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Case Study Report on MGMT Bakehouse Inc.

Background of MGMT Bakehouse Inc.

Case Background 

MGMT Bakehouse Inc (MBI), supplies bread, cakes and other specialty products, to a large percentage of the country; to the following customer types. Retailers e.g. supermarkets, who sell baked goods to the public, and MGMT Bakehouse Inc delivers to the retailers. Wholesalers also sell to the public, but come to MGMT Bakehouse Inc directly to collect their baked goods. Finally, institutions like hotels and hospitals, to whom MGMT Bakehouse Inc delivers directly, buy baked goods to incorporate into offering for their clients e.g. guests menus and patient meal plans.

From the ordering of flour and other ingredients to the processing of cash, receivables and payables, the company uses an integrated ERP with a common database for all of its business processes. Internally MGMT Bakehouse Inc is organized into the following departments: Production which bakes the bread; Distribution that delivers the bread; Sales Department where customer orders and wholesale pickups are managed; Marketing that promotes and manage the company’s branded products; Finance and Accounting that manages the customer accounts; and HR which manages staffing and other related matters.

Returns management is all about the details. In a market where the customer can return stale bread for up to a 100% refund, having ‘Returns’ is like burning paper money. Supermarkets and wholesalers can return bread but not institutions like hotels and hospitals. All baked goods have a shelf life of one week. That is, bread that is sold on Monday is returned the following Monday. Most customers place orders in advance but wholesalers and hotels are sometimes ad-hoc and the company has to project/predict their orders.

From time to time, these ad-hoc orders can become a burden, especially when the demand for bake goods is high. In such times, management at MBI has to be extremely vigilant and maintain a high level of security both to its data and information.

You are required to review the above case and produce a Case Study (WORD) Report that responds to the following questions on the case.

1. MGMT Bakehouse Inc, “uses an integrated ERP system with a common database for all of its business processes”. Describe how this integrated ERP system works within the company and the business processes (if any) that would be 


2. Explaintwo security threats that can cause disruptions to MBI’s integrated ERP system and state the controls MBI should put in place to manage those 


3. Mostcustomers place orders in advance but wholesalers and hotels are sometimes ad-hoc and the company has to project/predict their orders.” Discuss two workable solutions MBI can incorporate, in order to manage/prevent ad-hoc orders. Which level of management would provide these solutions and why.

Your Case Study (Word) Report must incorporate: 

Detailsfrom the scenario to support your  Theory from your readings. Five (5) scholarly references required from books, UWIlinc and Google Scholar.


Online Five (5) references required that are relevant to the industry and the questions asked.


TheAPA 6th Edition style of referencing must be 

Case Study (Word) Report For Submission 

To satisfactorily complete this assignment, you should prepare a written report based on the case requirements. Create the report in Microsoft Word, saved as MGMT2006_Case_Study_Report_StudentID. For example, MGMT2006_Case_Study_Report_123456789. All pages should be numbered. It must include:

A cover page comprising the UWI Open Campus title, an appropriate title for your case study(word) report, course code and course name, the name of the Course Coordinator, the name of your e-Tutor, the semester and due date, Student ID, Student name.


Please ensure alist of references attached to the report, using the APA 6th Edition style of 

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