example, while the COVID-19 pandemic has damaged many industries and companies around the world, some companies have grown rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please identify a resilient company from the real world and write an essay to answer the two sub-questions.

a. Asses the organizational resilience of this company during the COVID-19 pandemic and discuss its performance of corporate social responsibility in the past and during the pandemic (10 Points).

b. Do you agree that companies with better CSR performance records will be more resilient when facing crises? Discuss the relationship between firms’ CSR performance and organizational resilience (15 Points).

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